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Get a Job – Buy a Car -Move Out – How to Make Money as a Teenager

Get a Job – Buy a Car -Move Out – How to Make Money as a Teenager

What is going on you guys my name is Daniel and welcome back to money recall are you a teen that is looking for better ways to make more money and save more potentially for your future well you are ahead of the game and this video is for you today we’re going to be going over some of the things that I wish I would have known when I was 16 and wish somebody would just sat down and explained them to me so we’re gonna be going over these top tips for you if you were interested in more money videos don’t forget to smash that subscribe button and like button so you never miss out on any more content that will be released first off being in high school is a fun and exciting time there’s a lot that’s going on and you need to actually figure out exactly what you want to do with your life do you want to focus on sports do you want to focus on your grades do you want to focus on making money all these things are valid things to be doing with your time as long as you’re doing something for stof you need to figure out exactly what is a good balance between your school your sports work and your regular home life from any of you you should be prioritizing sports and after school activities marching band choir these things may be the last time you’re ever able to have an opportunity to do something quite like this take advantage of these as much as you can because it will help grow your character in ways that will help you in your future so tip number two is get a job any job in the same way the after-school activity has helped your personal development so does getting a job having and holding down a job at a younger age has been linked to higher rates of employment feature on in life because even an entry-level job is teaching you good skills that you need to have such as showing up on time learning to take orders and working well with others I was incredibly stubborn in my teens and I refused to actually work in a fast-food restaurant and that probably hindered my development as far as it took me a lot longer to find a job one of the best ways to land a better job is by word of mouth so at school people that are already in a job at your church or other activities that you are a part of a community in some way shape or form ask around and people more than likely have something that they can recommend over you and also recommend you for the position another great way to find jobs is Craigslist and everybody understands the process you figure it out you give them a call you send them an email you have an interview possibly have an interview things to remember is that low pay jobs have a huge turnaround in employees so most employees in order to combat this will have a stack that they’ll go through and as soon as somebody is fire they’ll call the next five people in this stack and see what they can do so remember when you turn in yours it may take up to three months at some of these establishments for you even to be considered one of my favorite ways is just go into actual stores and turn in a resume whether or not they’re actually looking for work at the time this will have much more success with smaller chains and smaller mom-and-pop shops because they don’t have quite as stringent hiring requirement and this will not work at places like Walmart because of their hiring process as an example when I was 16 I actually got myself hired for my first what I would assert a job so I was going through an automotive class in high school I ended up doing three years and that first year after that that summer I was 16 turning 16 at the end of the summer I knew somebody who owned a automotive shop it was a little radiator shop very very small very very rundown looking place but nonetheless I knew the guy and that was my in so I went and just watched for a little bit during the winter time and then during when the summer came around I asked if I could do it again and I showed up every single day at 0 7 after about two weeks the actual owner came up to me and handed me a hundred dollars it was like wow I have never had anyone hire themselves before in all my years and so that was a story of how I landed my first what I would consider a job so the real key to this story was adding value I might not have been a great asset but I was enough help to warrant the hundred dollars at the end of the week the greatest part about this was over the next two years as I studied I was one of the top students as far as finishing jobs at the automotive class I would finish probably twice as many as all the other kids combined and that was because of the experience that I’d gained during that time that I had been at this automotive shop number three start with why make sure that you understand exactly what you are working towards write it down are you trying to pay for off your college are you trying to get a car are you trying to go on that trip all these are wonderful things to do when you’re younger figure out what motivates you and write it down look at it every single day and make sure that you’re aligning yourself so you understand exactly where you were trying to go after writing this down make sure to also write out a small little budget that will work for you make sure that you have are saving enough so that you can actually hit your targets for example and tip number for purchasing things are more than likely gonna cost more than what you think let’s take a car for example if you have a three thousand dollar car one would think I need three thousand dollars and I’ll get the car it’s not quite like that you have taxes you have possible an increase in the price you have to register the car you need to put insurance on the car you need to put gas in the car and possible repairs that might be needed to this vehicle all these things need to be taken into consideration prior to purchasing the vehicle example number two moving out will cost more than what you think if moving out is your goal good on you moving out teaches you to be more personally responsible and makes you grow up a lot faster than if you would stay at home some general guidelines to moving out make sure you have a steady flow of income sit down and write down exactly what your monthly expenses are so your food utilities what’s your rent is gonna be which vehicle is gonna cost you and everything else it is associated to include school and other activities you should figure out how much it costs you to live for one month and you should have that minimum three months saved up if it is your first time moving out you will understand very soon how everything tends to be more expensive than when you thought if you were moving out with friends make sure that they are also on the lease because otherwise it would just beat you on the line and that is not a fun experience four tips to living a more minimalist lifestyle and saving money we have a link up above if you have never written a budget we also have a link for budgeting as well my experience moving out was not that great of one I moved out exactly when I was 18 I was mowing lawns I had just lined up a job with Cutco and I really didn’t have that creative steady income I was going to school I was wrestling I was doing marching band and I was trying to land an automotive job my priorities were not straight and I did not have a clear idea of how exactly I was gonna do it I just kind of jumped this can be a good and a bad thing because you’ll never be as ready as what you think you need to be and you’ll figure out things as you go but you should have some clarity of mind exactly where you’re going and how you should be doing it I’ve been number five things that I wish people would have actually sat down and explained to me so college is expensive and it’s not the only option there’s a reason that your high school teachers are all saying you need to go to college because all of them went to college remember that every single one of your teachers went down this path so they I think that it is the best path to go down because they know what it is in the same way that somebody that drives at Toyota recommends that everybody else should also drive a Toyota however if you need to haul a bunch of heavy stuff like logs breaks whatever for a construction site you probably don’t want to have a Toyota Corolla you want to have an actual truck so what I’m getting across here is that there are many different routes that you can take so there is University Community College vocational school trade schools apprenticeships and potentially the military for those of you that want to go that route it is a wonderful way to get training and have a steady income as the price of school continues to skyrocket more and more people will discover that the cost is not actually worth what they are getting going into college and university or any training for that matter you should know exactly how you’re going to pay for and how this is going to make you money on the backside I remember specifically the moment that I realized College was not for me it was around 2009 after the crash of 208 I was driving down the road with my dad and we were listening to some talk show radio and they were talking about how a college degree was required to be looked at to be a bartender downtown and this was for a job that was paying $9 an hour I was at that moment that I realized college degrees aren’t really helping people out right now and they might not be the best thing for me so I’m not saying don’t go to college know exactly how you’re gonna pay it off and know how it’s gonna make you money if you’re looking to be a doctor an engineer we definitely need to go through lots and lots of education make sure to look at your options balance the cost first benefit of each option and decide exactly what is correct for you and as you consider going to university remember that if you file for bankruptcy these loans will never be removed college loans are permanent until they’re paid off up next is a little bit of dating advice so when you’re going through high school and in your younger years you need to be figuring out exactly what type of people you want to be surrounded by and going on dates is a wonderful way to figure this out my advice is go on cheap dates if you can have fun while you’re spending little to no money you more than likely be able to have a lot of fun when you’re spending more money the cheaper your dates the more you can go on and sometimes the cheaper dates are the better ones my go-to was shooting pool it didn’t cost much it only cost about five dollars for an hour and it was always fun I would always know if somebody was into me because they would either be good at pool and that was cool or they would go and be terrible at pool and I knew they were open to new experiences and probably somebody who’s interesting if they absolutely refused to go and shoot pool they probably weren’t open to new ideas and probably weren’t talking to anyways all right up next you rarely get what you don’t ask this is a pretty simple concept but it can be daunting asking for $500 if you drop it off that car that you’re trying to purchase it can be intimidating the first time that you do going and asking for a little bit of a raise also be intimidating the earlier in life you begin doing this the better off you will be because this is a trait that doesn’t come naturally to everyone you have to work at it asking for what you want for the first few times can be incredibly scary but it gets easier as you go and you get better at it if you want to have more confidence when you go and ask know exactly what the value proposition is if you have added value you’re more likely than not going to be in a better position to be asking than if you’re just asking because tip number I believe I think we are on eight is you have some wonderful opportunities and take advantage of them when you’re younger you have a lot of time to actually work on yourself take on reading I wish somebody would have told me to read more when I was younger and it really took me until I was about 21 to start reading any type of books that were useful top paid CEOs in this world are reading about four books a month and this is way more than the average of about one a year take some time to learn and even teach yourself some of these skills with Microsoft Word Excel how to build a website and improve your words per minute as everything goes over to computers this will improve your productivity and how much work you can get done take some time to figure out money because that is what you’re going to be chasing for most of your life money helps you go and do things it helps you be charitable it helps you go and see the world so make sure you understand how to manage your money and how to direct your money so you can do what you want to do in this life take some time to figure out how to invest how to save how to manage and how to budget your money so these are the things that I really wish I would have been told when I was 16 if you like this video and would like more like this don’t forget to smash that subscribe button and drop a like and a final tip for sticking around until the end is don’t forget to learn how to manage your credit cards if you know that you’re gonna have a weak spot don’t even get them just start with a trainer card that will have about a $300 limit that you pay in advance and that will help build your credit so this has been when a recall and as always have a great day

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