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Greece | Getting A Rental Car

Greece | Getting A Rental Car

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In this sort presentation we are you talk about renting a car in Athens, which is easy,
convenient, and a great way to get around and see the surrounding areas of Attica and
various interesting sites on the mainland nearby.
If you are only in Athens for a few hours or a day and you want to see the sights, you
would be better off using public transport for a hassle-free and inexpensive day to remember. If you are planning to visit other parts of
Attica and are staying for a longer period of time a rental car may be your best option. The only thing you have to provide for a rental
is a valid driver’s license as well as an international driver’s license, which should
be issued in your country of residence and obviusly a valid credit card. Most companies will rent to drivers over the
age of 25. Check with the individual companies regarding rental restrictions. There are car rental companies located at
arrivals in the Athens International Airport. They are available 24 hours. It is a good
idea to book ahead if you are visiting during the summer months or around the holidays. Prices could be lower if you book in advance
and for longer periods of time. Some companies will have the car waiting for you at the airport
or your hotel by previous arrangement for your convenience. Otherwise, you can use public transport or
taxi to get to the rental’s offices. Reservations and well-defined arrangements with the rental
companies is always a good idea, but there are enough companies to service you even if
you want to be spontaneous and see more of Greece! If you are staying in Athens for a few days
you can choose to visit unforgettable destinations that are in driving distance for a day trip,
such as Cape Sounio, Marathon, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, or Ancient Corinth.
There are also a number of videos about public transportation in our webtv. Take a look ! For
more information about Athens please searh our webtv and watch lots of videos. Thanks
for watching…

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