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Giant Darts Battle | Dude Perfect

Giant Darts Battle | Dude Perfect

I’m not excited about this. I Don’t want to get too high or too low, but I’m just saying there’s a chance here. What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect Welcome to giant darts battle. Here we go Dude Perfect The rules of this battle are simple. Try and hit the bullseye. In each of the three rounds, the furthest guy from the bullseye will be eliminated. Giant darts time, going for the centre of the bull. What we really need is a twin win. Purple Hoser Nation I’m back, baby Guys, I’m excited to be out here. There’s another chance to compete another chance to give it my best These are giant darts for a normal man. I’m a tall man. Sup guys, Chy Chy? Let me try that again. As always, shooting for a podium here I can’t believe we’re doing dizzy. Coby and I don’t really thrive in that environment. Let’s go! Begin! One. Fourteen Fifteen, Watch your dart, watch your dart. Oh wow Good news, your currently in first. I’m in first place! Originally I thought a 12-foot diameter board was gonna be big enough. It wasn’t I’m not excited about this, count me down Ty. Fourteen, Fifteen, let her fly, let her fly. Yes! I’m gonna be honest. We didn’t even know this is gonna work. It did! If you nail a bull’s-eye I will leave team Cody (no way) and I will jump back on the train. you guys haven’t seen dizzy battle one and two. It is a doozy. GO Fifteen. Cody, you’re good If we were playing real dart, that’s a double 14, that’s a 28 that’s pretty good. Oh, we’re not we’re playing giant darts Fourteen, fifteen. Go Gar Congratulation, your the new leader and you are currently safe from elimination I will see ya in the outro. Oh, yeah Round two baby, let’s do it!!! Welcome to round two of giant darts. Why is he still here? I don’t know. I thought we kicked him out? Drive the truck. Good news. We do not have to get dizzy and round two But we will be on the back of a moving truck the top three finishers Closest to the bullseye and move on to the finale. Here we go boys. Kick it off. Second round wrap grab you on going first. This should be fun. Here we go You know what it is safe to say that Garrett is indeed safe that ain’t gonna be last place But I’m gonna try and cut through the wind throw a power dart right through it. Hopefully in that inner ring Unfortunately Tyler finds himself in a rare situation where he is indeed in last place Name of the game here is not to try and get a bull’s-eye but be better than the worst guy. Let’s see what happen What happened there coach hello, I thought I went about 10 feet over the board Mac turns out not so much Cobe cotton All he’s got to do is put a guard inside that and he is a finale for no I did think to myself I’m on the hot seat then I thought you know what Kobe’s left I don’t know about you guys, but feel like Cody came across a little overconfident there. Yeah, I’m ready to shock the world now, huh? I’m gonna be honest folks. It’s close. I think we need to go to the tape measure is 52 and a half inch don’t rush it Shoulda thought about this and we made the board ladies and gentlemen official measurement Goodbye Welcome to the third and final round of giant darts battle boys. Congratulations This is where we’re throwing put up to the roof is where we’re going. Oh, I see what you did there Buddy this is a good place to be good to see you again roof I don’t want to get too high or too low But I’m just saying there’s a chance here doing it for you guys who believed in me for way too long. Now, I Hope I can bring one home for you guys. I appreciate it Reach get one throw closest to the center is the winner of giant darts battle gotta be honest. I’m a little nervous And three two one Look like a fool I annihilated. What’s that thing called? One toss it’s all that stands between me and battle victory number two. Oh Wow ladies and gentlemen brace yourselves because this might sound odd but Cobe Cotton is in first place and Ty is in last Wow that Is it’s not a good situation purple nation? Where are you off the podium? Let’s go grab first Feel like I can see a man who’s hurt and worse than I am right now Like I always say game recognize game great job somebody out there count my second place victories that is That stuff on it. So ladies and gentlemen, it is certainly not my pleasure but it is my duty to present Garrett Hilbert with the golden dart trophy Oh Congratulations purple hooser fans. Yeah It was your dart is purple is your guy. Thanks for watching guys If you’re not already dude, perfect subscriber click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos special Thanks to our friends at whistle sports for making this video possible If you haven’t seen our bad joke telling video we did with them click here to watch it and click down here to subscribe to Whistle sports you don’t miss out on any of their new cool videos Also, if you want to see our last video click right here signing off for now pound it noggin see ya!

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