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Getting around United Arab Emirates. Public Transport.

Getting around United Arab Emirates.  Public Transport.

hi guys you’re watching Oksy Vlogs
if this is your first time here and you would like to know more information
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icon so you won’t miss anything in one of my previous videos I was
talking about the public transportation system in Dubai and I got a question
from the subscriber about how to move around the UAE by public transport so
today this video will be about how to get to other emirates by bus or by taxi Besides Dubai one of the most popular
emirates is Abu Dhabi which is the capital of the UAE you can get there by car by taxi or by bus it is worth to go there to see one of the largest and
beautiful mosques in the world the Ferrari world and the largest art
museum in the region which is called Louvre Abu Dhabi if you don’t have a car you can
get there by bus last time I checked the price for the bus ticket was AED 25 and you can pay for your trip by the RTA nol card the same card that you
use for the Metro there are two bus routes from Dubai to
Abu Dhabi the travel time is
approximately one and a half hours buses from Al Ghubaiba bus station depart several
times per hour in 15-minute intervals and from Ibn Battuta station in
30-minute intervals another option is to take a taxi the
government rta taxi will charge you around 200-250 dirhams or if you
have a driving license and you want to drive you can rent a car in Dubai the
cheapest car will cost you around 60-50 dirhams per day now let’s talk about the
emirate which is called Sharjah it’s quite a conservative emirate and it’s not
that popular destination among tourists but let me share some information with
you in case you decide to stay there so you can get from Dubai to Sharjah by
bus or by taxi there are different bus routes available from Dubai to Sharjah
and one-way ticket will cost you between 10 and 25 dirhams
I will leave the link with the list of routes in the description below so you
can check it out if you decide to take a taxi it will take you to the destination
in 40 minutes and the government RTA taxi will charge you around 150 dirhams it depends on the traffic guys another great destination for the
tourists and a perfect getaway option for the Dubai residents is Ras Al Khaimah it
has sandy beaches the tallest mountains in the country the largest zipline in
the world I think you’ve probably heard about it and there are plenty of
five-star hotels so all the things make this emirate a great place to visit if
you don’t drive the easiest way is to take a taxi and the travel time will be
around 1-1.5 hours and the government taxi will charge you around
250 dirhams the cheaper option is to take a bus the travel time will be at
least two hours depends on the traffic and one way ticket will cost you 25
dirhams so these were the main tourist destinations in the UAE there
are many other beautiful places in this country but I cannot cover everything in
this video if you want to know more information please visit RTA
website and you will find all the details there and now let me give you some
overview of the Dubai taxi this transport is quite popular in Dubai
because the city is not really pedestrian friendly and you cannot get
everywhere by metro and not everyone has a car
taxis are relatively cheap here compared to some major cities there are
three options on the market RTA which is government taxi and two car booking apps Careem and Uber RTA I think is the most affordable option every car has a meter
and the fare is regulated according to it the minimum charge is twelve dirhams and you pay 2 dirhams per each kilometer Uber and Careem are great
applications I like them a lot especially if you don’t know where to go
because RTA cars don’t have a GPS system and if you don’t know the direction and
the driver doesn’t know the direction you can waste a lot of time just driving
around and looking for the destination point Kareem and uber offer different
cars so the best way to check the price is to download an app put all your
details in there and it will show you the price for your ride
so guys thank you for watching if you have any questions about the
transportation in Dubai let me know in the comments below I will try to answer
them and I will see you in the next video bye bye

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    If u can made a video on this , will be very helpful

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