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Ferrari 458 VS C7 Corvette – An Owners Review

Ferrari 458 VS C7 Corvette – An Owners Review

good morning YouTube today honestly all
about my ownership experiences of having a Ferrari for five eight versus my
ownership experience of having a c7 Corvette so first thing I do is tell you
all about the facts so the Ferrari four five eight was proof from 2010 all the
way until 2015 this is a 2010 they produced
approximately 16,000 to 18,000 Ferrari for feets they haven’t released that
officially the four five eight has a four and a half liter v8 that’s a flat
plane crank producing 560 horsepower and 400 foot-pounds of torque but best of
all it has a nine thousand rpm redline so of course this means that the horse
power curve sets it up set the horsepower increases all the way up to
the peak and its peak horsepower comes very close to 9,000 rpms the torque
curve on the fourth of eight is extremely flat it produces 125
horsepower is per liter which is a very high output for this sized engine the
body and chassis of the FRA are made out of aluminum so you can hear obviously
the bumpers are made out of fiberglass totally different sound it weighs about
3400 pounds depending on your specifications can weigh a little bit
over 3500 or substantially below 3400 if you have certain carbon-fiber options
and lighter seats and all that sort of stuff it has a 7-speed dual-clutch
transmission that is the only transmission available for it before 5-8
so a c7 was produced between 2014 and 2019 this is a 2015 they had a bunch of
different options for the c7 s obviously they had different performance options
this is the base model so as the Stingray has the 1 LT package which is a
interior package Chevrolet proust about 150,000 c7 Corvette so these were
produced in absolute mass numbers about 10 times more than they four or five
eight so it has a 6.2 liter v8 which is absolutely massive it redlines at about
6,500 rpm so obviously the crossplane crank it so it doesn’t rev nearly as
high as the four five eight it freezes 460 horsepower and 460
foot-pounds of torque that’s obviously a lot of torque at a low rpm so these
cross binding cranks proofs the torque at a lower range and then it kind of
dwindles off as it gets higher and higher in the RPMs the peak horsepower
comes at about six thousand rpms it does have a kind of different feel to it than
the high revving Ferrari motor the body of the car has a lot of fiberglass so
you can hear it has a different sound to obviously the bumpers are made out of
fiberglass the hood is metal it actually weighs almost the same so these
depending on your model and what options you had ranged from about 3400 pounds
all about to 3600 pounds plus or minus pretty much an insignificant weight
difference between the two this one has a 7-speed manual transmission which I
admit is pretty badass did obviously have options available for an automatic
transmission and they change the different transmissions depending on
which a year you got so big thing is that the performance specifications of
these cars depend greatly on the options for the Corvette however the FRA doesn’t
really have a bunch of performance options so there are some options to
remove weight and things like that but effectively all the forfeits unless you
have the speciality have the exact same motor the exact same transmission and
pretty much going to be the same specifications of performance obviously
if you got the Spyder those are a bit heavier and so they’re a little bit
slower but not by a whole lot so 0 to 60 time in the four five eight is 3.4
seconds versus 3.8 seconds in the stingrays not a huge difference 0.4
seconds but that’s enough that it makes a difference in the quarter-mile the
quarter-mile in the 45 80 is a 10.8 at 134 miles an hour versus a 12 point 4
124 miles an hour so not a huge difference you know a little over half a
second but of course if you were to up for the 0-6 package or zr1 or any those
sorts of high-end packages on the Corvette you’re gonna have a much higher
performance and you’re gonna start beating the performance of the four five
eight and the quarter-mile the top speed of the Ferrari is 202 miles per hour
versus the Stingray only goes to 185 miles per hour brand new in 2010 this
car sold for about $300,000 just to touch under $298,000 versus the
Corvette I don’t actually know the exact numbers because I don’t have the sales
receipt but I believe this one optioned as is sold for about sixty five thousand
dollars so that’s a two hundred and thirty five thousand dollar difference
which is pretty incredible also that’s about seventy eight percent difference
in cost whatever I didn’t buy either of these cars new so depreciation was a
major factor in to making these cars affordable for me
so the Ferrari depreciated by about a hundred and forty three thousand dollars
making the sale price for me one hundred and fifty seven thousand dollars this
means that the FRA lost about forty eight percent of its value between 2010
and when I bought it in 2019 so nine years it lost almost half its value when
I bought the Corvette it had lost about twenty seven thousand dollars in value
or about forty two percent depreciation and that of course means that this lost
that depreciation from 2015 until 2018 when I bought it last year so the
depreciation curve on the Corvette appears to be much deeper so yes they’re
both losing already over forty percent of their value even closer to fifty
percent of value but this is nine years old this is only four years old and as
it sits I’m trying to sell this car for about thirty five thousand dollars so
now the depreciation is much closer to fifty percent makes it kind of suck and
that means it’s gonna lose a lot of its value based on the miles and based on
the year so unfortunately that means the Corvette is depreciating a little bit
faster than the Ferrari but not by much they’re both depreciating pretty pretty
rapidly frankly okay not we’ve talked about some of the facts and figures
about these cars let’s talk about some of the opinions so the first thing is
the sound of the cars I personally love the sound of American v8 I’ve always
loved the big v8 sound and I have a soft spot in my heart for the sound of v8
cars whoever the high reving v8 sand fries just sound that little bit better
I love the sound of these higher rpm Ferraris they just sound absolutely
amazing it just sounds like a fine-tuned machine as I’ve said the the v8s and the
American cars sound bad they sound amazing they really do I just like this
just a little bit more so the sound of this Ferrari obviously now has
aftermarket exhaust that sounds a little bit better cuz sound and the Corvette is
actually very tame and it has the factory exhaust obviously if we put an aftermarket
exhaust in this car it’s gonna sound a lot better and once you start doing
stuff like putting a bigger cam and things like that so I get that low pea
idle oh yeah these credits can sound absolutely amazing this is one of those
that’s totally a difference of opinion based on what you personally like
alright let’s take a look at the interior of the Ferrari so right off the
bat you can see it there’s carbon-fiber lining the door panel we have nice
leather trim all over the place and basically all the materials in this car
are very high-quality high-caliber material so very little plastic is used
you’ve got fine Italian leather that just has a excellent feel the touch of
this just feels absolutely wonderful of course you got carbon fiber everywhere
and even the carpet seems to be of reasonably high quality you can see that
the Ferrari has all the controls that you need mounted directly on the
steering wheel so you’ve got your turn signals right here you’ve got your
different driving settings winch lipo controls high beams bumpy road mode and
your engine start/stop and then your horn all you really need to do is keep
your hands on the wheel and this is where you are focused your attention
there are controls for the stereo behind the steering wheel so I can turn the
volume up here and I can change the track over here as well as a button in
the center that allows me to change different modes so you can see the mode
button here versus the changing up and down every button in the car has kind of
a nice feel to it they do put that soft touch coating on all the buttons which
unfortunately means in Texas that conne turns to goo after a while but in most
places it does remain soft to touch it has just a wonderful textile feel to it
versus even when once the soft touch kind of fades it still has a nice feel
to the buttons everything’s very sturdy it has a really solid click or chunk to
the button you can hear it cooking you know everything just feels kind of solid
although there is plastic it just doesn’t feel as cheap so the air
conditioning controls are actually pretty easy I know people have
complained that there’s too many buttons and it looks all confusing but once you
get used to it’s actually super easy basically just have one temperature
gauge for each side you have a dial that tells it where to direct the air where
you want to up or down or at your feet or whatever and then you have one that’s
to do this speed of the fan and then of course you have like you know AC mono
basically just means you want one control to control both sides and of
course different defroster and that’s it you can set in the center we actually do
have a real mechanical tachometer we do also have shift lights here on the
steering wheel which are pretty awesome it does actually have a modern dashboard
that has electronic displays so by pushing our buttons over here you can
see we can change the different views so we can have different gauges what we
want oil pressure oil temperature etc etc you
can see the temperature and pressure of the tires and then over here we have the
speed which by pushing this button over here we can then switch it to control
the radio this is where Ferrari has kind of failed and not done a really good job
is the ergonomics of the stereo are pretty terrible so you have this little
wheel which you you spin and that changes the tracks you can also push it
up and down and left and right we also have the volume right here and then
what’s frustrating is there’s two functions for each of these buttons you
can see it has back and views which it quickly it goes back if I push and hold
it changes the view so you can see it kind of has almost like too many
settings for too few controls ultimately here’s the reality you’re in a Ferrari
your met listening to the radio a whole lot once you get it kind of set up
that’s all you really need to do is just play some songs here and there the seats
have electronic controls so just like most seats in most cars very simple to
use forward back up down and of course because it is a dual clutch transmission
we do have the flappy paddles right here and right here the window switches are
in the center as they are in most European cars then you have a few
buttons for launch control for reverse and whether or not the transmission is
automatic mode we have the button to open the glove box right here which
widely put in the center is kind of strange and finally we have one button
to raise and lower the axle lifter you can also see that because there is no
transmission tunnel or any driveshaft or anything like that
the interior of the Ferrari is actually very open so even though it is not that
big of a car and the cockpit doesn’t look like it’s that big it’s actually
quite spacious and when you have two people in here it doesn’t feel very
claustrophobic it feels like you got a lot of space to come move around and
frankly my seat is actually sitting pretty far forward so you can see there
is quite a bit of room behind the seat to put some storage if you want to put
some bags or something fortunately one of the downsides is that
far I choose to use some crappy glue for some of their leather and adhesive
products you can see that the leather is starting to pull just a little bit and
wrink a little bit I’ve already had the headliner fixed where it started to sag
the dashboard is actually starting to wrinkle over here in the in the front
obviously this is probably due to the Sun heating up the adhesive and making
it degrading quality over time so this doesn’t seem to be a problem as much in
cars they’re in colder climates as it is for cars in Texas so honestly the
interior of the in Ferrara is just absolutely amazing even though it has
terrible ergonomics on the radio that’s the only complaint everything else is
very good quality is just excellent there’s no rattles nope no shakes
everything feels nice to touch and just has a great sense that is put there with
purpose and with intentional design and quality so now let’s take a look at the
interior of the Corvette accessing the Corvette you push this button right here
it kind of has electronic door release and it makes this weird sound but it’s
kind of cool you how you kind of like slip your hand into that little hole
immediately you can see it there is no carbon-fiber anywhere obviously this is
more of a function of this being a low option car as carbon fiber is available
in certain models when you feel the material it’s just it it honestly it
just feels almost like the stuff that they put in a pickup truck it’s just not
high quality it’s not soft and it just doesn’t feel quite as nice and of course
then the seats themselves kind of have a almost vinyl feel more than it is
leather even though this is a leather optioned car that you’ve got the
transmission tunnel causing being the center console to sit much higher which
does give it kind of a cool cockpit feel so you can see that all the controls
surround the driver which is pretty but it actually makes the interior feel much
smaller and kind of has a little bit more of a claustrophobic feeling about
it unfortunately that just kind of is not as nice like I do prefer the ability
to have just a little bit more room and it feel like you’re not so crammed into
the thing also you can see if there’s a lot of plastic so right here you can see
the sides of the seat are made out of plastic some of the trim pieces on the
dashboard and things like that so it’s a lot more use of plastic all over the
place versus in the Ferrari they tended to use higher grade materials what’s
doing the Curan sitting down the seats feel just about as calm
safari although maybe not quite is soft and plush the steering wheel does not
have as many controls for driving purposes on the steering wheel itself so
you’ve got the traditional stock for doing your turn signals and for your
windshield wipers right there you do have controls for the Bluetooth the and
for the stereo right here much more comprehensive control so you have the
ability to move up and down and select different things you have voice controls
as well and then of course you actually have cruise control controls however to
change the volume and the track has these kind of plastic chintzy buttons
that just they just don’t feel like they should be in a Corvette they should they
feel like they should be in a pickup truck to me it’s like those kind of
things are very frustrating because this is a high-end car and these buttons just
feel cheap as hell you can see it I’m already having some wrinkling and
leather here I’ve actually been looking into it and unfortunately the c7 does
have some leather pulling issues just like the Ferrari it tends to be more of
on the dash and right here and also these side panels seem to start the
Wretch’s stretch and you could actually feel a little bit of waviness right here
from sitting the elf my elbow down the controls for the AC are pretty simple
you got obviously buttons to tell it which direction to go right here is a
dial to turn the temperature kind of nice as the passenger has their own
temperature over there so they don’t even have to reach across the console
it’s kind of adjuster temperature then you’ve got a bunch of controls to set up
the radio and do different things like that you can see that we have a very
modern display on the radio it has a lot of cool features bluetooth it
synchronizes their phone all that stuff the dashboard is high-tech although the
tachometer is actually not a physical tech honor which is kind of strange
because the speedometer is actually a mechanical speedometer
as well as the field gauge and the temperature hover what’s kind of cool is
you can sit there and change the gauges you can change different things to have
it display different things as you can see I could show all sorts of different
trip and various features like that it looks like I need to change my oil
computers a little bit more comprehensive has a little bit more
features in it we have different driving modes if we go into performance driving
mode it kind changes the settings a little bit so we
have G meters and acceleration trackers and all sorts of cool stuff like that so
it does have some pretty interesting neat features on this car that I will
say are actually pretty cool the shifting in this car feels really solid
it’s got a really nice transmissions of shifting around it has a pretty short
throw it’s pretty direct every once in a while it seems like when you go to 1 to
2 it does get a little bit lost Gideon Traverse is not too bad you just
push it way over and down so it doesn’t reverse pretty easily but the clutch in
the car feels pretty solid it grips pretty good other kind of chintzy things
are like stuff like this cup hauler has this good like plastic piece like just I
don’t know if falls over and vibrates and makes noise and stuff it drives me
nuts there even this this entire dashboard
this entire console is plastic and just kind of feels cheap so one nice thing
with the Corvette is we do have a very large storage space up the trunk of this
car is absolutely huge downside is that you do kind of have where it’s so flat
and large that when you put stuff back here it slides around a lot I would
suggest getting tie-down straps if you’re gonna be hauling stuff regularly
like actually do use this car to go get my groceries pretty frequently as you
can see the trunk inside the toy is nowhere near the size of that is in the
Corvette however it is actually reasonably large and part of it is
because of the depth so you can see you have quite a bit of vertical space so if
you stack things it actually fits pretty well I’ve actually fit two suitcases and
two backpacks in here so it does widen as it comes up near the top and so you
can’t start to fit stuff on the sides which does make it actually have a
reasonable amount of room you’re not exactly gonna be fitting a bunch of
groceries in here but you can actually still use it to get groceries if you’re
wondering so the driving experience is where we really start to have a
divergence on the two different cars so the c7 is an amazing car with a lot of
performance but I will say that driving experience is just not as exciting and
not as interesting as it is in the fryer so first of all the steering is a little
bit vague and kind of soft I almost feel like they dialed the power steering up
too high on the Corvette so even when you put it in race mode it does tighten
down the steering it does tighten down the suspension quite a bit but still
just kind of feels vague for example if you drive over stuff
there’s very little feedback in the steering wheel and you don’t really feel
it the acceleration in the car is absolutely awesome it just has so much
torque that just feels like you’re pulling a house down however what’s
fascinating is they geared this thing super tall so you can get way over 60
miles an hour in second gear you’re really easy to spin the tires with that
much torque at that low fat rpm so first and second gears you could spend the
tires way too easily and the car could get away from you quite easily which
makes it really difficult at the track so I did track this car and it does feel
like when you’re trying to corner you have to be way more touchy on the pedal
so you can’t roll onto the gas nearly as soon you have to kind of baby the gas
and then wait until it’s very close to totally straight before you really get
on the gas otherwise I feel like the car is gonna try and kill you just spin out
and you’re gonna go off into the grass the long front end because you’ve got
all the engine and stuff up here makes it set forward visibility is actually
not as good in the Corvette it’s actually kind of terrible it’s also
really hard to tell exactly where the front of the car is when you’re parking
so it’d be very careful not to park into parking pylons and things like that
however that means that the side visibility is actually quite good and
the rear visibility is pretty decent as well it also does have a backup camera
it does a pretty good job however this particular model does not have any
backup sensors the traction control on the Vette is pretty good it does kind of
save your bacon when it needs to however it feel like it kicks in kind of slow
and sluggishly and then what does kick in it’s like it almost just kills the
car flat it’s not a very advanced traction control it’s just kind of like
a sledgehammer traction control so it’s like you’re you’re spinning spinning and
then WHAM it just kicks in and kills the car and you’re like okay I’m not gonna
die anymore that’s a good thing but it’s just not very refined versus the Ferrari
the driving experience is absolutely epic so it has a super well-balanced car
when you’re on the track you feel like you can almost just bridle steer it
alone it’s just so balanced that as you’re going through corners you can
just manage its balance with the throttle just a little bit seeking just
ease on the throttle ease off a little bit and transfer that weight back and
forth and of course that’s because of the balance woman’s car is so good it
also means that you can roll on so throttle a lot sooner when you’re
exiting corners so because they’ll transfer the weight back into the rear
of the car it can then plant the tires really solidly and get out of that
corner faster so what that means is on the
track I was able to turn much faster times much easier than Corvette
substantially faster times and I didn’t feel like it was trying to kill me all
the time I felt very comfortable going at high speeds and pushing the car near
the edge and I felt like if it was gonna lose control or start to slide
I could regain control very easily as you can see the front of the car is much
shorter so because you only have this trunk in the front of the car it means
that your forward visibility is absolutely perfect the side visibility
is also pretty good so you’ve got pretty large windows however once you start
getting to about here and back the visibility is pretty terrible so when
cars are sitting in your blind spot about here it is extremely difficult to
see them because you have this big pylon right here and basically all that
visibility is gone on both sides straight rear visibility is pretty
decent so you can’t actually see okay on the back although the rear window is
pretty small and you’re looking pretty far back so that’s the weird thing is
you gotta remember that you’re sitting about here so you’re almost at the exact
midpoint of the car which means that you have quite a bit of car behind you
versus in the Corvette you’re sitting here and you’ve only got this little bit
behind you so much for a distance it makes backing up in this car extremely
difficult thankfully I’ve got the rear view camera and I also have parking
sensors it does make it a little bit easier to deal with this car when
backing up the driving mode in the form of a totally change the characteristics
of the car so it’s absolutely amazing to see what it’s like between sport and
race and then traction control off modes it changes the steering it changes the
throttle response it changes the way the suspension handles and truly does make
an absolutely huge difference in this car it does make some difference in the
Corvette but it’s just it’s just not quite as much however it does tighten up
quite a bit in race mode so I do feel much more comfortable estar in race mode
versus this car in race mode it’s so tight that I just don’t bother with that
unless I’m actually on the track or I’m out and doing a spirited dry so I drive
this car in sport mode at all time versus this car I like to drive in race
mode because it’s still soft in the road it still kind of feels squishy and
that’s one of the biggest things about these two as far as the driving
experiences this just feels tight and it’s not tight as in like it’s painful
it’s tight as it just feels responsive so you feel the
bumps but it doesn’t hurt you it feels like there’s feedback in the steering
wheel it just feels like the cars talking to you you feel more like one
with the car versus this thing just can’t feel squishy
you know you stab the gas the whole car starts rocking back and forth like a
Cadillac you drive over a bump and yeah maybe you hear it but you can barely
feel it you certainly don’t feel it in the steering wheel it just doesn’t
really give you that feedback to make you feel confident that the car is gonna
do exactly what you want to do so you just don’t feel as one with the car as
you do in the Ferrari as far as the looks of these tires go well this is
totally subjective so take it for what you want I will say I mean this is just
in my opinion one of the most beautiful cars that’s ever been produced it’s not
250 GTO beautiful but it’s beautiful in its own way they both have a very
aggressive styling so they both have kind of these new modern sharp edges and
they do have really kind of cool stylish headlights so I do like the headlights
on both of them it does give them very attractive front ends the Corvette has
the very traditional long nose short rear kind of American front engine style
to it and that’s not to say that the Corvette looks bad in any way it does
look really good but I feel like this is more of a beautiful car versus this is
more of a punch in the face kind of aggressive look there’s a lot of fine
details in this car do they obviously have like air intakes right here and
right here and the really big thing is the back of this car just looks
absolutely incredible as well first I feel like the a scent of the Corvette
it’s just–come big I mean the the bumper on it just looks huge and massive
and the actual height of this car you can see this is this is it basically at
my waist versus this is kind of down in my leg you can kind of get a feel for
how much taller the Corvette sits then the the Ferrari keep in mind that my far
has been lured but only about an inch and a half
the Corvette feels like it just sits so high and so large compared to the
Ferrari and I know a lot of the Corvette people in my last Corvette versus for a
video said how their Corvette gets just as much attention as my fright but dude
they do not I’m sorry there’s just no way that you can say that and honestly
have any sort of truth to it it’s just bullshit the Ferrari gets a ridiculous
amounts of tension when I Drive that around it is crazy people are taking
pictures they stop where they’re walking and take
pictures that just doesn’t happen with the Corvette and I think that’s also a
function of how common the Corvette is versus how rare the four five eight is
you just don’t see Ferraris every day and you pretty much can see of Corvette
every day of the week here in Austin there are tons of them they’re
everywhere that’s not to say that they’re bad looking cars has just become
normalized so they’re just not as interesting when you see it which
actually brings up an interesting point which is the Ferrari provides
opportunity because of it being a Ferrari and all that sounds kind of
douchey in a way but it’s actually true so what I mean by that is I’ve actually
had business deals I’ve had people approach me and talk to me about the
Ferrari there’s a weird thing where there’s a high concentration of fry
owners who are business owners who are business savvy there’s not to say that
there’s not business savvy people are but successful business owners for
Corvette owners as well there’s a higher concentration of them in the fryer
market purely because of how much it costs so in order to buy one of these
you have to have a little bit more financial behind you it’s it’s almost
like taking the business world and distilling it down and those are the
ones who are gonna be buying these cars I know it’s a very weird thing it’s not
tangible it’s totally an intangible but there’s definitely opportunities that
come with buying a Ferrari that you can’t put your finger on until you have
one and I will say some of that is just as simple as the friends that I’ve met
certainly you’re gonna meet friends if you have a Corvette if you join Corvette
groups and meet with other Corvette people and things like that so that’s
not to say again but it can’t happen in Corvette but I will say I’ve been blown
away at the opportunities that the Ferrari has provided me so what I’m
going to tell you is if all you care about is your bang for the buck and
performance this is your car go get a Corvette it is the best car gonna buy
for the price point Bar None it is an absolutely epic car absolutely amazing
and I do love it dearly and certainly at the thirty thousand dollar price point
thirty five thousand dollars that I’m selling this car for it’s an absolute
steal for this much performance however I will say the Ferrari is just
absolutely incredible and the experience that comes with it is just unbeatable
you cannot say with any straight face that a Corvette is as good an experience
as is the fright it just isn’t I’m sorry it’s just not
they are amazing cars they are not Ferraris when you have a
Ferrari and you drive a Ferrari it’s an exceptional experience that is memorable
in the wise words of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off if you have the means I highly
recommend you get one I love driving it it is so choice if you have the means I
highly recommend picking one up hopefully enjoy this and hopefully you
aren’t too pissed off your Corvette owner it’s okay
trying to get too butthurt I understand I talk negative about your baby it’s ok
at the same time keep in mind it’s still a badass car but I really love the
Ferrari this is the first car I’ve ever owned that I feel like I don’t have any
desire to sell this car ever you would have to pay me substantially more than
it’s actually worth to have that car gets sold I just don’t want to get rid
of it I absolutely love it so please like share and subscribe hit that
notification bell and make sure it’s set to all notifications that way you guys
actually get the notifications for these videos i do greatly appreciate when you
guys do all those things it does help out my channel so thank you very much
sincerely I do appreciate it and I’m not trying to sit there and shit on you guys
who owned Corvettes there are great cars you should be proud that you owned a
Corvette and I’m sure most of you are take it easy take it easy don’t jump off
a cliff it’s okay we have a lot of car stuff coming your way so please stay
tuned it’s going to be sweet

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  1. That's a very comprehensive video, it would have been nice to compare the Ferrari with a ZR1 Corvette which is still half the price of the Ferrari

  2. Here's a Corvette owner who gave this video a thumbs-up as I think it is a fair comparison in many ways, although like some other posters here I do have to say that the Corvette 1LT interior is pretty dire compared to the 3LT. I have no doubt that the Ferrari driving experience is memorable and the 458 is a very pretty car. Ferrari bases its prices not on what the cars cost to build but what the market can bear–I am a happy Ferrari shareholder myself and applaud their margins. On the other hand, the Corvette is the product of many compromises that keep its price reasonable, such as all those GM parts bin parts and an aluminum block version of a pickup truck engine, yet manages to deliver performance that no other car in its price class can match. But along with the performance, which is more than adequate for public roads, the Corvette is a very useful car for long-distance travel. The huge luggage area has been noted but fuel consumption is surprisingly low for such a powerful car. I do not think I would leave a Ferrari unattended for very long but the ubiquity of the Corvette works in its favour. In addition, Corvettes can be fixed everywhere and there is no need to wait for parts to be shipped in from Europe (ask McLaren owners about this). Service is cheap; I take my C6 to an independent mechanic and in five seasons, driving around 50,000 miles, I have had to replace the tires and done oil changes, but otherwise nothing. The cost of maintaining the Ferrari is not mentioned but I gather the 458 has been much better than Ferrari's previous history would suggest. I think if I was concerned about resale on a Ferrari I would have a dealer work on it in spite of the cost as buying one without a complete service history is not usually recommended. Now, I have sat in a C8 Corvette and will admit we are moving into a different realm; it seems to be pretty amazing. That said, I do not think it will harm Ferrari or Lamborghini sales as people who want those cars want those cars for the reasons covered in the video. While a Corvette depreciates faster (but for real depreciation check out beautiful German luxury sedans!), spending $300,000 on a new Ferrari means a lost opportunity cost compared to a Corvette but we can be honest and say anyone who buys a new Ferrari is not worried about this. Lastly, I would like to see you pop the roof off of the Ferrari for some Corvette-style open air motoring! 🙂

  3. Regarding the depreciation, you're comparing apples and oranges. The Corvette starts out so cheap, that it has to devaluate faster AS A PERCENTAGE since people can just figure it might be worth spending $20k more to get a brand new Vette. Not the case for the Ferrari where you have a completely different buyer when you're talking six figure depreciation. A lot more people are forced to buy a used Ferrari.

  4. I wanted to buy a 458 in 2020 but with the mid engine new vet coming out its a hard choice. I honestly think that vet is gonna be just as rad to drive as the 458 but at only a fraction of the price. Any thoughts on it?

  5. My Red 19 ZR1 gets way more attention than my yellow F430. But I will agree, it's not a Ferrari. Ferrari is a whole different experience/Lifestyle. Looking for that Perfect 458 to purchase myself.

  6. Nice comparison, but you forgot one important detail. When you compared the initial cost when buying new, you pointed out the two hundred thousand plus cost difference. Now what would happen if you took, say, one hundred thousand of that two hundred thousand difference and gave Tom Nelson a visit with check in hand. 😉

  7. Nice video Dan, the interior of the Ferrari is definitely is a big step up and if you have the resources, it’s the way to go, but you’re right you can’t go wrong with the corvette for the mid 30’s.

  8. I haven't driven a 458, but I've driven a 438/R8/C7. 438 feels like a go-cart (IMHO – track car not a GT/Cruiser). The C7 feels like you are driving it from the trunk area, Its like riding on a gatling gun (not quite polished, but gets the job done). The R8 Haunts me – in a good way. It just feels like a extremely refined piece of machinery (Sweeeeeeeet Driver). With all that said. I have my money on an C8 now. if that falls through, will be looking for a c7 (lt2 suto).

  9. Not upset but a review / comparison of a proper non base model would be appreciated. Your comments about the stiffness in track mode are far different from my experience in the grand sport.

  10. Gear head, Al bundy everyone's dream dad. Lol. I love both those cars as amazing life style .. loving the C7 MAYBE ONE DAY,,?

  11. Not pissed off about the Vette comments at all. In fact, after having owned my '17 Z06/07 for two years, I totally agree with all your comments. The car was a great all around sports car, but it isn't exotic, and it didn't perform as well as my Gen V Viper GTS. If I had to choose, I'd take the Viper any day, but my '18 NSX is better than both those cars in terms of fit and finish, appeal, refinement, etc….. I think I'll have the NSX for many years to come. I'd love a 458, but we've got a Formula 400SS on the horizon…perfect for cruising the B.C. sunshine coast and beyond 😉

  12. It's funny you felt u needed to apologize at the end. Anyone who didn't realize a C7 Stingray is not even in thr same zip code as a 458 lives in a fantasy world.

  13. To be honest I can relate to the C7 corvette more than the Ferrari but to be even more honest watching the Ferrari break and get fixed is also interesting because it shows that once you go under the skin of a ferrari it shows it is something you can DIY.

  14. I would imagine the differences in performance and driving feel between the C8 Corvette and many Ferraris will be lessened significantly.

  15. The 7th gen Corvette is actually what I was planning to have as my next car. The only reason I ended up with something cheaper is well it was cheaper to own plain and simple. I wanted to get a red grand sport, And it would have been my first car with a targa top,which when I finally got to test drive them with the top off I fell in love with it. Can't believe I never thought to ask you about your ownership with the vette when actually I've been trying to find someone to ask about their experience with it for quite some time, because I still really want one.

  16. It’s a great feeling to own a car you completely love. I love my R8 and I plan to keep it as long as I can drive it. It checks all the boxes for me. It is very nice to own different sports cars and have the means to compare/contrast and really enjoy the one that makes you smile the most.🥰 Corvettes are awesome, Ferrari’s are amazing! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  17. Ok…that was a pretty good review and assessment of being an owner of these two amazing machines!!

    Think your review might have been all around somewhat different if you had my M7 ZO6 to compare.

    Next time your Orlando Florida lets get together and terrorize the streets in my 2018 M7 ZO6 and I’ll show how people treat this car like it’s a rock star…’s crazy…..breaks necks everywhere….and yes I understand it’s not the same a Ferrari…but it’s pretty special man!! 🍻

  18. If the Vette depreciates 100%, it's totals just 50K loss. 33% depreciation on 458s 150K price is 50K. Ferrari is Ferrari. 300K is 300K. 65K is 65K. How many wonderful miles on the 458 per year? 1000? How many less wonderful miles on the Vette yearly? 15000.

  19. Corvettes depreciation levels out. After a while, buyer compete with the weekend racer market because they love them for parts, mods, and performance. You can crash an older used vette on a track day and feel ok and buy another one, but crash a Ferrari unless you are a multi-millionaire it’s a different story… All of them(Vettes) follow the same depreciation pattern. Worst time to buy is new model year. Everyone went bananas over the C7. I waited 4 years got a steal. I refuse to pay over $40k on any car cause I’m You will be able to get a C8 Z52 for $40k in 2024. It’s not that deep to me. I rather drive a German sports sedan daily than a sports car. IMHO, they have the nicest interiors.

  20. Nice Video – thank you! Farrah Fawcett on the wall in the background! She will always have a special place in my heart!!!

  21. You have a base suspension stingray? Not even a z51? Mag ride transforms these cars, higher trim level gets you nicer interior trim pieces too. Was weird to compare a 300k exotic to a $50k base vette …seems like you know much less about your own car.

  22. This was great…but are you really comparing apples to apples? I wonder how different the Z06 and the ZR1 would compare? Also…I LOVE the yellow brake calipers on your car…I feel like they accent a Ferrari the best. Mine are black and it's OK…but the yellow with the rest of the badge and wheel accents…belissima!

  23. I have a Vette and agree with all you said. Performance for the dollar…it can’t be beat. That said, it is no Ferrari!

  24. I'd take the 458, F430, 488 etc every time, but I have to admit the C7 is a great looking car, a bargain brawler, and my favorite gen of the Corvette other than the savagely beautiful C1. Great video!

  25. As you can tell by my handle my manual transmission z06 rips to 62mph in 3 flat at a fraction of the price. Law of diminishing returns I think. In track mode and PTM in race the exhaust is epic…but i concede 9/10ths of a flat plane screamer. It would be interesting if you compared a high content z06. Thanks for the insight.

  26. Even with a Base Corvette its such a winner compared to the 458. Good luck reparing that Ferrari, oil change, inssurance, Reliability and running cost…

  27. Hey, can you find a solution for 458 EDC delete? I'm looking to upgrade to air suspension but the EDC will require a delete kit otherwise it will show a warning in the dash.

  28. Why would you compare a car with an MSRP or 200k to a 50k car? That’s like comparing a Big Mac to a high end steak house and complaining about how the meal came in a bag. Come on.

  29. Are the bumper covers really made of fiberglass? I thought polyurethane was the preferred material for its ease of shaping and flexibility.

  30. First I own 2016 z06 (Lz2) vette, second I loved this video I found you to be spot on for the most part and honesty is half the battle! I also belong to a Corvette club & suppose I am a bit of a rebel as I am not so anal to not listen, learn and ignore that the vette is not the end all supercar that most of the folks in the club feel they have. With that said I would like to think im a over all car junkie Or fan may be better word specifically To Ferrari, McClaren, Lambo, konigsegg Etc. lovem all. The 458, F12, F-50 & of course La-Ferrari are some of my most favorites of the lot. Just want to Thank you for your video input. Fantastic job my friend in my opinion and dont worry let the haters hate! Its all good!

  31. Stopped watching when I was told the Corvette had a metal hood and fiberglass bumpers. Sorry, but you're not knowledgeable enough about these cars to make a video and presenting incorrect information as fact is not cool.

  32. Sorry Dan for your lost. Jaguars are horse shit and I didn't know why there still business. Even though you took a lost Nevertheless you actually kind won because you got a 30K offer with 46K miles and few small car damages but nothing major.

  33. I had an ECS supercharged c7 2014 and I hated the lt1 suspension. I bought kw3 coilovers then it was to stiff. The front end was to long, the cup holders I hated, and the Rev match feature had a delay unlike the 370z stillen supercharged I had. I sold it and lost a lot of money. Now I really hate vettes.🤮

  34. .. bashing the Vette (which costs SIGNIFICANTLY less than your Ferrari), but you bought one.. and is a performance steal compared to your Italian Stallion. You should have bought a 3LT if you want a plusher Vette for only $10k more. I've owned a 2012 Vette, a 2016 1LT and now a 2019 3LT.. a FANTASTIC bargain, especially compared to the Porsche 996 that I owned briefly and couldn't dump fast enough.

  35. Had Corvettes in the past, never again, just not cup of tea anymore. I do not own a Ferrari, but watching your channel, I sure hope to one day,

  36. Why would you compare a 300 hundred thousand dollar car to a 60 thousand. At least you could of gotten a ZR1 Corvette at least it's a little closer in price.

  37. Did you say is only half a second difference between the two cars? the numbers you gave was two second difference in the quarter mile

  38. I mean the 458 costs about 4.5 times as much as a C7 stingray and honestly mass production is a good thing over low production cars means it's much easier and cheaper to maintain and own and modify

    And honestly the C7 sounds sooo much better especially in the supercharged model.
    Also you can't really compare depreciation of a ferrari to that of a chevy of course the low production number ferrari will hold value better
    Also not gonna lie wish it was an option to get cloth seats in the vette I honestly prefer that to leather, I like the fact that your skin doesn't stick to it they are never super hot or super cold and they hold you in well too

    Also I should mention a "Pick up Truck" that you are saying the "Chincey" controls should be in are in a similar price range as the vette haha
    Also I've gotta disagree with you on the forward visibility issues I have a 79 Trans am and it's got a similarly long nose and I have no issues with knowing where my nose is but I guess It might be a comfort with the car thing

  39. What the hell does anyone get out of comparing cars with a $250K difference in price? Both are great cars but the vette is priced much more affordable and appropriate for what you are really getting. I get the names like Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren etc but people just pay way to much for those cars when you can add a little to many many other sports cars and surpass the performance of them with a 1/3 of the cost….and the quality, name sake and whatever else someone wants to justify it with does not equate to $250K or more period. At the end of the day buy what you want and enjoy it, just know regardless what you spend there is always something out there that will sneak up on you or embarrass you when you think you have the shit. Enjoy the cars for what they are meant for……to be driven!!

  40. Sounds like you should have not bought the Corvette. With the money you saved you could have had a tune up done on the Ferrari.

  41. Corvette people think they have the best car no mater what put it agaisnt a aventador they still think the vet is better becuse of cost in reality the vet is not as good as a 2009 GTR if you want to make the price argument and in a lot of peoples opinion the Nissan has a better interior
    The Ferrari is superior to the vet in evrey freaking measurable way

  42. Lol, comparing a Ferrari to a Corvette🙄 Maybe compare your Ferrari when you buy a Lamborghini or Porsche. Yes, we get it, the Ferrari is nicer blah blah bah, it’s a frigging Ferrari I would certainly hope so

  43. Let's have a reality check; if the Ferrari depreciated almost $150,000 vs the new price of the Corvette being $65,000, even if the Corvette deprecated 100% the Ferrari depreciated well over double of that.

  44. I missed the point of comparing a 65k entry-level Corvette (with almost no options) to a 250k Ferrari (with another 50k worth in options on top of that!). Of course the Ferrari would beat the Corvette in every single conceivable way. It's overkill. I've seen some comparisons like this recently, and it seems like these comparisons are always made with the intent for the Ferrari to beat the Corvette with no chance of a fair comparison. They compare a run-o-the-mill everyday corvette to a mid-level Ferrari, like the 458 or the 488. If they get the Z06, which is significantly better than the stingray, then they compare it to some 488 Special edition. If they get a ZR1, than they compare it to the 500k Ferrari Superfast… It's meant to be unfair.

    My point is, I would like to see a more down-to-earth comparison here, like the entry level Ferrari Portofino against the 120-150k ZR1 convertible. Would the "Ferrari experience and sophistication" actually justify itself against a much more "refined and exotic" Corvette? Would it justify a more than likely 60k price gap?

    Having said that, this is the first video I saw from NGS, and I liked it very much. He seems like a nice and reasonable guy, please don't understand my frustration as me hating on his opinion or babyraging, since I totally see his point. Thumbs up!

  45. you can take your center console leather arm rest to your dealership and get it replaced or re-glued because of the wrinkling thats a factory defect and recall. The same happened to mine I got it replaced for free.

  46. Excellent, objective review. As a corvette guy who loves ferarri's, I am interested in the comparison. Thank you for doing it. I will by curious to see how you think the C8 compares.

  47. Do you have a c8 on older? I believe that would be a more realistic car to compare to your Ferrari! I still enjoyed your video. You didn't really talk about reliability or lack of for the 2 cars. Miles that you drove them etc.

  48. Interesting comparison video. The Corvette's traction control system is MUCH better with the factory PTM (performance traction management) setup that requires magnetic ride vs. the traction control in non magnetic ride cars. Magnetic ride and the Z51 or higher trim suspension setup completely transforms the driving experience vs. the soft, unsettled feeling suspension of the base model.

  49. Ferrari = autotragic transmission
    Corvette = real transmission

    Throw that Ferrari to the old age home for the grandmas to drive

    All “somewhat” joking aside, 2 very beautiful cars

  50. No “Normal guy” has a Ferrari 458. Only a ridiculously filthy stinking rich guy. So this video is basically, “what it’s like to be ridiculously, disgustingly, unbelievably, filthy stinking rich.”.
    And I’m pretty sure everyone can already guess what that’s like.

  51. thanks for the video….i agree w/you on the C7 ride characteristics…I wasn't confident in it's handling until I went to the corvette driving school in Vegas…the vette handling and power is requires a unique driving style to gain confidence in the handling set up and the long nose

  52. How about a video giving us an update on the 458? Current mileage/how the car is holding up/likes/dislikes/how your impression of the car has changed now that you have owned it for awhile. titled “ Ferrari 458 long term owner review”

  53. the ferrari is no 1967' corvette coupe the best car to ever roll off an assembly line. check the depreciation on that one

  54. Looks are really subjective. I think the 458 is the worst looking of all the mid engine V8's from Ferrari. No offense Dan, just not my cup of tea. The ultimate of the mid V8 Ferrari's is the 288 GTO, but 2nd to me is the 360. I just love the 360. 458 is the best drivetrain hands down!

  55. But is it worth it a $120K difference? Probably not. Didn't talk about the cost of ownership either, insurance, maintenance etc. Dollar for dollar the corvette is hard to beat. Real good video though.

  56. I’m looking at a 2015 stingray black manual 10k miles well 2 one is 32k and the other is 37k. These cars are getting really cheap. Get a c8 then say more good stuff about the Ferrari that’s gonna hurt butts

  57. I have a corvette zr1 yeah they have some maybe little nicer pieces but all in all i didnt buy it for luxury all the money was spent on the drivetrain…… so they had to slap cheap plastic everywhere and i say to that fuck it its a amazing car

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