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GIANT Lightning McQueen Egg Surprise with 100+ Disney Cars Toys

GIANT Lightning McQueen Egg Surprise with 100+ Disney Cars Toys

Shhhh Ryan is sleep kids, Ryan is sleeping Let’s go wake him up! Ryan, Ryan, I have a surprise for you! What? Look, Look over here! Whoa What do you see? Its a Giant Lightning McQueen eggs Yea it is! You wanna open it? Yea! Lets go! Kids, lets crack the egg Welcome to Ryan ToysReview Lets see what’s inside the egg Whoa, what is that? Its a Lightning Race car! one two three go! I’m filling up gas I’m going to sleep in here! I’m filling up gas Sleep tight Lets see whats inside! What is that? Its a shaking toy! Whoa, it’s Mater and Lightning! He landed on his wheels one, two, three, go! Whoa, there’s a big Mater Whoa, there’s a big Lightning Yea, whoa those are huge! Little Mater, Big Mater. Little Lightning, Big Lightning one, two ,three go! Hey, I wanna go this I wanna race all of them oh okay one, two, three go Let see what else is inside What! A remote control Dusty And a remote control Lightning McQueen! Whoa This is a remote control Lightning, and a remote control Dusty Dusty goes forward Dusty goes backward one, two , three go What are those? Whoa, thats a lot of cars That’s a lot of Disney cars Oh look at Mater Taco Mater I’m going to dump it in the dump truck They all failed Lets dump in on Dusty McQueen lets have a race Big McQueen vs small McQueen Mater and Sally He can’t go anywhere! He’s stuck? Yea Whoa, its micro drifters Whoa, its Mac the truck I’m going to dump it out He crashed I’m going to dump it in him Oh it’s too hard He can’t go What do we have here? Whoa, its a flying airplane Ready set go Whoa If you want more Giant eggs, press the red subscribe button Bye don’t forget to subscribe, see you later BYE If you want to see more giant eggs, then please subscribe Bye, don’t forget to subscribe, see you later bye!

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