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FUNNY SALES Video – Forecast Meeting – Do you go through this also? – Funny Sales video

FUNNY SALES Video – Forecast Meeting – Do you go through this also? – Funny Sales video

Check out The Brutal Truth about Sales PodCast. well Brad we need to talk about your
forecast and pipeline sure what is the issue I’m looking at your forecast and
I’m concerned that it does not have the 300 percent of your quota identified and
put into well I have my quarterly number already booked why do I
have to have three hundred percent in my forecast you are well aware of the
company standard that if you do not have three hundred percent of your quota in
your forecast you will not have enough deals to make your quarterly quota but I
already have sold enough to meet my quarterly quota so Sherlock there is no
way I cannot make my quarterly goal yes but you need to have three hundred
percent in forecast or upper-management will not be comfortable with your
selling skills Brad you need to work with the system and the system will work
with you so you are asking me to make up some deals to puff up the forecast just
so my forecast looks the way you want exactly Brad you are now understanding
our sales methodology I also need you to create a wind plan for each deal so that
we know that you know what you are doing please include your blue sheet account
analysis power structure and if you get a moment please read up the pain chain
for each account that sounds like a lot of make work that does not have any
value to my sales process Brad that is our sales process we spent a great
amount of time and money on sales training so that you would know what you
are doing you learned how to spin how to sell solutions and how to be strategic
you now know that hope is not a strategy we also hired motivational speakers so
that you would be psyched up to hit it hard yeah thanks for taking the out the
field and delaying the deals that I have been working you are a great help you’re
welcome Brad that is what management is to help our sales people and make sales
a structured process would it not make more sense to enable people to do what
works for them and to support them with what they need to close business Brad to
our speaking gibberish please stick to the company standard vocabulary so that
I can understand you you kids today just do not get it call me crazy
but why don’t we model what the most successful people do and do that instead
of making each person selling the same exact way again you are giving me a
headache with your new-age thinking well I have been reading the Maverick selling
method and it seems to work it models the world’s best salespeople and shows
what makes them successful instead of making me sell like someone else I sell
the way I want but now I know what I need to do without having to memorize a
corporate process it sounds like witchcraft to me but if
it works just don’t tell anyone and don’t expense it now let’s get back
to work and let me know what I can do to help you

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31 thoughts on “FUNNY SALES Video – Forecast Meeting – Do you go through this also? – Funny Sales video

  1. This is almost not funny. It is hilarious, but is so true that you I am laughing and thinking at the same time. So many sales managers are promoted because of performance in selling and as a result, they are not qualified for management. Several excellent sales managers were terrible sales people, but understood how to lead. It is when salespeople don't judge a manager by their sales past, but rather by their leadership abilities that a successful sales force can be had.

  2. I guess dipsticks like this manager are kind of like politicians: we ALL recognize 'em as dipsticks, we can't stand 'em, and we're amazed at their prevalence…yet somehow they manage to remain on the scene. Go figure.

  3. 100% true, change the 19th century management philosophies. As one of the top motivational speakers rightly said that winners go straingt to the results and loosers do everything else and use them as excuses at the end.

  4. With the gray hair I relate to both sides of the conversation. Forecasting is mostly art not science. SalesForce or BASE is only as good as the artist with the brush… LOVE this video. Love it. Please make more.

  5. This has been such a success for me lately,
    and for EVERY SINGLE PERSON I've shown
    this to, that I just have to see if it will work
    out for you too!

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    Let's just say I'm pretty damn sure it will 🙂

  6. Spot on! For anyone that has been in B2B sales for a while. P.S. Do I laugh or cry because it is so true? 😉

  7. Brilliant. I have sat through too many hours of fakers and backroom spreadsheet boys. I dont see how it can change. Too many careers are built on spreadsheets for it to change.

  8. This isn't some tough-guy brag but I have been doing this shit forever and nobody ever gives me a speech like this because they know I would literally pick the phone up off of their desk and beat their fucking head in with it

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