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General Motors To Release Cars With No Steering Wheel

General Motors To Release Cars With No Steering Wheel

Hey, what is up guys you’re watching genuine techie where we talk about technology, okay, so this is my first face cam video of 2018 and I’m so happy to make this one and I recently crossed the 200 subscriber milestone And I’m so happy I really appreciate you subscribing my channel and watching my videos and That gives me the energy to make more and more videos everyday So now I have more time to make more videos, so I will I will try to upload more video so General Motors Yes You have heard it right General Motors will make the car with no steering wheel Not only that but also this car will not have any pedals No pedals at all that means that users have to sit in the car car will drive you to your destination. That’s very cool Let’s see the interior design of the car, so you can see that the car is so spacious We can see that the car looks awesome And we have not seen anything like this before we are used to use that steering that same old steering wheels this have No steering wheel so we just have to sit in the car and it has a luxurious and – look ma no hands If we talk about the outer design the outer design is also very new including 21 radars 16 cameras with 5 lidars Which are sensing devices that used laser light to help Autonomous cars see nearby objects and obstacles the cruise AV will be able to operate in hence free mode only in pre-mapped urban areas So not talk about what that what problems this car will face when it’s on the road Well of course the number one problem Is that this this General Motors is new in the business of making self-driving? Cars if we see Ford is already on it for its planning to launch their self-driving car into 2021 they’re also making and of course how can you forget the Google driving car we will also onto making something really? Big this year, and they’re going to launch it They’re still working on it and this hope that they are going to launch the car in the end of 2018 Which is their current called way more one thing I didn’t understand about GM motors was that when I visited their website I found this and when they say that they their vision is to do Zero pollution ok the first two are good, but that last one zero congestion How are they going to get rid of congestion? that doesn’t make sense to me if there have something if there’s something that makes sense to you then please post that post it Down in the comment section because I would love to know that the major purpose of this car was to or was for the people who are who are who have difficulties opening the car who have difficulty seeing the obstacles around the car to find it difficult – Mainly for impaired people so with enhanced audio and visual support so that they can see the obstacles More clearly providing them ease so basically this car is not totally new this the apparent structure of the car is very much inspired From the old Chevrolet model Chevrolet bolt EV so it’s very similar to that currently GM Motors is actually Dealing with the federal government – so that they’re the Grant them permission to use the prototype to test It on the road, so they are they’re struggling with that, so let’s see that what what will happen about this car And I’m so happy to make my first with you today. I hope so you like that keep subscribing my channel I’ll be making more of these videos on daily basis, so that’s it from me guys peace out

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