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This is crazy this is scary look at this
Abandoned Box Fort, oh Sharer’s should we go inside and check it out I think I gotta go inside let’s see
what’s in here… Carter Sharer, I wanna get out of here let’s go
quick let’s get out of here what is going on Sharer’s welcome to the vlog
welcome to another awesome day I’m currently looking at the pond the sharer’s
you remember how we’ve been seeing that snake every so often well I think the
snake is back hey baby outter hi otter here yeah come check it out I think I
see the snake oh look look look for the snake do you see it do you see it do you
see it do you see it otter loves looking out the window you see the snake okay if
otter sees that then it’s definitely there see right next to the ledge right
there do you see that snake it looks Liz it’s the snake Sharer’s do see it it’s
like right on the edge of the water yes check this out major shout-out to
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how are they gonna kiss me shares I’m gonna give you my number
no way okay so I’m gonna give you the first half of my number right now the
second half it’s going to be hidden somewhere in this video so it’s up to
you to find it to figure out how to text us and shares here’s my number six zero
nine seven seven two and oh you gotta keep watching the vlog to find out the
rest of my number in the meantime let’s go find Carter plays let’s go let’s go
let’s go let’s go find Carter oh I’ve been choosing the pantry snacking Oh some cookies
oh wait by the way what were those things you were sending me oh yeah shout
out to the share the love sticker pack we’re just about to head out to this
awesome abandoned place I heard about you guys should come with me oh yeah
let’s go abandon are you ready for that Liz yeah wait why is it abandoned I
don’t know it’s like really old it’s like abandoned and like nobody lives
there anymore so I wanted to go like explore and check it out exploring
something abandoned yeah sounds cool let’s go oh yeah let’s take a look at
this blue car check this out chairs look so good oh let’s hop in let’s go let’s
go you driving Liz yeah a band in town here we come Oh Steve
look I think we’re getting close oh whoa that’s looking kind of abandoned
that’s definitely abandoned right there whoa broken-down fence oh yeah this is
definitely starting to look abandon wait there’s definitely a house back that
that’s totally abandoned right there this is crazy
let’s go check it out whoa oh my gosh what is this mass destruction looks like
there’s a little path though look at this it’s like broken down this is crazy
well there’s like writing on there and everything whoa this is scary whoa okay
we are definitely at some abandoned old house look at this partes whoa oh my
gosh you’re not going inside this is crazy look at this whoa broken wood
everywhere what is this place oh sure should we go inside and check it
out I think I got to go inside ask you what’s in here this is so crazy
oh he’s like an old fireplace right there in a big tank all in a staircase
that goes upstairs oh my gosh that’s so crazy oh look how far back it goes
there’s more rooms back here what scare me oh that was oh I thought
that was like a real monster for a second Carter I want to get out of here
yeah let’s get out oh there’s a door right here let’s run up this door come
on Liz oh oh wait there’s spider webs all throughout this door right here and
only we can get through this go find another door quick come on Liz let’s go
come on go go go quick let’s get out of here oh that was so scary okay good we
made it out of that abated Steve where’s David Steve ahead where’d you go
where did Stephen go yeah let’s keep looking for this place is really creepy
there’s a lot of abandoned stuff out here this is one building right here and
it’s pretty big you can’t really see how big it is it only looks like it’s this
big but it actually goes behind all all of here Stephen where are you Stephen
you think he went down in that like creepy house over there Liz I don’t know
I hope I don’t know I mean this place is huge shares check this out it goes all
the way down let’s go down this way he must have went down this way it’s the
only way how does even get so far away let’s let’s do you see him there’s more
buildings down this way you must be must have gone this way down the road this is
like an old abandoned road there’s the whole building over here Stephen are you
back there Stephen well that’s more stuff down this way wow
there’s a huge field over here Wow look at that building author Steven Steven
Steven we’re looking for you how’d you get all the way down here yes what I
found what right behind me the building that’s a big end up what’s what is that
whoa what is that crazy whoo whoa it’s like a it’s like a little building what
is that scene it’s an abandoned box fort it’s a box fort it no way whoa whoa stand
back that’s kind of scary it’s got a big X on the doors whoa
nobody’s been back here for a long time with all this grass growing over it like
an axle mentor and everything falling apart the roots like claps whoa this
thing looks like it’s dangerous it looks like it’s been back here for a long time
see everything look it’s so old the trees are growing over and these like I
don’t even know what that is but it’s falling over everything’s falling over
there’s broken glass oh there’s more broken glass oh no I wonder what
happened to it see how old do you think this is Liz I’ll be inside this glass
Wow there is broken glass on the inside whoa it looks like a totally got spray
painted and graffiti’d oh look at this blue one it’s like a smiley face like
that well I like that one yeah I don’t know what this one is or that one hey
maybe someone’s initials baby s a that might be someone’s initials that kid was
here a long time ago I wonder why there’s a caution sign there maybe it’s
because like the roof is like collapsing in look it’s like you can see it bending
in I feel like it might fall in any second it might not be safe to go inside
this box fort yeah I’d be kind of scared I mean this glass in there there’s a
caution sign and it looks I mean there’s a tree that’s like growing
for this thing it’s so old season chairs coming right now half snake box fort it
and what you think this used to be used for maybe it was like the old gas
station house or something because there’s the gas comes there look it even
says danger flammable gas whoa flammable gas it all up whoa Steve looks whoa
there’s everyone that’s the gas hose well I wonder if
they’re still gas in it let’s see yeah oh my gosh this was an old gas pump this
must have been the old gas house yeah broken glass down here and this thing is
like ripped open covered in rust but it looks awesome and it’s got graffiti all
over it Oh Liz what is that thing what oh there must be one do you like pump
gas it tells you how many gallons you got what does it say that’s so weird and what is this sure is
the wool a crazy abandoned place I’m not going inside that box fort a card are you
going in there no I think it’s gonna collapse this be dangerous no way
there’s broken glass in there sure is this thing is like really crazy old
looking how old do you think it is comment hashtag #boxfort it and how old
do you think it is I’m gonna say it’s probably like like 5 years old or
something I think it’s older it’s been abandoned
for years oh my god it’s falling apart that’s how
old it yeah the roof is like missing pieces and
it’s like collapsing in this is crazy and by the looks of it this gas pump and
has it been used for a long a long time ok I’m gonna take a quick peek inside ok
we’ll be really careful Steve I’m scared it’s gonna fall over whoa it is it’s
even older on the inside really falling apart Carter we can’t go in here sure it
looks like this is one boxfort where you’re not gonna want to go inside and explore
because it’s so old and like dingy it looks like it’s about to fall apart any
second it’s too dangerous they get starting to collapse that’s how old it
is yeah look at that big red excellent door
that’s a sign not to go in yeah and it’s like a caution sign on the other side
and I don’t know we’ve looked inside that’s as close as I want to get we can
get to this box fort it it’s too dangerous
it’s crazy a banded box fort yeah here is this abandoned town is just really
really spooky we should get out of here I’m down I’m down one doulas okay I’m
getting out here let’s go okay I guess we’re going sure this was a crazy
exploring adventure and I don’t know if we’re gonna come back here sue but
comment if you thought this place was cool yeah and until next time shares you
know what to do and share the love, peace!

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