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FUNNY SALES Training – Funny Look at Sales Training | Sales Training Class – funny sales video

FUNNY SALES Training – Funny Look at Sales Training | Sales Training Class – funny sales video

hey Jerry how are you enjoying the sales
training well it is motivating but I have heard all your tips before so yes
it is a good refresher but kind of old school so you have already read my
magenta book yes we have been required to read all your colorful books have you
come to my seminars yes every time you are in town my boss makes us go have you
used my tip number nine point seven point three yes that is the one about
working hard yes that was brilliant and I never would have thought that hard
work would help until I heard you say it and put a stupid number to it how about
my secret to success number eight point three point two oh of course that was a
great revelation about working smart yup that changed my life good thing you
included that in your purple book let me ask you when was the last time you
actually sold anything other than yourself wow it must be thirty years now
but not much has changed sure not much has changed in thirty years except maybe
just maybe everything you kids today have it easy with your w-w-w thing your
space book and dogle thing in my day we hit the pavement with our sample bags
and put a real day’s work and we did not have blueberries or Apple phones did
they have cars back then oh good one so what sales methods are you interested in
now that I have been in sales for five years I am looking to model the people
who are a lot better than me so that I can get beyond the tips and tricks and
really understand how companies buy I have been reading the Maverick selling
method which explains what the world’s best salespeople do differently and how
to control the sales process what color is that book

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36 thoughts on “FUNNY SALES Training – Funny Look at Sales Training | Sales Training Class – funny sales video

  1. This is cute and of course your correct about modeling the behaviors of successful sales people, but the truth is that until you know which performances to emulate and which to avoid the idea of a mentor is just like following a Doctor around a hospital waiting to get a medial degree..

  2. Sales training is all about learning what it take to sell your product. A big part of sales training is preparing for every possibility because once we are on a roll it is very hard to handle the tough questions. Sales training is a life long process of mapping out what works for selling your product. Sales has changed so much in the last 5 years and we need to keep on top of what works. Please share your views on Sales Training.
    Thanks for watching, liking, commenting and sharing

  3. Social Selling is about leveraging the internet and social media a way to connect with prospects and customers. This powerful new approach is very different then the old-school banging your head against the wall. The most powerful way to leverage social media is to identify relationships and interest that would otherwise require hours of conversation. Please check out my other videos on social media and cold calling they are very different then the old-school work harder approach. Thanks!

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