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Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to Tango: The Adventure Game for more point-and-click adventure game action. We
are right back where we left off in this little fun fair area in the streets or
the the alleyways and we’re gonna try and crack on and hopefully solve some of
these puzzles and get moving again, cuz we got a little bit stuck last time
out didn’t we? And I’ve had a couple of comments from you guys as well which
have helped me with my thought process between episodes a little bit. And also I
think I was just being a little bit silly with some of the things I was
doing so I’m first off Daer Devvyl came up with an idea and that was that maybe we
can get this guy to give us this coin by giving him the ball because you know
maybe the kid would want to play with the ball so we’re gonna try that I don’t
know ever it’s gonna work or not but it could and the the other comment that I
had was from toon raccoon who said that apparently the solution to this is in
this alleyway and I just missed it and I wasn’t properly paying attention so I
did say something about these didn’t I so maybe I’ll try doing it in the order
that these are in because I just noticed there is actually another flag there I
said there was only three didn’t I but maybe the balloon as well I don’t know
well well we’ll try it out let’s try giving this kid the ball first because I
don’t know if this is gonna work so we’ll give it a go I see you have some
rare coins there that’s right sir I propose a trade a
ball for a coin oh he has more than one coin we stock a deal here you go
absolutely acclaimed it’s a collector’s quite perfectly balanced to guarantee
wins at the toad-in-the-hole game okay so there you go daredevil you were right
thank you for your suggestion well done yeah completely miss that I’m sure would
have thought that at some point but yeah thank you can you save me a lot of time
there so can we use this on the machine here it goes
you’ve got a perfect toad game you’re clearly an expert I don’t like to brag
but you know it’s all thanks to the coin it has perfect balance I feel like I saw
a glint in the toads eyes the asshole I was like there was I’ll need a coin
again what I’ve got a coin still okay so I do I keep the coin there’s
like a little you know luckily they’re not a little gemstone thing they’re wonder if there’s a way we can get that
so thanks to the coin hmm do we have anything we could potentially use on it can use the spoon no we thought we could
maybe like scrape out of there what about the net no it doesn’t understand
why she’d do that okay that’s clearly not that then what about this that well
actually we’ve got a coin now haven’t we so I wonder if we can give that coin see
the guy down on the docks because he was asking for her was it an antique coin or
a rare coin or something so let’s head down to the docks the port as it’s
called on here and hopefully we might be able to give this to the the guy down
here see here he is the sailor so he wanted the coin did me so let’s try see
if this is the type of coin that he wants interested in adding this coin to
your collection I am I’ll trade you for an even bigger one a fair trade so we’ve
now got a bigger coin a heavy coin I told this will even work with the toad
of the whole game I could put someone’s eye out with this I bet we’ve got to use
that to take the toads eye out that’s what I’m gonna have to do isn’t it right
so that was what it was all about in your own time Carlos just casually
strolling along right so let’s go back into the streets of La Barca and we’ll
try using the heavy coin then on the toad game
that might well work I love the music in this area I’ve got a same play the
toad-in-the-hole game and lose all your money we’ll see about that kid we’ll see
about that right let’s see if this will work yes
you can’t always win well I’ve won big you can see that big old gem down there
as a ruby is it is a ruby bear grab it before someone sees it are we keep the
coin as well okay so what’s the deal with this my precious ring on the Rings
this will solve all my money problems oh yeah of course
now we’ve got well loads of money so we can pay off our debt let’s try doing
this then so is it oh wait hang on that’s white red yellow blue green let’s
try that that doesn’t work yellow blue red green Garen achievement for that as well that
doesn’t work either okay so apparently the solution is here but maybe it’s on
this side the grand fair the side lights are short-circuiting yeah we already
knew that anything over here Lois you’ve left the area let’s go back in then so
if it’s definitely here then you know hopefully you’ll be able to find it let’s have another look come on load
load load yeah you know about that kid right anything to do with this machine
the machine isn’t working though because we need to use something to restore
power or something oh what’s that graffiti RGB up RGB why vandals
haha wow I can’t believe I missed that I can even click on it did I click on that
in the last one and just not realize right I’ll be the why oh that doesn’t
work ah b:g why no it doesn’t work I thought I was going to be the solution
RGB oh wow I am sorry guys it’s been a long day
oh gee PE why God four letters Oh looks like the genie game will work now okay
good we fixed it four letters in order I saw what I had to do and somehow I
managed to kill it wrong not once not twice but I think the three
times I don’t know I’m sorry Thank You Tube raccoon for the for
letting me know that I’ve missed something as well can’t believe it oh
okay the world has a screw loose call a
mechanic to find me out a fix every cake had a carlo the genie help the genie by
screwing in the screws be careful some screws can unscrew others once all the
screws are down the challenge will be complete
okay so is this yes another minigame okay so we’ve got a geez okay I don’t
know if there’s a certain way of doing this whether we’ve got a sort of figure
out what certain screws do or if we’ve just got a nice spam click what’s the
one thing about one one zero oh if we’ve got a click all the zero
ones one one free right a case I think the idea is to
click as many zeros as you can free one to zero well this is quite difficult I’m
sure there’s a really simple way of doing this that I’m just being stupid
but that’s a zero so I think we want to get it so it’s all zeros left right is
that what we’re trying to do here so we we don’t want to click anything with
zero on it I’m guessing until like the last possible Pinet I’ll click the zero
I know I shouldn’t have done I mean I’m not sure that’s working ok we’re not
going to do it this time we’re gonna have to redo it so yeah it looks like
we’ve got so basically the zeros mean nothing else comes back up so yeah there
might be some kind involved here right so that’s a 3 0 1 0 then that brings up
a 2 0 1 3 2 0 2 1 one to see I don’t know if the goal is
to just leave zeros so that you can just like put them all back down one two I
mean after that’s just gonna sort of alternate them isn’t it if we do it that
way one two that brings up right okay so I think I’m getting the gist of it so
you’ve got to make it try and make it so when you click these it brings zeros up
so maybe the idea is to get rid of zeros at the star or as close to the star as
you can so that you potentially just bring the zeros back up when you click
the bigger numbers it’s quiet it’s really taxing on the brain actually no
it’s taxing as it is on this guy’s brain right so now we’ve just got ones where right okay I think I’ve got the gist of
it now so what I’ll probably do is cut back in a second
and show you the correct solution want to work it out
so I will see you guys in a minute and there we go
didn’t take too long at all so yeah the idea was to get as many
zeros left a few as as you could and then just tickle the zeros off cool so
we got a corkscrew for doing that I can use this to open a fine wine or defend
myself against thieves okay now why would we need to defend ourselves
against fees and is there anywhere where we can find a fine wine I think we’ve
done everything we can here so let’s leave the area now where will we find a fine wine my
guess would be in the bar but I don’t recall seeing one we also need to get
these clothes swing it out that’s gonna be a bit of an issue isn’t it right
any wines around here Tito I’m still set for the competition we
need like proper clave so okay maybe we’ve got a guy oh I’ve got an idea
I’ve got an idea actually can we give the gem to what’s-her-face the lady here
the landlord because we owe all that money for the rent don’t we yeah I know
it’s just a goldfish I really love the music in this area as well right can we
give her this to pay off the debt what do you want Carlos are you gonna pay me
here there you go so you should keep saying about being paid so that’s gonna
be it isn’t it mony you deserve this and so much more
again with the sweet talking not floating this is long overdue
offering from a humble servant I don’t know what to say say thanks and goodbye
I’ll just say till next time you’re welcome back here anytime I’m not
surprised I just gave her a massive lickin Ruby right okay so does that what
do you need sir always sir now Oh goodbye does that mean we can go up to
up here now up the stairs because before he wasn’t letting us walk up here
because of you yes okay cool wow it’s dark in here
right light switch there we go okay back up to the patio this oh
there’s some clothes I’m going to change my clothes
ah I feel like a new man now there we go we’re in our smart clothes okay
can we use any of this stuff a fashionable man uses Pommard or pomade I
better take it with me in case my hair gets messed up
I’ll guess it’s like some sort of hair grease okay we’re taking it with us
we’ve got a comb it’s always good to have a comb on hand some playing cards
here we can’t click on those self-portrait
Malena in Mar del Plata summer of 29 rocky BS nearly a hundred years ago is
crazy right heater let’s turn up the heat okay so some sort of steam coming off of
it so can we can we do something with that no cutter I just I don’t really
understand why we’d put the heat on and turn it up to that high unless we could
do something with it what’s these photos such memories priors the grand prize
would do me a lot of good right now I spend it all betting on horses my younger days wow it looks really
different in that doesn’t he article it’s a story they wrote about me
in the newspaper okay I think it’s the same yes or what isn’t it what’s this frame three lonely sailors
can we do anything with this glass no mirror flawless part of a massive
cracking it so what’s the deal with this heater then we’ll be better off turning
the thrower sat down okay I’ve got an achievement for that and it had
something to do with the mirror on it I don’t really I get the feeling that we
need to put something on there when it’s warm it won’t melt with the heater
turned off right so we’ve got melting them I knew we’d have to put something
on there let’s put a little of this on here so it
melts why would we want it to melt I think this should be enough melted hair gel what do we want to use
that for we’ve got the corkscrew as well okay
so let’s turn the lights off and head out you know switch the lights off
behind us that is for it to be on really is there that’s what I always feel like
I’m doing there’s a dad turning lights off as I go around the house you know
tell the lights off after everyone because everyone seems to leave them on
I don’t know if anyone else shares that particular issue if you want to call it
that right let’s head to the bottom we can do our little performance now that
we’re dressed up I suppose let’s head free to the lounge there we go
microphone guitar shoe box somebody over there can’t see who that is there’s the
bar accordion player guitarist let’s have a look at this shoe box how these
shoes are the same size as the ones I drummed up hmm they’d be a good present
for you okay so can we put the ease into here I think
he’s a good dancer he’s not gonna need a soaking wet shoe
so the shoes wet okay I don’t really get me we’ve got dry that off in the
radiator the strings are in perfect condition it would be a pity if
something sticky happens to them it just so happens to have something
sticky right here my fingers will get messed up and I still have to play it’s
better to put this on some other way maybe the speed now my hands won’t get stuck yes we did
it right spoonful of hair gel let’s pull out of
there slipped up and sticky sounds MIT Romney isn’t it and swings in her
condition to be a pity of something’s right so we’ve done that and I sorta
Jose or Josie don’t scare the crowd Carlos tonight is a special night tonight it’s a beautiful night
yes tonight is a night for partying drinking dancing because life is short well I’m sure you’re still on a bender
from last night and a rude bunch contest tell me about the competition sir
listen you won’t win let me make that clear but I’m just telling you in case
you know someone else with skill in tango the winner will have to beat me if
that’s even possible in a simple contest of skill there’s a dance contest in a guitar
contest the winner gets a trip to Paris that doesn’t seem too hard for some
people maybe it’s easy but for you it’s impossible what’s impossible for us
don’t waste my time we both know your talent is nothing compared to mine oh I
don’t like this guy guitar finally you’ve come to challenge
me to a duel let’s see who’s better on guitar I wonder if this is gonna be a
little mini game okay show time that sounds really good mate you’re really
good at that haha want to take back anything you said
about me you still haven’t won the contest no but
I will don’t you worry about that get the feeling we’ve gotta do something
with the shoes for dance so we’ll say goodbye for now can we talk to the
accordion plane it’s crazy Arturo Vegas okay
some Samuel egg by Lester otherwise called eggs because it’s like doomed yes
it could be right right so we decide about tearing up the shoes didn’t we now
I’ve got a broken shoe but it has a ton of style so can we put this into the
shoe box now christmas came early for jose there we go so he’s gonna try and
dance in the broken shoes right so we would do that but we’re gonna have to do
in the next one because we are pretty much out of time but I don’t know sort
of how long this next section is gonna be whether there’s going to be a
minigame where it’s gonna be similar to the guitar thing so we’ll call it there
we’ll take part and then little dance battle in the next one but yeah a lot of
progress made today thank you for your comments guys and these suggestions they
were really helpful and really helped me get through that little bit of them
being stuck back there but without telling me the solutions which is always
nice because I still get her to solve the puzzles myself so as always thank
you very much for watching if you enjoyed the video click on that like
button it really does something channel to grow so I do appreciate it make sure
you hear that subscribe and the notification mill if you or just haven’t
already done so and our see you next time

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  1. Greetings from the apocalypse!
    That genie machine puzzle was crazy! How much time did you cut away?!
    Can you ask the genie anything?

  2. I was actually talking to the screen telling you off for not noticing it hahaha. And is it just me or does Carlos look a little bit like Nicky Roth from Hello Neighbour (the character you play as) Jose is a bit of a douche bag huh. Great video Turian 🙂

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