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Exterior Car Detail Tips : Car Detailing: Removing Decals

Exterior Car Detail Tips : Car Detailing: Removing Decals

Hi, it’s Dow here at the detail shop at the
Firehouse Car Wash and Detail Center. Today, we’re dix; we’re talking about detailing the
exterior of a car. Now, as we go through a car, a lot of times a customer of ours will
ask us to remove a decal. Maybe it’s a political candidate that didn’t win, or they won and
it’s just an old sticker. Maybe it’s a new car, and they don’t want to talk, they don’t
want to promote what the previous owner had. Regardless of what the purpose, the easiest
way to do it, wow it’s loud back here, is is regardless if it’s on the paint, it’s not
a razor blade. Now, razor blades can do a good job in removing paint, or removing decals
off glass. Of course, we can do that carefully, and use caution not to scratch the glass.
Decals that are on paint however, require a little more love and caution and attention.
I like to use a solvent based cleaner, because it goes back and it it breaks down the adhesives
on the on the sticker. So we can just get to the edge of it, apply a little bit of the
solvent, and let it seep down. If we can loosen a corner and continue to get solvent behind
it, we can peel it off. I’ve also seen, and used here in our shop a heat gun. We’ll get
a small heat gun. We can warm the decal up, and that’ll also loosen it, where we can start
peeling the decal off. And finally, for a professional shop, we have a an eraser wheel
that spins into high speed and removes decals, so there’s many ways to do it. The simplest
way to do it at home, again, is to get a solvent-based product and just let it work on the adhesive
behind. Get a corner off, and just continue to work cautiously and carefully until you
get that decal off the, off the vehicle.

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16 thoughts on “Exterior Car Detail Tips : Car Detailing: Removing Decals

  1. The emblems? sometimes they can come off easily with the 3M emblem removing spray. I'd seen them at parts stores. What he's saying will work for emblems also; I'd had a '00 cavalier and removed the emblems this way.

  2. Pay attention to what you're doing, watch the camera and do an actual demonstration on a decal with a specific product. Those things would make this video worth watching.

  3. Hey, anybody out there can advise me??? I got an old truck and I want to paint it, but it has fake pinstriping glued onto it partly coming off. Is there any easier way to get it all to come off?

  4. He was just saying what to do without telling you what you actually need to do it. He mentioned vaguely about solvent based cleaner/product. The usual capitalist approach of not telling everything. You want to solve your problem, you have to pay him to do it for you.

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