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GetUpside App Review: Easily Earn Cashback On Gas (2019)

GetUpside App Review: Easily Earn Cashback On Gas (2019)

as rideshare drivers, gas is one of our
biggest expenses. so you want to try to save as much as possible on gas. and
recently we learned about an app that will get you cash back on gas purchases.
today we’re gonna discuss getupside. getupside is a really simple way to
earn cash back on gas purchases. you just look for a gas station within the app,
claim an offer, purchase your gas, submit your receipt, and within two to three
days you get cash back. it’s really that easy. alright so first let’s go through
the signup process. okay you’ll start by clicking the signup link in the
description below. the app is available for both iPhone and Android. after you
click the link, it will bring you to your app store so you can download the app.
alright so we have it downloaded, we’ll open it and here are some welcome
screens that you’ll see when you first open the app. we’ll slide through those. alright signing up, so I’ll sign up
using my Google account. now since we clicked the link in the description, this promo code will apply.
continue, then it will ask you what kind of gas you usually buy. I’ll choose
regular. you can also enable the app to send you notifications. we’ll close out of
there, and this is what the app looks like. you can see that there are two
nearby BP gas stations where I can earn cashback on gas, and also at the top you
can see that my 15 cents per gallon signup bonus is included on those offers.
now, in order to claim an offer you’ll just select that orange claim button at
the bottom there. you can see now that we have claimed an
offer and we have four hours until that offer expires. and it’s savings of twenty
five cents per gallon so that’s actually a ten cent per gallon offer plus the
fifteen cent per gallon signup bonus, for a total of twenty five cents per gallon.
okay let’s go get some gas. and you need to purchase the gas using a
credit card or a debit card, that way they can confirm that the person that
claimed the offer is the one making the purchase, and you want to make sure that
you select yes to print the receipt because you need to submit a picture of
this receipt in the app to confirm your purchase and get your cash back. alright now let’s upload the receipt, so we’ll open the get upside app again and
again here’s the offer that we claimed, and at the bottom there we’ll select
upload receipt. taking a picture of the entire receipt
so that they could see all the necessary information.
now the app will take you through a review of the receipt. is the entire
receipt in the picture? yes. is the card type and last four digits of the card
shown? yes. is there an address? yes. is there a date and time? yes. did you make
the purchase within the four-hour window? yes.
is the gallons purchased shown? yes. is the total paid shown? yes. and then you’ll
get a confirmed screen. attach receipt and now the receipt has been submitted
and we’ll get our cash back within two to three days.
so I actually ended up getting my cash back within that same day and here’s the
email confirmation that I received. I ended up getting 10.8 gallons of gas and
with that 25 cents per gallon offer I ended up getting two dollars and 70
cents cash back. alright now we’ll go over to the getupside app and up in
the top right there you can see all the cashback that I’ve earned and I’ve
earned a little bit more since that first purchase. if you select that dollar
amount in the top right there you then have a few options to withdraw your cash.
you can withdraw via a digital gift card. here are the six that they show on this
screen. if you want more options you can select view all digital gift cards
and there’s a bunch of options here. we’ll select the Amazon gift card and in
order to get a digital gift card you have to have a balance of at least $10.
so my balance is not high enough yet to get one of these digital gift cards.
we’ll go back back again you also have two more options to withdraw. so you can
withdraw via PayPal and with PayPal if you try to withdraw less than $15 there
will be a $1 service fee. we’ll cancel that. you also have the option to mail a
check and there will be a $1 service fee with the check, if you have a balance
of $50 or less. I’m gonna hold off on withdrawing my money until I have $15,
and I’m gonna use the PayPal option. al right so that’s how you can use getupside to save some money on gas, and real quickly let’s look at some other ways
you can save money using the getupside app. so back in the getupside app here
you can see that you can also earn cashback at certain restaurants. so
there’s a Burger King and Wendy’s where you can earn some cash back currently in
my area. there aren’t any grocery stores that offer cashback but hopefully some
will be added soon, and if you select the top left clipboard icon and select free
gas, you have this referral option so you
can refer friends to use the getupside app and this is basically what we did
with the rideshare guy referral link where we earned that extra 15 cents per
gallon cash back signup bonus. and once that friend uses that 15 cents per
gallon signup bonus, you also get an extra 15 cents per gallon cashback on
your next offer, plus (and this is a really cool feature) is you earn money
for every gallon of gas that your referral buys in the future and claims
with the getupside app, and that’s one cents per gallon that you will earn, and
you can see your invite code at the bottom there. in order to copy that
referral link you’ll just select the send icon to the right of that and I’m
using an iPhone and it gives me a bunch of options in order to send the link you
can copy it, you can message it, you can mail it, you have a bunch of different
options. so those are a couple other ways that you earn cashback using the getupside app. alright so my overall review of the getupside app is it’s a great app
for anybody that drives especially rideshare drivers. it’s a great way to
get cash back on gas that you’re purchasing and for drivers that drive a
lot you could end up saving hundreds per year on gas. signing up is really easy, so
is claiming offers and submitting receipts. it’s really a simple way to
earn cash back on gas. so if you’re ready to sign up you can use the link in the
description below to sign up and get a 15 cent per gallon signup bonus. thanks
again for watching, please like, comment or subscribe, and drive safe, thank you.

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15 thoughts on “GetUpside App Review: Easily Earn Cashback On Gas (2019)

  1. I use the Gas Buddy app, and combine with the Shell Fuel Rewards program.

    No photo taking or submission of receipts necessary, and I get my discount immediately.

  2. Get Upside is trash in Florida. It only gives me $.01 off a gallon usually. The whole thing is a sham trying to compete with gas buddy and I’m surprised the marketing is so extensive. It’s on all the radio stations. Gas buddy is WAY better. Better consistent discounts, up to date gas pricing. Combine with shell rewards or BP rewards and its way better. GetUpside is just another company that will be out of business soon!

  3. Are the gas stations that appear on app comparably priced with other stations near by? A lot of times they are higher so the discount is not really worth it.

  4. It’s about time y’all made this video 😁. I love the GetUpside gas app. Also remember you can get money back up to 50 gallons. And you can do 2 transactions a day.

  5. Sign up for GetUpside and get a 15¢ per gallon sign up bonus:
    Plus learn how to make more money with the Freebird app:

  6. So is this going to be available for less expensive gas like Costco, or is just making up for using more expensive gas like BP?

  7. Not worth it in the Los Angeles area.
    Appears to be only good for Mobil gas stations here.
    (At least that’s what the search function with the app came up with.)

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