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Fun Funling Challenge Game with the Funny Funlings and Cars Toys

Fun Funling Challenge Game with the Funny Funlings and Cars Toys

hello and welcome to this fun during a
competition we have two teams and three rounds and whichever team wins the most
rounds will be the champion ease and now winner biggest trophy I’ve ever seen
so let’s meet the teams team one is Ross group super and cats in funding and t2
is driver exits usama Funland okay red wine is called Jaime seat from
which funding from each team you take pounds what do you think
You should do it Captain, right Rascal Funling? yeah I agree
okay I’ll do this round okay and Tintin go fix it fun ring yeah I should do it
okay I’ll do it too so in this round who share your picture and ask you how many
George is hiding in it ready here we go all right then captain how many George’s
– just in science or fool he says full Fitzie same question um I
miss one so I’ll say five okay let’s take a look
one two three four George’s so captain fun and got that right next picture how
many McQueen’s right a fun name fun catchy
what do you think Oh say six let’s take a look one two three four five martinis
so fix it onion go that one right so it’s down to the final picture but this
time we won’t tell you into the pound for baby let’s see the picture okay so
how many meters per their majors I can see animators I think I sold one
let’s see who’s right there are three George’s to the Queens one vampire fun
men and one mentor so fix it funding got it right to win this round
so do rule school is now zero one round two and two fundings will launch answer
here and whoever goes the farthest wins so who take part in this one Oh me me me
me me do you even have a car well no when I
take you your huh nope no one but me can use my car looks like I’ll have to do
this round no matter race okay Pennington laughs I
think it’s obvious there’s Davis friends yeah I’ll be doing this one what I
thought it was all this I’ll be famous because I Drive a fun name oh yes haha I
don’t even have a car so get into position rated position two
so let’s race Wow it’s obvious who won that super fun news one ahead so he
brings the false friends it’s best two out of three so if he wins again
you win the whole room it’s not even close
well done Superfund money save team one win the round
yes we’re back in the game so that seniors will score now it’s one one
better names our final round from this round will say iconic and the
contestants back to bring us some big hoodies that color process ratings the
fun links 11 complete to get her Oscar funding and follow funding so they’ll do
this round okay fundings and the color is pink
panel again they will find something pink first oh oh you have an idea
I think fauna London has an idea but does Rosco fun day he’s found some paint
cuz they were pink Thanks no I’m lucky oh oh no it’s smelly fish and have to
find something else oh hello what’s pharma funding found
Lion King can you think of a paint object Oh
do you think you’ll realize that Oinkie is in fact pink oh yes good point join King
you are a pink come on it’s good ah once you realize they coming back house
roster fine endures oh he’s found some presents for which
one is painted oh no not that one ah hero lies just in time so now it’s a
wasted effort it will rain and the winner is rascal
funding anything help me win those fans to make the final overall score one to
ten one well done and three I’m lucky he wrote the glass the fighting super funny
man panting family writes those wins hi I’m Dave thanks watching my video
please check out these other videos and don’t forget to like me subscribe see
you soon

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16 thoughts on “Fun Funling Challenge Game with the Funny Funlings and Cars Toys

  1. The two Funling teams go head to head in a range of fun challenges to see which Funling team will win. Who do you want to win? #funlings #challenge #fun #toys #race

  2. Do another one but with team 1- fireman,robot,and wizard funling, and team 2 chef, king, and detective funling.

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