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Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 & 4 Animation | Jacksepticeye Animated

Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 & 4 Animation | Jacksepticeye Animated

WOOMPA! Top of the morning to you laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to Five Nights at Freddy’s 3! (screams) (laughs) (telephone rings) Hey hey, glad you came back for another night! Hey hey bro! I promise you’ll start seeing some crazy stuff man Keep that air blowing Heh heh heh, just keep that going bruh What the fuck is going on in this place? So, we’re in like a scary haunted house place this time I guess… I haven’t seen any animatronics yet (loud noise) What the fuck is that?! What is happening?! Audio error! Oh! Oh! Oh! Audio! Audio systems! *thwack* Oh god, shut up! *thwack* Oh god, there was something right there There was something looking in at me! And everyone says its name is Springtrap Where- where’d he go? Springtrap? Ah-haha Aw man, where’d you go? Aw, video error, what? Oh-ho! It’s right there! Oh, don’t look at it! Oh, it’s like a tyrannosaurus! Aaahhh… fuckin… I don’t know what I’m doing! Why am I doing this? Don’t be behind the- don’t be behind it Don’t be behind it, don’t be behind it, come on let me exit Oooohhh! Oh hi! Fuck! Fuck, I don’t wanna move I don’t wanna move, I don’t wanna move, I’m not moving Yeah! (laughter) Wooo I saw ya! But I didn’t move! (loud noise) (screams) Did I do it?! What?! Du-Wait! Who’s laughing? I don’t know, who knows The fuckin story in this game is all over the place (knocking) Like what the fuck is going on? Like, why am I in a house? I hear kitchen stuff I think that means Chica’s in the kitchen With Dinah. She’s making a cake She’s making cupcakes! (screams) What the fuck! Don’t you be doing that you bitch! Back to Pirate Cove where you fucking belong You cute little plushy bastard Ooooohhhhh there was something there Go away please. I don’t like it. I hear footsteps. Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh. Uh oh Am I gonna die? See? Everyone makes fun of me because I lock my door when I go recording But this is why I don’t want a Freddy coming up behind me You hearing me Fredbear? I mean he’ll probably just wait outside for me to open the door anyway I’m never coming out! (screams) Jesus Christ! Are you here? Ah, fuck! He’s gonna pop up as soon as- oh, no C’mon, 6am, c’mon, 6am He’s gonna pop up as soon as I put this down (screams) That’s 5am! C’mon Freddy! Whatchu got Freddy! Watchu got bitch!

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100 thoughts on “Five Nights At Freddy’s 3 & 4 Animation | Jacksepticeye Animated

  1. 1:56 is it just me or does the animatronic look like a Ninja Turtle 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. If jack died before 6am in fnaf 4 (first in fnaf history to die and win) this wouldn't be a fnaf 3 & 4 mix

  3. He sucks at the game when he’s doing it in animation. But when he has been woken up in animation, he will beat the crap out of you. 😂

  4. I̟ r̟e̟a̟l̟l̟y̟ l̟o̟v̟e̟ t̟h̟e̟ J̟a̟c̟k̟ P̟J̟s̟ i̟n̟ t̟h̟e̟ 4th f̟n̟a̟f̟

  5. *Nightmare Foxy jumpscares Jack*
    Jack: (screams) What the foock?! Don't ya be doin' that ya bitch! *hits Foxy with flashlight/torch* Go back to Pirate Cove where ya foockin' belong! Ya cute little plooshy bastard!

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