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Hello Hello Michael
How are you? I’m doing fine We will run out of gas Yes, but they don’t know it yet We are going to Tartu to visit Lange Motokeskus, is this right Lars? Yes we are going to Lange Motokeskus to drive with go-karts There is the biggest indoor go-kart track, which is currently open because all the others are closed right now AAAAANNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD the go-karts over there are electric oh yes, they are electric these go-karts are not ordinary, but electric there’s no need to drive around and generate smell we are environment friendly and eco eco eco stuff we are environment friendly Estonian citizens Estonian soil and Estonian heart free Estonian man in free land SKY MEADOW Arno, is this you? Teele, yes [cameralady] Have you been there before? At Arno’s place? [cameralady] Noooo I haven’t visited Arno before, but I think Michael has No I have not been to Arno before Arno has a very nice tyre changer We managed to balance all our wheels there And I used such bad language saying this I have not used a tyre changer at Arno’s place :O:O:O What did you do there then? WHO IS ARNO???? [confused face] I have not been to Lange Motokeskus before, because it’s completely new [many awesome engine sounds] Well Ralf, what are you cooking for us today? Yesterday’s leftovers [many laugh] I lost to a lady I can’t even put my jacket on my legs skipped a leg-day we ran out of welding gas 🙂 🙂 [many magic]

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