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Fire damaged Miata for $500! Should it be the new rebuild project?

Fire damaged Miata for $500! Should it be the new rebuild project?

All right. So literally someone just told me about a car across the street and they said it’s a Miata, It’s $500. Now I’m not the biggest Miata guy that there is. However it’s $500 and it could make for a great project car, so the details I have are that it’s a 2000. It’s got around 70,000 miles, so really low miles for the year. There’s a slight problem with it. If you already read the title you know kind of what the problem is, but let me show you and It’s well it’s right there. It’s literally across the street and It’s got that nice emerald green color the same color my first car I had a Honda Accord, in emerald green. First thing we see in the front. A little minor front end stuff. I bet you get a new like aftermarket bumper for like an expensive sporty or model I’m guessing. I don’t know these cars real well. I know this one’s got a problem, and it’s up to you guys whether this is our next rebuild project so right now I want you to take to the comments section tell me are you into Miatas? Maybe you don’t think this one’s worth it, but again 500 dollars, and it could make for that budget sports car we’ve talked a lot about in the live streams. So come around here and we’ll just check the body really quick and go all the way around and you can see everything’s real straight this cars in good shape the paint on the trunk lid is A little you know a little dusty. We’ll call it I don’t know if a wet sand would take care of this likely have to be repainted if we want it to look really good Otherwise you could drive it like this a lot of guys are gonna Tell you track it of course, but here come around this side looks really good until we get, right inside. You’ve got that Marlboro special blend. and it’s not just because this car was smoked in. It’s because this car caught on fire I mean check it out all this is ash from the fire. Look at up top here the visors are actually hanging and It cracked the front windshield as we can see right here. Let’s get a close-up on what’s going on. I mean it’s insane. So the owner said they were driving it and it just started to kind of smoke and then catch on fire. I mean it smells like a like a fire in here. I guess the fire department came, put it out and nothing electronic works so the car doesn’t start, doesn’t turn over. This moves right here. It does feel like it’s going into gear you can see deep in there. It’s likely the transmission is good It’s a matter of just checking it out You just see how everything is covered in ash Door panel down here ash, and you know fire extinguisher stuff here’s the seat and the kick panel here the dashboard would have to be completely replaced in my estimation especially because this part right here Wow check out that radio I hope it wasn’t a Blau Punk shout out macGruber if you get that reference And yeah here it is from the driver’s side You know everything from here back and actually you know it besides the ash that’s all over everything It’s uh? It looks workable. That’s why I’m wondering whether we should consider this I think this is the best part of the car obviously again. I already told you 70,000 miles, but take a look underneath and Besides your typical dirt. I say it all the time. I like dirt in engines. I don’t want to see anything clean This is perfect. No fire are over here everything looks great It looks really clean. It’s a 2000 a 17 year old car 70,000 miles I don’t have the key on me, but the owner did show me the battery in the trunk It didn’t catch on fire back there. The trunk is fine It’s literally in that Center area, so I really need to hear from you guys because yeah It is a good deal $500 You could part this car out for 500 dollars, but it’s not my motive to buy the car to part it out It’s to create really good videos on Getting a car like this for inexpensive fixing it and then having a really great. Maybe you want it as a daily Maybe as a weekend car. Maybe you love Miata’s want a turbocharger. What do you think about this car? We’re not gonna LS swap it. We’re not gonna dump more money into it that it’s worth It’s not my sort of thing, but I want to hear what you guys would do with it So definitely hit up the comment section below The turnout from you guys is going to be the gauge whether or not this car comes home Goes in the barn and starts getting torn apart I’ve honestly not rebuilt a burn vehicle, but this one seems kind of straightforward We don’t know what’s wrong with it until we tear apart the center console area. Once that’s torn apart. We’ll find There’s any wiring that’s burnt up past that we’ll either repair or replace the whole harness since it’s an older car Likely these parts are at the picture part yard, and if they’re at the pic your part yard. That means they’re inexpensive and again It’s old enough that these cars are gonna. Be readily available in junkyards across the United States You could likely call up one of these junkyards have every single part You need to have this car complete and on the road delivered to your house I’m guessing it’s gonna take anywhere from like a thousand. I’m the real high-end side two thousand dollars in parts That’s not including my time labor and all that sort of stuff Whether your Miata guy or not if you think this would be an intriguing rebuild and one that you would watch Definitely let me know as always I appreciate you watching this video if you have any questions for me Or if you just want to reach out to me everything you need to do so is in the description box below Thanks for watching, and we’re gonna find out really soon whether or not this becomes our next project car

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100 thoughts on “Fire damaged Miata for $500! Should it be the new rebuild project?

  1. I bought a red Miata Montana full loaded with extras for only 300 dollars nothing was wrong with the it and also it bloody clean

  2. Def rebuild it. This doesn’t look that bad actually. Perfect for a track car. Fit the interior and put in racing seats, roll bar etc.

  3. Have you ever rewired a car I have and it's no fun the only way you can probably come out on that I just buying another car and music to put it down what's burnt did he get into the computer system anything that can't be fixed are you ever going to get the smoke smell out of it I worked on Carl a lot and this car was fixed professionally and it still smell like it was on fire they paid a guy $300 to do a deep cleaning and and I still smell like smoke it still won't back to auction about nothing think about it this could be a great car or could be Pandora's Box

  4. Thats a good deal. You wont make any money on it because of all those interior pieces you need. Cool car though and green was the best color for the miata. I say do it.

  5. Because of the burnt interior in would strip the interior and make it a track car. But to make it a little more unique you might as well supercharge it…

  6. I have bought a few fire cars in the past. If it’s u-nderhood not to bad. Interior makes0 it a parts car. Put it behind the garage, save it for parts. I have rebuilt hundreds of wrecks, save yourself sOme trouble, buy it, part it. What you do is find a lite hit, use this car to repair it.

  7. Buy it, ok— repair it, NO, many years of experience, I was building wrecks when you were in kindergarten.

  8. Well worth the project, new wiring harness, dash, center counsel, carpet, head liner, front windshield.

  9. I worked at a dealer ship and had a 85 Chrysler convertible and had a fire in the dash and destroyed the dash but I went and got a wiring harness and another dash and windshield from the junkyard and it looked like new again. The fire started in the headlight switch.

  10. Have fun changing all the different wiring harnesses that run through there and also any seals around the shifter gate that likely went bad from the heat. I would not touch this car for the wiring problem alone.

  11. It’s been well looked after pre fire and deserves a chance, this would be a good one to follow, concern would be the need for a full wiring harness, parts shouldn’t be a problem.

  12. I would have/get one as my daily to school but i dont know stuff about cars its a good daily but im only 11 yrs. Old so yeah buy it samcrac!

  13. Easy model to gut out. That dash will be an easy but time consuming job. You can find a new looking Miata green trunk lid for 100 bucks. There are so many suppliers loaded with replacement parts it is surprising. This is the last year Miata's had the really simple engine and wiring loom. I say Buy It. Low mile engine alone will make your money back if you change your mind. I would like a project like this if I had the space. Nice to see you considering a Miata. You will like the suspension and frame system Sam. EVERYTHING is available in abundance and cheap.

  14. If its a clean title car, then it might be worth rebuilding. If its a salvage title, I think its a parts car or an interior stripped track car. Luckily its an LS and has the Torsen LSD, the most important feature besides the manual transmission. I personally would throw on a Flyin Miata turbo kit with an MSPNP. I think this could be rebuilt for cheaper than you are estimating. Just find someone who is parting out their car, I bet it could be done for $500-1000.

  15. The paint condition on the trunk, is a result of wear of the clear coat. So all is needed is a little wet sanding then applying clear coat and it will look great. And yes this will be a great project car. It is a popular fun car, and it should have a good resale value and can make a good daily car for someone.

  16. It’s a good project car. You can buy one more Miata still in good condition to harvest parts for the burning one since a fire damaged car will need about 90% of parts replaced. Good luck and enjoy the project.

  17. I bought my miata originally with a similar problem, wiring behind the radio caught fire. Thank god my deck was able to slide out easy. we fixed this very easily. I bought it with 44000km or around that for 800 dollars with some suspension damage. Was a fun project as a first car. I still own it. My F-150 is my go to though.

  18. Seriously buy it. You work with high end and newer salvage rebuilds but for the rest of us with lower budgets, miata is king. And you never have done a fire salvage car before as well. The local junkyards have loads of these as well as an insane aftermarket support. Oh and its stick and a nardi touring edition

  19. Honestly, I don't think it'd make for good videos, there would be cleaning up and a bit of electrics. However, if it's a 1.9, do it, put a supercharger on it, I'd watch that. Also love the colour.

  20. My half brother died in a Miata it was a convertible just like that one he wrecked into an suv and it landed on top of him so the convertibles are death traps

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