First Right Hand DRIVE Renault Zoe ZE50 REVIEW

welcome today’s video today I’m going to
be reviewing the right-hand-drive Renault Zoe Ze50 this is going to be
a comprehensive review of what I think of the car as new as a new car in
general there will be a 5 pros 5 cons video of me later on in the week [MUSIC] this is a Zoe GT line ZE50 so this spec that I’ll be reviewing today is the GT
line it’s a 135 brake horsepower car it has a
52 kilowatt hour battery even though it says a 50 and it’s got a winter pack on
it as well the Renault Zoe battery pack is located here like all the other Zoe’s
it’s a 55 kilowatt hour pack in total but the usable capacity is 52 kilowatt
hours [MUSIC] now if you’re wondering what colour this is this is celadon blue which is
actually my favorite colored Renault Zoe Z.E 50 now comes in now from the side
and the back this is this is no different to the ZE40 or the 22
kilowatt the actual side profile the doors the rear is pretty much exactly
the same apart from these rear lights now they’ve
changed the rear lights they now have an indicator strobe light and brake light
and they’ve got an LED cluster panel so there are a lot nicer a lot neater at
the back than they were previously so the major change on the new Renault Zoe
is the bonnet so they’ve got some extra curves into the bonnet which is really
added to the design and shape the huge improvement which my current Zoe owners
will be more than happy with is they finally changed these terrible halogen
headlights that the old zoe used to have on everyone used to complain about they
are now LED headlights as standard on all the models now the major improvement on the Renault Zoe is we now have something special under here now if you
haven’t had a Zoe before let me start the basics right at the top here we have
a type 2 charger type 2 charges are fitted on all cars
in Europe now so every car has that but what we can do on the Zoe is charge up
to 22 kilowatts so what that means is at home you charge it your normal seven
kilowatts but in public or some special charges in public and also a lot
in mainland Europe you can charge on 3 phase at 22 kilowatts 22 kilowatt
charging means that you can charge this car in roughly three hours or less from
from flat so it’s very very quick but what we also now have in the Zoe is CCS
now it is optional on the GT line and all the other models and you can’t have
it on the play model but it’s an extra that I honestly think that I pay for and
it’s the only option that I’d go for on this car so it’s the major option that I
pick if I was buying this car now the CCS charging speed on this is up to 50
kilowatts we will later on in this episode be stopping at a 150 kilowatt
charger so 150 kilowatt charger and seeing if it can pull 50 kilowatts this
version here is the 135 brake horsepower as I mentioned and it’s got the winter
pack on now the winter pack comes with heated front seats heated from steering
wheel but because it’s the GT line it’s also a 135 brake horsepower so that
means that Renault have really improved on what was previously a 110 now it’s
the same R motor that was in all the other Zoe’s but the 135 obviously now
has 135 brake horsepower which means it not only is it faster throttle response a
little bit quicker but Renault have made some serious improvement to the way the
car handles down the suspension feels a lot tighter I’m able to really chuck this
round country bends and it glues to the road now Oliver I’ve got with me filming
today made a little sound like this “oooh” as I went over a corner at full speed so it
definitely definitely holds better than the old Zoe because he didn’t think it
would he don’t think it would survive did you Olly [OFF CAMERA VOICE] “nooo” [LAUGHING} I was just talking to
Oliver then off-camera and he was asking how it compares to my BMW i3 now
honestly performance wise nowhere close the bmw i3 is a 170
brake horsepower but handling wise it’s a lot better which is
surprising because I would have thought the BMW would be better but we
haven’t got skinny ties on this like the i3 and the suspension just feels a
little bit tighter to it doesn’t it it seems to hold the road a little bit
better now my I’ve just got a standard i3 I haven’t got an i3s so I
can’t comment for them but it just seemed to feel a lot better and from a
Renault driving better than a BMW that is shocking the biggest drawback on the
new Renault Zoe ZE50 for me is the fact that when they brought it over in
the UK and showed you the left hand drive version you have the pictures on
the website of what the car had it have these lovely 3d badge effects on
steering wheel at the front of the car they’ve gone they will not be sold
with the Zoe and then other the other major major thing that I really liked
about the Renault Zoe was it had this lovely cloth dash at the front all nice
nicely touch soft touch cloth – they’ve removed that what they have done is
they’ve kept it on the door handles so now it looks like you’ve got the wrong
door card for the wrong car it’s it’s slightly annoying some people said they
prefer this soft touch plastic craig who runs the Renault Zoe owners club for one
is one for example who actually prefers it because he said it would probably be
very hard to clean the cloth personally I’m gonna miss it but yes it’s gonna be
a lot easier to keep clean than the cloth so ya win some lose some right
let’s see if this car can charge at 150 kilowatts which is actually 50 kilowatt
charging on this – let’s see if it pulls the full 50 also it’s checking
it’s flashing orange it flashes orange on the top of the Zoe now not blue anymore
and I can hear the charger kicking in so we’ve done the maths and we’ve worked
out that we are pulling about 45 kilowatts now that’s a little bit
disappointing however I spoke to Will who’s been using this this is his car
and there’s some prices on what you can get these cars from Will at DSG Quote
EV Nick with a special discount code from me until the end of March
those prices are valid but there is a price increase in April so bear that in
mind so Will said he was able to pull 47.5 on an Ultra charger that
delivers 50 so we’ll take into consideration that it’s probably
battery’s not warm enough or the charger this this site isn’t the delving
the full thing but I’m gonna assume the batteries warm because we drove here
fairly sharpish I’d say it’s fairly sharpish so the
battery should be warm so either the charges being load managed or there’s some other play there is other people who can charge this on this
so I recommend that you do look at them as well
so what they’ll think about spending the full day with this would I buy a Renault
Zoe’s ZE50 the new shape What Do i think of the drive how does it handle well everything about this car is improved
compared to what the previous Zoe was I love the previous Zoe this is just a
better version it’s better-looking it drives better it handles better it goes
faster charges faster so yes I am lightly going to try and convince the
wife’s have changed her car that she doesn’t need to change because this
little thing I have fallen in love with so on that note don’t get to subscribe down
below don’t forget check out the patreon link and check out my own videos and
thank you very much for watching goodbye

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