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Greg – Enterprise Car Sales – Enterprise Jobs and Careers

Greg – Enterprise Car Sales – Enterprise Jobs and Careers

I’m Greg. I’m an Area Car Sales Manager and I help sell
our vehicles, I train and develop our employees, and I help run a profitable operation. I’m the type of person that I like to lead
by example. So I’ll say that’s my personal style. I care for my employees. Most of my employees know that I would never
ask them to do anything that I wouldn’t do personally. And most importantly I manage with integrity. If you’re bringing the energy every day to
work, it gets them excited. I’m passionate, and my team knows I’m passionate. Some qualities I think are very important
is you have to be aggressive, you have to be excited, you have to bring energy, you
have to be passionate, resilient, and those are the main core characteristics that will
make you successful in this business. I tell my wife at home that Enterprise is
my second family. I build a relationship with all of my employees
so that it’s not just work related, it’s also personal. From there it just kind of blossoms.I spend
a lot of time with them. I love it. It’s fun, it really is. I look forward to winning. That’s what gets me pumped up every day. I go into the office, I have a big huddle
meeting with my team, and then I just set them up to win. That’s what it’s all about. I won an Exceptional Achievement Award, which
is a tough award to win. You have to have a balance in all areas of
business. To be a part of a winning team, walk on a
national stage in front of everyone, that’s been my biggest accomplishment so far in my
career. And then I’ve been a part of the development
of a lot of other Area Managers and Branch Managers in the area. So now as I’m starting to get more mature
in the company, that’s starting to become my next passion. Is seeing the people who I’ve developed in
the business lines. I’ve been with Enterprise my whole life. I started right out of college. That’s all I know. It’s a hard business, whether it’s renting
cars or selling cars. It’s been a good ride.

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