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FUNNY SALES Video – Grumpy Old Sales Trainer – Funny sales video

FUNNY SALES Video – Grumpy Old Sales Trainer             – Funny sales video

Check out The Brutal Truth about Sales PodCast. hello kids today I will be your sales
trainer so listen and learn I will show you how to sell how to win the deal sure
most of what I will be telling you as old as dirt but because I say it with
such confidence you will think that it is new and original sure things are very
different today but the pearls of gold that I will share with you or just that
pure gold so listen up and take lots of notes because I will not repeat myself
unless I forgot what I said the four point two point seven tip for ultimate
success is that you need to stay pumped and on top of your game do not believe
all the new-age horse a sheet about asking questions or learning about needs
that is just a bunch of crap what you need to do is memorize my 306 tiny tips
of success and you will kick ass so quit being any little sissy girl and get to
work let’s review some killer cold call scripts practice the alligator close and
then I will need my power nap and let you all hit the phones

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9 thoughts on “FUNNY SALES Video – Grumpy Old Sales Trainer – Funny sales video

  1. Sales training is all about learning what it take to sell your product. A big part of sales training is preparing for every possibility because once we are on a roll it is very hard to handle the tough questions. Sales training is a life long process of mapping out what works for selling your product. Sales has changed so much in the last 5 years and we need to keep on top of what works. Please share your views on Sales Training.
    Thanks for watching, liking, commenting and sharing

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