91 thoughts on “Forgetting Kids In Cars? ‘It Can Happen To Anyone,’ Says Founder Of Child Safety Organization

  1. ᴴᴼᵂ ᶜᴬᴺ ᵀᴴᴱᵞ ᶠᴼᴿᴳᴱᵀ ᵀᴴᴱᴵᴿ ᴷᴵᴰˢ ᴵᴺ ᵀᴴᴱ ᶜᴬᴿ ᴵᶠ ᵀᴴᴱᵞ ᴮᴿᴼᵁᴳᴴᵀ ᵀᴴᴱᴹ ˢᴼᴹᴱᵂᴴᴱᴿᴱ

  2. I honestly don’t see how anybody can leave THEIR OWN CHILD in a car. I have 2 little girls and not once have I ever forgot them in the car. Even if I drive to the store on autopilot mode forgetting my children will never happen.

  3. I make it a routine whether I got in the car alone or not to check the back seat. Even though I honestly dont think I would ever do that in my life. It's an extra precaution my husband and I take just to be 100% sure this will never happen. I'd rather be paranoid about it rather than risk missing something. No matter how slight the chance.

  4. Before I was a mom if my dog in the car he'd get out when I got out. If my child is with me in the car, there's NO way I will forget that. My mom had 5 of us and she never forgot any of us.

  5. A few years ago I went to my local supermarket. I was with my daughter who was a few months at the time. I went to get her out and into her pushchair. I looked at the car besides me and there was a very young baby in the car. The temperature was in the 70s. I was fuming. I waited for 15 minuits for someone to come back to the car. All the Windows were done up. I went into the supermarked to as for an anouncment for the parent to return I went back out and another 20 minuits I had enough and called the police. 5 minuits late a woman came back to the car. I went off my head at the woman I made her cry. I just hope she never did that again.

  6. Honest to God I don't understand how some one forget a child I feel sorry for all those kids but what they those people do in the they forgot the kids how come they do t forget purses, phones I'm sorry God protect us but I don't get it.

  7. I personally don't believe that this can happen to anyone. If you're paying attention to your children and your responsibilities as a parent this won't happen. Maybe if parents who do this were punished properly, it might encourage other parents to pay more attention to what they're doing and not leave their kids to die in cars.

  8. No this CANNOT happen to anyone. I'm sorry but you don't just forget that your 2 young children are in the back of your car. When you have toddlers and babies you arrange your whole life around them, you don't just "forget" about them….. it doesn't add up at all….

  9. God Bless your family, you will see your babies in heaven, Lord knows you guys didn't mean it and it's ok to move on to a healthy life for those other kids and yourself. Thank you for bringing awareness to this for others. I pray you get some healing, in Jesus name Amen

  10. I’m not here to judge. My sympathy goes out to both parents. Rest In Peace to their precious babies 😞❤️🙏🏼

    Sending both parents and their children lots of strength and healing vibes

  11. It's crazy how unaware people are they just get stuck in a zombie mode(routine) and than they forget what's truly important. I personally just blame ignorance

  12. It's just horrible, but it does happen people just go on autopilot & go about their day when they have a set routine it crazy I don't leave my house much with my kid besides for his appointments since he's a preemie but there's been times where I know I brought him inside with me but I just always double check myself because when your a parent your mind is always racing in a million different directions. I feel so sorry for the parent's because the guilt they must feel I would not even be able to live with myself if anything bad were to happen to my baby boy, & may those beautiful angels rest in peace 😔

  13. I'm judging 100% . You forgot your kids in the car so long that they died. Literally just care about your kids long enough to remember them. Not hard

  14. Autopilot exists for humans, we tend to zone at times and forget simple things.

    I once went to bring my shoes to my door and ended up throwing them out instead, I didn't realize until a minute after. It happens, and it's horrible to berate these people as murderers when they already have to suffer with the death of their loving child.

  15. For once I do not agree with dr Phil. You do not leave children in a car. You just don´t! I have two grown up children and I never left them in my car. Cold or hot weather – don´t leave them alone without a grownup, take them with you! I am not a saint, I have made many mistakes as a mother, but leaving my children without supervision is not one of them. What if a car thief would steal my car? That happened in my country before I was a mother, and I never forgot that, never ever.

  16. I managed to raise 5 kids without anything even remotely close to leaving them or forgetting about them even for a minute. It's called being an adult.

  17. You just don’t know until it happens to you. We can all have our thoughts and feelings on the matter, but this was a freak accident and no one is a better person for putting this family down. Sympathy, have sympathy. Such a tragedy.

  18. As harsh as it seems and as hard it might be to understand, it was simply their time to go. These two angels will forever rest in peace and I hope their parents finds a way to forgive themselves.

  19. Nah. Some of these stories, you can tell they wanted to kill their kid, but when it's an "accident" like this they get way less prison time, or none at all.

  20. Ppl can judge whatever they want. For example, I bet everyone who’s ever left a kid or dog to die in a hot car knew EXACTLY where their phones were at the time. I’m not sure what kind of legislation will fix plumb stupid. Sometimes you can’t fix stupid.

  21. if you have children, get cars that have weight sensors in the back seat! all my siblings are grown but we rented a car on vacation recently and every time my parents turned the car off, it would beep to alert them to something in the backseat.

  22. I agree with the older woman…. where is these pain and anger for these babies!? Where is the people that stand up and say unacceptable. Who speaks for the children, the ones who, for all we know… were KILLED bc the parents didn't want them… it would be ENTIRELY too easy, after allowing a man to go free after doing this, that it would happen more frequently…. bc if he got away with it, any parent that could not handle having children would do it.

  23. How do you forget your kid in a car!?! I could NEVER. I always check for my baby. Even when I KNOW she's in there.

  24. It says a LOT about our society that there are people on here more angry at people saying they raised their kids and never once forgot them in a car than they are at parents who KILLED THEIR KIDS. Their kids are DEAD. They didn't forget their homework, they didn't put on mismatched socks, they didn't leave their pacifier at home, they didn't leave their keys in the car, they didn't forget their phone at home … THEY. KILLED. THEIR. KIDS.

  25. It would be great if there was a "check back seat" reminder/alarm that goes off when u turn off the engine or put the car in park. Something that you have to hit "dismiss" or remotely turn off to get it to stop ringing

  26. When my 3rd child was born we went to breakfast. We got out of the car, went into the restaurant, the hostess said "table for four"? I looked surprised and said 5 and remembered we forgot the baby in the car 🤦‍♀️. We have a van, so when my other two got out of the car, we were all looking at the baby, but still managed to exit and leave him.

    The waitress kept laughing every time she came by saying "I can't believe you forgot the baby" yep sleep deprivation is a thing and so is auto pilot with kids.

  27. Forgetting kids inside the car? How do you do that? 900 kids have not survived in a hot car? Have a protest now for all the parents in the world to hear: Stop having babies if your gonna take em irresponsibly. Aging n forgetting is no excuses whatsoever period. Seems like parents these days forgot to take fish oil capsules as well to reduce their forgetfulness n increasing their memories.

  28. My husband and I call each other after dropping off kids. That helps to not forget. So so sad for both the beautiful babies and their parents.

  29. I was a teenage mom with two babies with absolutely no help. I just thank god I never accidentally did this. Luckily my kids daycare was about 20 minutes north of where I lived and my work was 20 minutes south of where I lived. It was ingrained in my brain to set out I'm the morning to go north. Otherwise it could have happened to me. It could happen to anyone

  30. God I just wish someone would have been walking by his car and would have heard them screaming.
    Break the window immediately! You never know how much time left a child has.

  31. I have a baby rattle with a snap on it, I place it in the baby seat. When I put the baby in the seat I snap the rattle to my key chain. If I would ever forget and leave my car, I would have a big rattle on my keychain to remind me

  32. A lot of people might not know this but on a lot of new vehicles there is a setting where you can turn on rear seat reminder. When i open the rear doors for the kids and put them in it sends a signal that when i park somewhere and turn off the car it flashes on the dash "rear seat reminder" and has a beep

  33. I will never understand how someone forgets a child in a car. But I will not judge them. They clearly loved those babies. Such a heartbreaking mistake.

  34. Basically he was very sleep deprived. People have to work their asses off to have a nice life. She said he had been at military training for 2 weeks right before this. There needs to be a law or something made in car seats to set off an alarm

  35. It’s a little presumptuous of Dr Phil to say for sure he’s innocent. We don’t know yet and parents have used the hot car as a way to kill their children. I’m not saying it’s for sure the case here, but until we have a trial we can’t know for certain he’s not guilty.

  36. Sadly you get so many people that said they forgot their kids were in the car. Then it came out they did it on purpose. So genuine cases like this makes people think he did it on purpose! I honestly don’t think his wife would still be by his side if she had the slightest doubt. I know I bloody well wouldn’t!

  37. That's tragic :/. But I also believe it can happened to anyone, when I was 19 my father forget that I was in the back and lock the car, I'm not even sleeping

  38. I have owned a daycare and preschool for over 25 years n not only did I not forget my own child but no one else's ever!!! A child is a gift from God… How could you forget something that important??? Can't. Sorry

  39. Only God and he knows if it was truly a mistake or done purposely. If it was a mistake I hope he don’t get put away he is already suffering

  40. She said call your Congressman because "we" cannot allow 1 more baby to die in the back of a car! How is someone in Congress gonna do anything? It's not like they're the ones leave kids in cars to DIE! I don't even understand how a parent can forget their kids like that! How do you prevent it…an alarm of some kind?

  41. Wouldn’t it be great it there was an App with an alarm ,that would set off when kids cry in a car.Imagine some kind of alarm that you could put in your car then download an app and If you forget your kids in the car and they start crying the app alerts you. just had this idea.

  42. No! This is murder and she is ok with it. U don't accidently forget two babies in a car! Those babies had to b screaming…i hope he rots in prison. I hope Dr Phil pays for being a sell out

  43. Autopilot exists. One time I was in party city and I had something in my hand, I had been aware when I grabbed it. However, it was in my hand for so long and after time I just kind of forgot. I almost walked out of the store with it and I would’ve but thankfully my mother had stopped me. I didn’t feel it in my hand, I didn’t even know it was in my hand anymore. Things happen, u get into a state where you’re in a whole other world and mistakes that aren’t meant to be purposeful occur.

  44. You are responsible for your children therefore even if it was an accident you were neglectful and a part of your children’s injury’s or worse death. And should be held accountable for that.

  45. Nope, still don’t understand. I even sometimes think my son is in the backseat when he’s home with my husband and I went out alone! I’m a stay at home mom so my son is with me almost 24/7 so maybe a working parent may forget their child? But I just don’t understand. It’s so sick that these babies are being left by the one person who are supposed to protect them

  46. I can see if it was 30 minutes. But my question is 8 HOURS!? wouldn't he notice that the house was to quiet or…I need to feed them or change them, check up on them ? Like how does one forget for 8 hours.

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