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Financing a Car | Federal Trade Commission

Financing a Car | Federal Trade Commission

You know what kind
of car you want. And you know what you can spend. But don’t head to
the dealer just yet. Before you shop for a
car, shop for financing. Financing a car means
you pay it off over time. But you don’t have to get that
financing through a dealer. Check with banks, credit unions,
and finance companies first. Then take your best financing
offer with you to the dealers. You can still negotiate and see
if the dealer makes a better offer. But if not, you can stick with
the financing you already have. If a dealer isn’t honest when
it comes to financing a car, let the FTC know. Want to know more? Visit

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  1. The video was very good. However, I would also add that you should buy a good car. Make sure, to the best of your ability, that the car is reliable. Make sure the car gives you what you need in a car (size, gas mileage, pick up etc.) Consumer Reports is not perfect. However, it is the best source I have seen.

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