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Florence the Ambulance and Ross the Race Car – Real City Heroes (RCH) | Videos for Children

Florence the Ambulance and Ross the Race Car – Real City Heroes (RCH) | Videos for Children

Please move to the side of the road! I’ve got a sick patient! Hi! I’ll be right back! He’s leaking oil, let’s take him straight to surgery. Hi! Thanks for waiting. My name is Florence and I am an ambulance. I help vehicles when they are hurt or sick. Sometimes, I have to bring them to this hospital. I know it’s your first day here, but it doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy! – Florence! We have a car that cannot start.
– Ten-Four! Okay, we have to get going! [Sirens] [No Audio] – Hello! Is anyone here? I was told there is a car that needs help.
– I’m here. [Interior Car Sound] Hi, ambulance. Hi. I’m Florence. What’s bothering you? I’m not sure what’s wrong with me, but I cannot start my engine. I think your battery is dead. Let me install a new one. [Changing Battery Sound] Thank you! I feel like a new car again! You’re welcome! [CAR ENGINE SOUNDS] – Hi, Florence!
– Oh, hi Ross! – Are you coming to my race tonight?
– Of course! You’re my best friend! – Thank you, Florence! I’ll see you at the race track!
– See you, Ross! Florence, we’ve got an eighteen wheeler feeling pain in one of his wheels. He cannot move. Copy that. Let’s go help that truck. [DRIVING] Okay big guy, what’s bothering you? Hi, Florence. I’ve got a big nail stuck in my tire. Let me take a look. [SIRENS] [FIXING TIRE SOUNDS] You’re all done! – Thank you, Florence!
– You’re welcome! [Dispatch] All ambulance units respond. We have a car that is stuck in mud. There’s a tow truck on the scene. We need to hurry! There’s a car that is stuck in mud! [SIRENS] Hold on! [TOWING SOUNDS] [SIRENS] Now it’s my turn to help you. It appears your bumper is bent and your fender is dented. We need to take you to the hospital so they can fix you. Thank you for your help. [LOADING CAR SOUNDS] [SIRENS] First let’s get you cleaned up. [CAR WASHING SOUNDS] [DOOR OPEN] And now we are going to replace your bumper and fix your dent. [ROBOTS FIXING SOUNDS] – Do you feel better?
– Much better! Thank you! Now we can go and watch my best friend race! [RACE CARS SOUNDS] [RACE TRACK SOUNDS] [SIRENS] Oh no! Hold on, Ross! We need to get Ross to the hospital, quickly! [SIRENS] We don’t have much time. We have to change Ross’s engine now. [ROBOTS FIXING SOUNDS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s race! Good luck! Thank you for helping me! It’s very rewarding to help others! My name is Florence, and I am a “Real City Hero”!

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  2. Real City Heroes should be part of cars 4. They talk and they also have race cars and have race tracks like Cars 3.

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