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FMTC – Automotive Service

FMTC – Automotive Service

Today’s automobiles have so many bells and whistles that yesterday’s mechanic wouldn’t have a clue how to do most repairs or even how to diagnose the problem. Demand has never been stronger for professional automotive technicians who are trained to work on the advanced technology found in today’s automobiles. There is more computer technology in today’s automobile than was used in the Apollo 11 spacecraft journey to the moon. Because of this increase in technology it is important that today’s automotive technicians are a skilled with a computer as they are with traditional tools. Gone are the self-educated mechanics who worked in poorly equipped garages. Today’s technicians are highly trained well compensated professionals whose technical expertise includes an intricate knowledge of onboard computers and complex electronic systems. In many of today’s dealerships technicians work in immaculate repair bays equipped with state-of-the-art laptops and computer diagnostic equipment. As many luxury cars are valued in excess of 100 thousand dollars there is a need for qualified technicians to repair those complex systems. Students will diagnose, maintain, repair and fine tune a wide range of vehicles alongside master technicians at Fort Myers Technical College. Students spend time in the classroom studying theory of operation and then work in the shop repairing each system in the automobile. Electronic scan tools are utilized in the testing and servicing of the various areas of the automobile. Such as fuel systems, engine management, automatic transmissions, and brake systems. Understanding how every system functions plays an important role in modern automotive repair. Specialty training is provided in areas such as heating and air-conditioning electrical systems, automotive electronics, engine tune-up, suspension and steering as well as the use of computerized automotive repair data systems. The automotive service technology program is certified as a master automobile service technology training program by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation incorporated Meeting national training standards and eight automotive service excellence areas of certification. FMTC’s automotive instructors encourage students to become ASE certified, the industry standard for professional technicians. Today’s technicians must become lifelong learners in order to keep up with the ever-changing automotive industry. As vehicles become more and more complex technology and diagnostic tools are constantly changing. Continued steady growth is projected for the industry which translates into overall job stability for technicians. Contributing factors include greater numbers of vehicles on the road and more technicians retiring than ever before. Available jobs for automotive technicians are expected to grow by 17% from 2010 to 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. More than 60,000 new technicians are needed every year. This profession is stable even through economic downturns which traditionally has minor effects on the service and repair business. Since 2001 a total of nearly 1 million American jobs have been exported to cheaper overseas labor. One career that has remained safe from outsourcing is the professional technician. Nationwide competition for the very best automotive technicians is intense among the many dealerships, manufacturers and repair shops that urgently need entry level technicians who can walk in the door and immediately get to work. Locally Fort Myers Technical College has earned a reputation for the high degree of technical expertise and professionalism that their graduates bring to the job. If you like working with your hands, problem-solving, computers and cars then a career in automotive technology is for you. Contact Fort Myers Technical College today to find out how you can gear up for your dream career. FMTC is located at 3800 Michigan Avenue just a few miles from exit 138 off of i-75. Please visit our website Or call a school counselor at 239-334-4544 for more information.

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