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FINAL BATTLE | $3000 Turbo Car Challenge

FINAL BATTLE | $3000 Turbo Car Challenge

[Moog] In this episode of MightyCarMods, WaSAABi and the EVO Stancer are going head-to-head. -[Marty] We built the cars and you chose the challenges.
-And today is the final show-down. [Intro] -[music]
-[cars approaching] -[handbrakes click]
-[doors open] Welcome to another episode of MightyCarMods, where the $3000 budget turbo challenge, -begins.
-Now, we have spent a lot of time and a lot of effort on these -piece of crap cars.
-These cars are incredible: excuse me. -Excuse me: let’s just calm down for a moment.
-Well, there hasn’t been a lot of budget. Uh, there’s been a lot of late nights. And this is what we’ve, uh, ended up with. So, today: you, our lovely friends, have submitted challenges, that these cars need to go through. Of course, to give you a run-down, we’re going to be challenging the EVO Stancer: a car who that’s been owned by someone who’s bodily hygiene is similar to that of Neanderthal. Who’s genitals have leaked out over most of the car. -As noted by the stains on most panels of the vehicle.
-And, on this side: the European beast, known as #teamdentistjet. That’s been owned by a dentist, with very questionable sexual habits. “My Saab 900 Turbo got a JDM makeover. Dropped on lowered springs, a massive front-mount intercooler,” “a boost controller, blow-off valve, pod filter, aftermarket wheels and a straight pipe from the turbo back.” “Introducing WaSAABi.” [music] “Even though I only had a tiny budget and it’s not very conventional, my inspiration for this Swedish car,” “was to modify it in a Japanese, JDM style.” “This is my budget, turbo WaSAABi.” “And, it’s one objective, is to chop Marty’s Mitsubishi Stancer.” [engine accelerating] [exhaust crackles and pops] [‘2 Sexy’ – Team Evo] “While my friend wasted his time modifying his car, I bought one that was already perfect.” [‘Too Sexy!’] “This is a bona-fide, Sex-Spec Lancer show car, that did the rounds of the Sydney car scene in the early 2000s.” “No expense has been spared.” “And I picked it up for $2700.” “This car was already absolutely perfect.” “All I had to do was fix a leaky turbo, repair the manifold, weld the exhaust, add a wide-band,” “recap the injectors, change the clutch, upgrade the ECU and tune it.” Too Sexy! [‘Put your hands up
and pull your pants down,’] [‘Too Sexy!’] [‘Put your hands up,’] [‘1, 2, 3, 4’] “When I’m finished with this Saab, there’s only going to be one thing on everyone’s lips.” “And that is:” [‘Too Sexy!’] [choo-choo noises] -[music]
-We’re going to be putting these cars through a series of challenges: that you have submitted. And the first one. This: is the dyno challenge. [music] -[music]
-“Our first head-to-head battle is the dyno challenge,” “where each car will spin up the rollers, to see which one makes the most power at the wheels.” “First up, to kick off this challenge, we have the mighty WaSAABi.” -My bet was 113kW. You said 100kW.
-[Dale] 100kW. [engine starts] Listen to that! Uh: so, we’re just taking a guess at what kind of power we think it’s going to make. I’m going for, uh: 103kW at the wheels. 100kW. -And: what was your guess? 107kW?
-113: 113kW -Oh, you’re up!
-Yeah, I’m up. -You’ve gone up?
-Yeah, man. [engine starts] -Let’s do it.
-Wow. “It’s time to ignite the afterburners and get warmed up with WaSAABi.” [engine accelerating] (RIP headphone users) It’s mad! -[rev limiter]
-[engine decelerates] [engine accelerates] “We’re making some minor adjustments on the boost controller,” “and now the time has come to move onto the battlefield.” “Let’s see how much power this Saab can make.” [engine accelerating] -[engine decelerating]
-[exhaust pops and crackles] [music] “We’ve hit a maximum power of 99.8kW at the wheels.” “I wanted to crack 100kW, but this is now the official figure to beat.” I’m happy, Martin. Didn’t blow up: first and foremost. We ended up with 99.8, kilowatts at the wheels. Uh, which I think is pretty substantial for a car that cost a couple thousand dollars, even though: I just said to Dale, ‘how many cars can you buy for that cheap that’ll do that power?’ And he started reeling off a big list. Um: but on that list was NOT an Evo. So, um: I think I might have won this one, Martin. -[music]
-“You think wrong, my friend!” “Now, 99.8kW is actually a pretty solid figure.” “But, now it’s time for Sex-Spec Mitsubishi to dominate that redundant, Euro trash!” “I have had a lot of problems with boost leaks, coolant leaks and, well, pretty much everything leaking.” “Including the previous owner, but with a programmable ECU and a new clutch,” “I have the advantage of being able to actually tune the car.” [engine accelerating] [engine decelerating] “I’ve made 89.5kW at the wheels.” “We’re warmed up and now we’re going for our final power run.” -“And I’m grabbing my snake for good luck.”
-(Why does that sound like a euphemism?) [engine accelerating] -[‘Forced Induction(feat. Accalia Snow)’ – Moog]
-[engine decelerating] [laughs] It made 101.8kW! -101.8kW!
-[Tuning Fork/Scotty] What did: what’d your Saab make? 99.8kW! -It’s Evolved, my friend.
-Yay! We’re like 3kW ahead of the Saab! With a 1.5 Litre. That’s fantastic! “That was our first battle and it was a super close one.” “The Saab made 99.8kW at the wheels and the Stancer EVO made 101.8kW.” “So, that’s a win for 2SEXY.” [‘2 Sexy’ – Team Evo] [‘Too Sexy!’] [music] -[music]
-The next challenge that you guys submitted, was to ask all of the professional mechanics and race car drivers that have been on MightyCarMods over the years, which car they would prefer. So, that was including: Tuning Fork, um: -Turbo Yoda, Mechanical Stig,
-Dose Vader. uh, Dr. Nos, Andrew Hawkins: all that crew. And the results came in and the results were staggering. Every single one of them, except for one, said they would rather own the Saab. It’s alright man. They just: they don’t understand. I: I don’t understand either, for the record. [music] [music] This challenge is the 0-60km/h challenge. And it’s very simple. You hit 60km/h, then you slam the brakes on. And whichever car goes the farthest, is the loser. That’s right. Now, this is also known as ‘Go to Woe.’ You’ll see it at car events all over the world, it’s a good way of testing acceleration, launch and braking. And, just, basically, test your car in a real-world environment. Let’s do this. So, this particular challenge is less about reaction time, and more about the car’s performance. It doesn’t matter if he goes before me or after me. It’s what the car can do. We’re each running our own race. And, it’s a race that I will win. This is what 2SEXY was made for. Because, traffic light GP. You go to Paramatta Road, you go to Church Street. You go to George Street in the city, back in the day. You find yourself a set of lights. [imitates rev limiter and revving engine] Red-line it for a bit. [horn] -We’re off!
-[tyres squeal] [engines accelerate] Come on: 60, 60, 60, 60! And on the brakes! [tyres squeal] Oh, no! I got smashed! I got smashed! I destroyed him so bad. [laughs] -Wow!
-That was all wheel-spin! Wow! The domination! Was that legit? -What do you mean?
-Did you just win that? -Are you suggesting I would cheat?
-How did you win that? Come on, man! [claps hands] Dude, I know what we’ve got to do. Best of two: swap cars. -Let’s do this. You want to do that?
-Yeah. -Be careful with 2nd gear.
-I will. Marty didn’t believe my win, so we’re going to go again. This is a very fair and democratic way of testing a car. I’m reversing back, ‘cos that’s what you do in a Saab: you reverse back on it. [engine accelerates] Wow: he’s got the seat so far back. I’m surprised that 2SEXY lost that. It’s lighter, it’s, like: slightly more powerful. Um, but, yeah: no grip on those tyres. All smoke when it was time to brake. And I think this might have longer gearing too. But, this is how we are going to find out. He doesn’t even have electric windows in this car. What a pile of shit. -He looks so ridiculous driving that car! [giggling]
-This doesn’t even have electric windows: -built, like, 10 years after my car.
-I’m so comfortable, right now. Alright, here we go everyone. -The Stancer: confirm the kill.
-OK. Here we go. -Ready in the Saab.
-[horn] -[engine revving]
-[horn] -[horn]
-[tyres squealing] [engines accelerating] -Be careful with 2nd Gear.
-I will. [crunch!] Sorry, 2nd Gear. That’s a confirm, everyone. [stammers]It: I’m I’m really surprised. I’m: I’m shocked, in fact! [laughs] You can’t argue with Saab performance, man. -That grips up so well.
-Isn’t it awesome? -That grips up really well.
-So good! How did? Ooooh, Dentist Jet. OK. You might have that one, but you’ll have nothing else today. -Whatevs, man.
-I’ve got you man. -Whatevs.
-Performance vehicle. Get back in your mad car and tell someone who cares, my friend. “And that’s a win for WaSAABi.” [music] [music] Now, for the challenge of which car is easier to live with, slash modify, there’s only one clear winner. And that is, -WaSAABi.
-2SEXY. -Oh.
-That is so much easier to get parts for, it’s easier to get mods for, you can go into any parts shop and get all the bits for it. They’re not rare, there’s heaps and heaps and heaps of wrecks out there of stuff you can get bits from. You got all your stuff from: you just drove to SuperCheap, didn’t you? -Well, pretty much all of it, yeah.
-‘Cos, I was like on the Internet, -buying stuff from overseas. [laughs]
-Yeah, nup. You can walk into any parts shop and get stuff for that, be on your way with your car fixed. -So, clear winner is 2SEXY.
-I’m gonna pay that, for the challenge that you submitted, of which one is easier to live with mechanically, the answer is 2SEXY. [‘2 Sexy’ – Team Evo] [‘Too Sexy!’] [music] -[music]
-“On top of the price of the car,” “my total spend to get 2SEXY battle-ready was $2300.” “And my total spend on parts and mods was $2800. So, that’s a win for 2SEXY.” [‘2 Sexy’ – Team Evo] [‘Too Sexy!’] [music] -So this next challenge is known as a ‘cone weave.’
-‘A cone weed?’ -Weave. Like, as in:
-Your previous owner? -weave.
-Oh, right: like weave a basket. -Sorry about that.
-This is very common in motorkhanas, it’s very common in driver training. It’s a really good way to test your ability and also test how well your car handles, how good your tyres are, how good your suspension is: it’s not all about outright speed. But, today, we’re doing this a little bit different. Um, because you guys hate us for some reason. (Well, I don’t!) -Uh: this is, uh, wasabi.
-Oh, wow. Which is Japanese hot sauce. This is like mustard, but as hot as it gets. Uh: and for this particular challenge, uh. There you go, Martin. -Why do: why do I have to do it?
-We both have to do it, Martin. -For this particular challenge,
-Oh my God. -we will be brushing our teeth with wasabi.
-[laughs] Oh, that’s disgusting! Uh, as we -so, you’re normally meant to use the tiniest little piece
-Oh! of this: not that much at all. -Don’t go anywhere near it yet man. It’s going to be hot.
-Oh. So, this here: we we’re going to be brushing our teeth, with hot, Japanese mustard. While we get our cars through the course, to the end and back. This is the Wasabi Weave. [music] Oh my God. The worst idea ever! As soon as you leave the line, if you’re not brushing your teeth, you’re disqualified. This is gonna be disgusting. But weaves are awesome: awesome way to drive. And check your car: make sure everything works. I might have him in this one. This is the Wasabi Weave. Which is: a whole lot of wasabi, on a toothbrush, in the Dentist Jet, gotta get from this end, to that end. [sighs] It’s gonna be really bad. But, it is the name-sake of this car, so I must win this challenge. Alright, let’s do this. Are you ready? -Yeah: I’m not looking forward to it!
-This is going to suck, man! Why would they do that? -We do free videos!
-I’m already gagging at the thought of it! Oh my God. [horn] -[horn]
-[engines rev] -[horn]
-[engines accelerate] -[music]
-[gags] Argh, you’re hot! Argh! [grunts]. Oh, [censored] you! Ah! Wow: this is real hot! [groaning] Oh, God! Oh! [gagging] [gagging] [tyres squealing] [engine accelerating] [groaning] [indistinguishable] [gagging] [gagging] Oh my God! Argh! [indistinguishable] Oh my God! [groans] [groans] [groans] Ah. Oh! [groans] [groans] [gargles] (I think) Are you alright man?! Here you go man! Are you alright? [rapid breathing] [spits] Oh, that was the worst! -Dude, you didn’t ‘sweave’ on the way?
-What about when the spice hits your tongue? -It’s all hot!
-Oh, I’m still coughing it up. -It’s so hot!
-[spits] It’s so hot: I got some in my eye, somehow. -You didn’t weave through the cones on the way back!
-Yeah I did. (Yep. Well, attempted to anyway.) My cone’s just, [laughs] I think, you loose a second per cone, so. -You may have won that.
-Who’s idea was that? Who were you? (Not me!) That was the worst thing I’ve ever done. [spits] Still coming out. [music] [music] -[‘Transformer’ – Moog]
-One of the challenges that you guys submitted was, ‘which car looks better?’ Now, normally: filth is in the eye of the beholder, and I personally think that, obviously, that the WaSAABi uh, is a much more superior wonderful, elegant lines, just a beautiful car. My friend here, um: what’s: what’s your opinion on the matter, Martin? Well, the Saab is, basically an old piece of out-dated junk. Um: this is from this millennia/century, -[laughs]
-uh: therefore, wins. Uh, I’m going to suggest: because, we aren’t going to be able to decide, I’m gonna suggest we’re both winners, uh: I’m going to give us both a participation award. And I think for ‘which car looks better,’ we’re going to leave it to the people, and the comments section. (yeah, I’d be doing that too) [music] -[music]
-“One of the most important aspects of” “driving a modified car,” “is how good it sounds when it drives by.” “The first up in this challenge is the show-stopping and pant-dropping, 2SEXY.” [choo-choo noises] -[music]
-“Next up, it’s the straight piped WaSAABi.” [engine accelerating] [exhaust pops and crackles] “Now, we believe that both cars actually sound freaking awesome in their own way,” “So, we’re calling this one a draw.” [music] Now, who doesn’t love going sideways, on their back, or from behind? And I’m not just talking about the previous occupants -[music]
-of Marty’s EVO Stancer. This, -is the drifting challenge.
-Now, how does one drift a car such as this? Well, since the beginning of time, -since front-wheel drives have been:
-Since fast-food. since fast-food and since the internal combustion engine, it has actually been possible to drift a front-wheel drive car. That’s right: now, a lot of you new players and amateurs may be wondering how. Well, it’s very simple, my friend. Using these. Now, this has been around for a long time: I’d say decades. -I would too.
-Maybe even a millennia. Now, usually, you would use a McDonald’s tray, or, some other fast-food restaurant, uh: but, we didn’t want to get arrested AGAIN, so, we’ve made our own! And, with these, this, is the $3000 budget, turbo drifting challenge! Now, to mix things up a bit, this is not just going to be about style, and angle. We’ve actually up our course here to be an almost exact replica of Mt. Akina: from ‘Initial D.’ And Marty’s job, will be making sure that he does not spill any of this tofu -[laughs] while he is driving around the track.
-[laughs] What is that? -You can’t spill any.
-What is that? Tofu, man. -Right.
-Oh, wow. What do I? You can’t spill it: hold on a sec. -I’ll make it a bit easier for ya.
-Do people really eat that? Yeah. It is silken tofu, so it’s actually better if it stays a bit wet. (that’s what she said) -I’ll just fill that up.
-Oh, wow. -There you go man. And there: have
-And I’m supposed to ‘Initial D’ this? -That’s right.
-Oh, wow. -That’s really full.
-You’ve got to try and not spill -any of that, as you make your way through.
-Drive one-handed? -Through Mt. Akina.
-Yeah. Of course! -It’s been done.
-Alright. -Good luck, my friend.
-Thank you. -[engine revving]
-This is ‘Initial D,’ 2SEXY, tofu drift! -[engine accelerating]
-[tyres squealing] Wha, [laughs]! Oh my God! This is really hard! [music] Back the other way. Yay! And again: the other way! Oh wow: this. [censored] that! It’s too hard! Here we go! 2nd Gear. Come on! Yes! [tyres squealing] Whoa! [laughs] -[engine accelerating]
-[tyres squealing] This is awesome! This is awesome! Who’d have thought you can have so much fun in a front-wheel drive car? [tyres squealing] [laughs] Yes! Successfully made it up Mt. Akina, with my tofu: oh, I spilt my tofu, but, I pulled some pretty mad drifts: as can be seen by my beautiful artwork, I have now left on the ground. So, for this challenge, we are evaluating each other’s performance to see who is the winner. We’re going to be looking at speed, angle, smoke, -and tofu. For speed, Marty, I’m giving you a 3.
-Alright. -That’s out of 5, by the way.
-Yep, yep. -For angle, I’m giving you a 4.
-Good. -For smoke, I’m giving you a 3.
-Yep. -What?!
-For to: There was a lot of smoke, man! [tyres squealing] (I didn’t know 2SEXY had a smoke machine installed…) OK, I’ll take 3: 3’s good. Tofu, I’m giving you a 0. Because, I saw you throw the tofu down there. The crows you might be able to see now, are hooking into it. People say ‘Oh,’ ‘no-one eats tofu.’ Guess what? Crows do. -And they love it.
-Your turn, buddy! -Thank you Martin.
-Have fun with that! Smoke, you should get a 4. -Should.
-You should get a 4. I’m going to re-egg: 4! -4 for Smoke.
-That’s: there was a lot of smoke. -There was a lot of smoke.
-I’m quite proud of my smoke. I’m gonna make it nice -and extra runny for him.
-[engine starts] -Make it as challenging as possible.
-[engine revving] [laughs] Here we go. -Your tofu, sir.
-Thank you, mate. Good luck. [groans] It’s delicious! Now, being that the Saab, is the swinging, dentist’s car of choice, uh, I have no doubts at all that my JDM Saab, is going to absolutely dominate this drifting challenge. -Let’s do this thing.
-[engine revs] [engine accelerates] Look at this: no tofu will be spilt today everybody! No tofu at all. Oops! Oh! There’s tofu all over me! [tyres squealing] That’s a wall! That’s a wall. Pretty happy with that angle, -whoa!
-[music] [tyres squealing] [music] “I am pretty happy with my run on Mt. Akina, in my JDM Saab from Sweden.” “And only a small amount of tofu was spilt, which means there’s enough left for dinner.” Everybody, that is how you drift, in a Dentist Jet. Well done, Martin. -How’d you go today, mate?
-That was: that was: Oh, no-no: don’t even think about it! [laughs] [yelps] You ready? -Yeah: wow, man.
-For your score? Uh, yeah: how did: how did I go? Alright. For Speed, -Yes.
-I give you 2. -Oh.
-That was slow. OK. For Angle, -I give you a 4 and a half.
-Wow! You had some impressive angle: you had proper sideways, like: power slides. -Thank you, Martin.
-For tofu, I have to give you a 3. -Oh! [laughs]
-You did make it back, but then, you threw it at me and put it all over my shirt. Which is, essentially, a gorge shirt and now it’s there forever. And it’s just pasty and gross. Um, -What else: what have I forgotten?
-Smoke! Smoke: yeah, there was a reasonable amount of smoke: mostly from the back, uh: are: the wood on the back, because of how heavy your car is. -Mm
-Um: but, yours are obliterated and mine aren’t, so I think I need to win that part of the challenge. -OK.
-You ruined your trays, man. You can’t: you got to go back to Macca’s and steal some more. I think my car’s broken too. -Uh-oh.
-It’s like: it’s all shuddering and it’s not happy and it’s not OK. So, regardless of the points: your car is still OK? -Yeah.
-I’m gonna: I’m gonna give you that one then, man. Well done! Good job! [‘2 Sexy’ – Team Evo] [‘Too Sexy!’] [music] The true test of any modified car and one that you’ve asked for, is, of course, -the burnout.
-It’s an Australian staple. They occur at B&S Balls: there’s whole burnout festivals that happen in Australia, believe it or not. And today, it’s the burnout challenge. -[music]
-“With WaSAABi potentially broken” “from our drifting challenge,” “I followed the advice from the Saab Forum.” “Which suggests that any burnouts will instantly result in my car exploding beyond repair into a ball of fire.” It won’t do a burnout! It won’t spin! -All I can smell is clutch!
-How’s your clutch goin’, man? I’m very happy we installed these Fire Extinguishers, ‘cos there’s a lot of smoke coming out! Yeah, it’s like a bush fire, man! -“With the Saab literally not able to spin the wheels,”
-[music] “it’s up to me to take this challenge to it’s logical conclusion.” “With a little help from some lube that we found in the glovebox of the Dentist Jet,” “2SEXY is going to put the ‘show’ into ‘smoke show.'” Oh, wow! It slimed me! Oh! -Properly.
-So much lubrication on my hand, man! Look at this! -No!
-So dirty! Don’t do it again! Not again! Don’t! Don’t do it again! Alright: we ready for this? Got it for my burnout! A little bit nervous! -[engine revving]
-[choo-choo noises] [tyres squealing] Not only did I do a burnout, I managed to skid the entire way around WaSAABi! Completely out-classing the European, JDM beast. -That was really good man. Well done.
-No: your lube! -No.
-The lube! I just wanted to say well done, man. -I don’t want to come near you with your lube hand
-My hand’s clean now. I don’t know where that’s been. Oh: what are you doing? [laughs] Well done. Yuck! Oh, it’s so luby! [‘2 Sexy’ – Team Evo] [‘Too Sexy!’] [music] The next challenge was to question our friends and the moderators of the MightyCarMods Forum, about which car they would rather own and drive. And the interesting thing about that is it was actually unanimous. When given the option of owning and driving this for a year, or owning and driving this for a year, every single person who was polled, EVERY SINGLE PERSON, chose the one particular car. And it was not the Stancer 2SEXY. It was the Saab. And the one very strange thing about that is my good friend here was also part of the poll. What do you mean? -You were part of the poll as well!
-What do you mean? And that got no votes! Well, -Which means you didn’t even vote for your own car.
-Well, -sometimes when people:
-Where’s the loyalty? sometimes when people don’t vote for themselves out of, good: good spiritedness. Like, when you get elected or something, you know: you vote for the other mate. Do you? -I don’t know!
-I thought you always voted for yourself! -Isn’t that how it works?
-I have no idea: I’m not a politician! OK. But, the sad truth is, is that you didn’t even vote for your own car. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I will neither confirm nor deny these allegations. Hey, politician! [music] [music] -[‘These City Lights(feat Hannah Rae)’ – Moog]
-“Our final battle will be taking place live:” “in front of an audience of thousands of people, at the MightyCarMods Nationals in Sydney.” [‘you and me,’] “MightyCarMods Nationals is a huge annual event, where fans from all over Australia and overseas,” “come together to show off their mad modified cars and celebrate all things MightyCarMods.” [‘These concrete skies,
These City Lights’,] [‘It was you and I,’] [‘These concrete skies,
These City Lights,’] [‘It was you and I,’] Bring out the two JDM cars! [engines revving] [‘These concrete skies,
These City Lights’,] “It has been a close competition and we’ve agreed that the winner of the drags,” “will be the ultimate, overall champion of the $3000, turbo car challenge.” Seems like it’s working! Here we go! [squeaks] I think I should probably do a little bit of a burnout, don’t ya think? [tense music] There’s the Saab. -[engine revving]
-[tyres squealing] Hey! Probably didn’t do a great deal. Lining up on the line: there he is! Here it goes! WaSAABi vs 2SEXY. There’s A LOT of people out there watching this. I can’t let any of my Evo mates down! -I’m staged. This is it: let’s do it!
-[engine revs] -[engine revs]
-[tyres squeal] [engines accelerate] -[axle tramping]
-No traction! -[tyres chirp]
-No traction! Come on, EVO! -I am gaining on him! This is going to be really close!
-[‘Game On(feat. Jon Elms)’ – Moog] Be really, really close! Oh, he’s catching! He’s catching! [announcement over PA] [cheering] -He got me, but not by much!
-Oh, that was such a close race! It was so close! Wow! That’s a chop, chop, chop, chop, choooop! I’ve got no traction off the line, at all! I reckon, if I can get that power down smoother, I reckon I’ve got him! WaSAABi, you did it: well done! Oh, that was a really fun race man: you don’t need a fast car to have a fun race! 2SEXY got smoked! I have no idea what time that was. I reckon it was probably a 16: if I’m lucky! [over PA] Saab power! [cheering] WaSAABi! We’re gonna line up and we’re gonna go again! WaSAABi! -[cheering]
-Yeah! “That’s a win for WaSAABi. But we’re going for ‘best of 3.’ And I have got a new strategy.” I think I’m gonna ease it off the line this time. I’ve got this time! I’ve got it! I’ve got it! I’m so used to launching a car that has grip! -[engines accelerating]
-[tyres chirping] That’s better! Alright: I got it this time! V II V II I got you this time dude! Yes! Yes! I launched it like a nanna and I chopped him! Oh, yeah! Oh, wow! I got chopped so hard! -[‘Transformer’ – Moog]
-[laughs] Chopped! Yes! I had a problem! -Is it broken?
-No: you won! [laughs] [over PA] Team EVO takes the win on this one! Now we have to go the ‘best of 3.’ “I chopped him that time. Now all I need to do is win one more race.” -[Andrew Hawkins] What happened?
-Everyone gets chopped by Evos. That’s just what happens. No, it hooked up. It hooked up good man. It: like: I didn’t launch it, I granny shifted it like I should. And then, um: I: I: got there in the end. Did you top-end him or did you have him the whole way? Oh, look: I think, because I wasn’t all wheel-spin the whole way, I got a bit of an advantage, but, he, incidentally, beat me the first time, so I’m gonna have do like a perfect run and then it’ll be mint. I got this. [Benny/Mechanical Stig] What happened with the last run? Uh, just like the Saab Forum told me, man: I went from 1st to 2nd, I just tried to get into 2nd too quick, tried to get straight to 2nd base. You’ve got to caress it a little: tickle it’s balls. That’s what I’m going to do this time. And take team Dentist Jet over the line and take the win! We shit on a lot about it all being competitive. But, like, at the end of the day, we’re mates I helped him build that, he helped me build this. And, um: this is fun! They’re actually very closely matched! I mean, they’re slow. But, they’re very closely matched! I think I’ve used half a tank of fuel just in two bloody drag runs as well. Those injectors: yeah. I like to call them ‘fire hoses!’ -All these people are here watching: this is awesome!
-[music] Whoo! Alright. Feeling the pressure! Feeling the pressure on this one! But I am going to do it! “I invoke the spirit of every Japanese car I’ve ever owned. Come on, WaSAABi!” [engines revving] -[engines accelerate]
-[tyres chirping] -[axle tramping]
-Oh, axle tramp! Axle: oh he’s: he’s jumped me at the start! [crunch!] REV 2SEXY! COME ON! YOU GOT THIS! I AM GOING TO GET HIM RIGHT AT THE END! I AM GOING TO GET HIM RIGHT AT THE END! COME ON! I got to la: get the launch just right. If I get stuck with wheel-spin… -[engine revving]
-[axle tramping] Oh, axle tramp! Axle: oh, he’s: he’s jumped me at the start! He has jumped me! This is really close! Come on, rev! REV! REV 2SEXY! COME ON! YOU GOT THIS! I AM GOING TO GET HIM RIGHT AT THE END! I AM GOING TO GET HIM RIGHT AT THE END! COME ON! I actually have no idea who won that. That was so close! That was sooo close! -That’s gotta be, like: half a metre in it!
-[‘These City Lights(feat. Hannah Rae)’ – Moog] Did you win? -I don’t know!
-That was so close man! We’re about to find out, I guess. [cheering] [chanting] WaSAABi! I still don’t know who won. Oh, no! I can see the lights! He got me! He actually got me! “2SEXY ran a 16.482 and WaSAABi ran a 16.461. Winning by 0.021 of a second.” Oh, no: he’s throwing the ‘chopped’ fingers. Well, that’s embarrassing… -[‘Drive me down to the City Lights,’]
-[cheering] [over PA] Winner! It’s about time he won something! Saab power! WaSAABi! [‘Faster and faster,’] [‘We burst into life,’] -[music]
-That was freaking awesome! So, that was our $3000 turbo challenge. And the cars, Marty, we actually like, -neck and neck.
-The cars are spectacular. So evenly matched. So close on power, so close on quarter-mile time. Which is, like, the two big tests, really, of performance. Which is: I: I mean, I just think it’s incredible that you can get a car like that and have that much fun: you don’t need much money, you don’t need to be doing crazy supercar stuff. Um, but, the problem that kind of have now, Marty, is that the cars are kind of neck-and-neck. I’d: it’s -aren’t they?
-It’s actually just: it’s actually just time to cut: cut the crap. What do you mean? You know it, I know it, all our mechanic mates know it, all our mates know it, I’m sure more than half our audience know it: the Saab is just, it is a cooler car. It deserves to win. It’s was: it was made from scratch. I mean, the thing: Like: 2SEXY, like: it: it’s someone’s put a lot of effort and time into that: I look at 2SEXY a bit like fashion. Like, if you go onto: look at a runway thing, there’s some person wearing, like, a cardboard box. And you’re like: ‘I don’t get it.’ I feel that way about 2SEXY. But someone put a lot of effort and time into it. And I respect that. I do as well and I think it’s worth acknowledging, that, as much as we kind of, you know, ‘it was fun’ and ‘it’s’ whatever. I kind of look at cars and laying rubbish on them a little bit like footy: it’s like rival football teams. -Except, hopefully, we don’t, like: fight as much.
-[scoffs] -Uh, except it’s like: kinda: it’s a bit of, like: rivalry.
-Yeah. It’s kind of a bit of fun. But, ultimately: like, I have respect somebody who’s spent that much time and money and energy making it. Even though, um: -[chuckles] it turned out the way that it did.
-But, part of the difference is also 2SEXY, at least stylistically and, you know: the mods, to a point, was already done. -Yeah.
-The Saab was literally a bog-stock, Dentist Jet. That’s what it was. And now, it’s kind of like cool: different lookin’ thing. And I like that too. So, I think, personally: I think it needs to win. OK, cool. Well, yeah: I mean, I’m just going to agree with that. Uh, I will say like, I didn’t know how it was going to go doing the whole like ‘JDM Saab’ thing. ‘Cos, obviously, it’s against the rules. And there’s a lot of rules in the car scene -So many.
-about what you can do and what you can’t do. And a lot of things. And so, Um, I think kind of doing it in that, like, super budget, Japanese style: I think it turned out pretty cool, for what it was. And again, I mean, that’s the MightyCarMods thing: you don’t need lots of money, you don’t need lots of like: mad tools and crazy cars to actually have a good time. You can get an awesome car for a couple thousand dollars. So, that was our challenge. What was your favourite bit, Marty? What was bit of this whole thing? We’ve done like 10 episodes, plus that finale, which has been like -months of work.
-I’ve got: I’ve got 3 main things that were fun for me: 1 was de-capping injectors. Basically, a free mod. Which was just fun and a good experiment. -Fire-hosing.
-Second was putting just that little simple ECU. That just changed the car. Turned it into what it was always supposed to be, which was a turbocharged, noisy, -you know: fast thing.
-Which was a massive advantage for you, wasn’t it? -Because, I decided not to go down that route.
-Yeah. But, you could actually get on the dyno and go ‘we need some more power’ and you could actually dial it in. -Yeah.
-Whereas, I’m playing with a boost controller. It was limited by clutch and other things, but: and then, the massive pay off for me was going drifting in a front-wheel drive, Sex-Spec show car. -[laughs]
-I didn’t think I’d ever do that. And that was: freaking awesome. I think, probably, my favourite part: and it’s one of my favourite part of doing these videos, is the Automotive Archaeology. And actually looking through the car. And And, that Saab, is THE cleanest second-hand car I’d ever found. And the guy that sold it to me: he was such a nice guy; he’d driven 10 hours to drop it off. And, um: and just kind of, having my world completely fall apart when I found what was behind that console there. And realising that: that the car’s cleanliness was a fallacy uh, that was pretty incredible. -And um:
-Both those cars have had multiple owners, that may have been responsible for various, uh, -amounts of:
-Various different things? Yeah. But, also knowing that my car wasn’t completely destroyed after the drifting. ‘Cos, when we did the drifting and the burnout challenge, my car wasn’t working: making weird noises and like: I was worried something was broken. Um, but it hadn’t. -It: it came good
-[claps hands] I have a bombshell! Oh. -I’m keeping my EVO. [claps hands]
-[music adruptly stops] I’m keeping it! -Really?
-It’s: it’s not done! Nah, it’s not done. There: it has so much potential. Everyone with an Evo, or a Lancer knows, that, it has -so much potential.
-Are you serious? And it’s staying! It’s staying. For a: for a time, it’s gonna stay. -Really?
-Yep. -That’s not how this:
-You didn’t see that coming! -No!
-[laughs] -That’s not how this is meant to roll at all!
-I know! -This is meant to be: this is: this was the book-end.
-I’m going bombshell you in front of everyone! -This was the end, man!
-I know! But, I’m bombshelling you in front of everyone: it’s staying! -You’re keeping it?!
-I’m keeping it! -Why?
-I can’t promise it’ll be -you know, exactly the same as it is now.
-What are you gonna: you’ve already got an idea for it, -haven’t you?
-I’ve got an idea: I’m not telling you though. Oh my God! Mad! Well, that was fun! Wow! OK! -Are you serious?
-Yeah. OK. I’m shocked! -I am shocked!
-[music] -There it is.
-Evo lyf! Um: I can’t believe it! I’m still going with team Dentist Jet. Thank you very much to everyone who followed us on this series. We had so much fun: and, so much so, in fact: that, we reckon we should do it again. We reckon we should do: I don’t know: like, what kind of challenges. Like, a diesel challenge, -Mm
-a V8 challenge, a European challenge. -First car challenge.
-A motorbike challenge: a first car challenge! Like, we’re definitely going to do some more of that stuff if you liked it. Uh, even if you didn’t, we’re doing it anyway, ‘cos we liked it! So, there it is: that is MightyCarMods. You can follow us, of course on Facebook. That’s There it is: I am going to get myself a peanut dog. -Really?
-Which is like a -Have you seen them?
-Do they: It’s like a Frankfurt, dunked in sauce and then rolled in nuts. -And then [noms].
-Do they actually harvest that from a dog? Like, legit Um: I hope not!

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