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Experimental Jeep Tow Video

Experimental Jeep Tow Video

Hi! I bet you didn’t expect me here in
your video. Don’t worry, We’re still going to have #DRUMBEATS.
We’re still going to have a tow. It’s going to be fine, but since this video is
just a little bit different, I wanted to give you guys a little setup for it. And
I wanted to talk a little bit about the channel. The channel was never really
designed to be all about tow trucks. It just kind of happened that way. I had
visions of doing other kinds of videos as well, but it seems like when I do
those other kinds of videos I get a lot of comments about “hey buddy stick to the tows”.
“I’m just here for the tow trucks.” So this is going to be a little experiment.
Let’s see: are you guys here because you love tow trucks? Or are you guys here
because you like what we do with the tow truck videos?
So it’s kind of a thought experiment. Do we like tow trucks specifically, or do
we like the things that we do in the videos? Namely the sound effects and the little comments;
what I refer to as the Snark Track. So we’re gonna do this video “dry”.
It’s just going to be the tow video. I’m not gonna put any of my own
little comments in there. I’m not gonna put any sound effects in there. There will still be #DRUMBEATS! There will still be a sound track.
But all the other little extras that I usually put, pop-ups and things like that, we’re gonna
leave that out and we’re gonna see what you guys think. Tell me in the
comments: do you like it better like that? Do you like it when we put some
personality into it? What do you like about the videos? Are you here just for
tow trucks? Are you here just for fun videos? What brings you here? What keeps you here?
I’m curious to know from you! So, with all that said, enjoy today’s video! ♫ [GTOGER INTRO MUSIC] ♫ ♫ [CORNY MUSIC PLAYS] ♫ [GTOger]: Ha ha! I’m still here! I wonder how many people will find these captions. Oh come on. Do we really have
to deal with another scammer? You know the drill. A guy takes money for parking,
but has no authority to charge for the space. If you’re reading this, I already know
you’re too smart to fall for that trick. [SFX: Squeaking door sounds] [SFX: “Sqeeeeeeeak”] [SFX: “Ka-chunk”] [SFX: clothing rustles and makes stretchy sounds] FUN FACT: More Jeeps have been towed on our videos
than any other make of vehicle. It looks like they’re trying to decide
who should pay this guy. NOBODY should pay this guy. NOBODY should pay this guy.
EVER! Do you ever wonder why it takes people
so long to collect themselves and go? People in these videos tend to stand around
longer than I ever would. Oh well. They’ve got places to go. Oh well. They’ve got places to go.
On foot. ♫ [AGGRESSIVE RHYTHMIC MUSIC PLAYS] ♫ FUN FACT: All Cities Towing is the official
service provider for City Vehicle Storage, Inc. [SFX: camera shutter noises] He’s taking pictures of multiple vehicles
because he’ll be back. That burgandy car gets towed in another video. We’ve learned this space is being used by
a restaurant down the street. They call themselves: “an Industrial-style bar with huge open-air courtyard serving craft brews, cocktails & casual fare.” I think that means the bartenders also have
big bushy beards and wear ironic clothes. And beers cost $8.00. Garbage from the heavens! You know, I sort of miss our regular captions. Here’s where the “experts” cry FAKE because
the rear wheels are turning. ♫ [SAD MUSIC PLAYS] ♫ Well here they are.
After leaving their car for 2.5 hours. ♫ “Trash… in the wind… ♫ Remember how long they took to get going? They spent even longer after returning. It’s now 10:42 PM. And they take a ride-share to the impound yard.

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100 thoughts on “Experimental Jeep Tow Video

  1. Not as fun with the cc, snark track is much more enjoyable, please zoom in on the scammer and get him some braclets for a Christmas gift.

  2. ( Person from the UK here ) I watch the videos for ALL the sound effects and the little snippets of information put on the screen. You make fantastic videos. Please do not stop. They make my day. Thanks for the running commentary in the closed captions.

  3. I have watched the evolution of your videos and I think you have done a great job with your artistic commentary and special effects. I do especially like the squeaky car doors.

  4. Sad to see that we get entertainment by watching other people's despair. Instead of chronicling the tows, why not help apprehend the individual that is conning the unsuspecting drivers to park where they are told to park? I wonder if there is a connection between the parking attendant and the tow company?
    I guess the question is: how would YOU feel if YOU parked where instructed and then YOUR vehicle got towed? Would YOU care if there are snarky comments in the video…I doubt it.
    Look at it this way…say you come up to an intersection; the light is red, but there is an individual in the intersection directing traffic. Do you obey the red light or do you follow the individual's instructions?
    Basically, GTOger productions is aiding and abetting a crime just for the entertainment value.

  5. Your creativity and genius (like Jetson's scooter sounds, ghost tows, tinkle timers, and comments) make these videos great. You are comic genius, you should quit your job and do this full time. Do you seriously think so many of us would come here just to watch a parking lot?

  6. I'd say maybe having a normal version and then an "unedited" version for those who don't want the effects.
    Your normal videos remind me of "OG youtube"(2011-2013), back when it was full of the same kindd of sound effects and jokes.
    Sometimes i like it, and sometimes i find it a bit annoying, but either way the videos are good so i watch anyway

  7. FUN FACTS AND EDITS ARE A MUST!!!!! Please bring them baaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!! Don't fix what ain't broke!!!!!!

  8. Sound effects are required (Jetsons scooters, ripping up the pants, peeing on the ground, etc). I personally don't need fun facts popups but sound effects are important.

  9. Ironic clothing and 8 dollar beers… oh my. I will stick to my local dive bar. Hoodies and $3 draft beer for me. 👍

  10. I miss the commentary and sound effects… I say start a second channel for other types of videos, and put the tow vids here.

  11. Still funny, especially the ghost Jeep.
    I wonder if you put a monitor on the wall behind bullet proof glass and played these videos in a loop, would people still park here?

  12. Need snark track. It's just nothing without it. Watch one and you've seen them all without the snark track. With the snark track each one is unique. Won't bother watching without ST

  13. This scammer has gotten smarter to have the reflective vest on to look more official. I hope he gets caught soon. Although I am amazed he’s not getting people into your lot as well.

    Wait, is the restaurant telling people to park there? Or is this guy saying he’s with the restaurant?

  14. loved the subtitles 😀 i heard the soundeffects in my head.
    i love this videos for the justice brought to those illegaly parking people as much as the sound effects and little knowledge!

  15. Well..I watch your videos and enjoy them. There isn't much to see about a tow truck. The process of towing holds some interest..just once, though. What captivates is human behavior and that sense of schadenfreude I feel when it dawns on drivers that their vehicle is gone. Your comments and clever editing add to the videos considerably.

  16. It's not the same channel without the comments and references. Keep doing what you're doing, don't change a thing. Dont mess with perfection.

  17. Keep the "Snark" stuff, without the sound effects it's just not the same. Lol, by the way that fake parking attendant needs to arrested. And I'm here for towtrucks and your hilarious captions! 😆

  18. Don't stop what your doing… your uniqueness makes these videos great. These videos show your sence of humor, you must be a great person to work with.

  19. This is drier than toast in the Arabian desert! BRING BACK THE SNARK! Also, that "parking lot attendant" needs to be arrested.

  20. Dude, I like your videos, this kind of videos, if one day someone need a template of tow truck videos, I'll show your!

  21. Hey! Let's return the "Snark Effects"! Keep the Music! Keep the Drumbeats! Dispense with this silly experiment. The "tow purists" can watch repos.

  22. I miss the personality for sure! Bring back the pop ups and sound effects! Edit: captions on is still not as satisfying.

  23. Please go back to the other way. This way is BORING. I enjoyed all t the comments and soundtracks.
    Love your site, I watch all of them!!! I am a long haul trucker and appreciate seeing people that break the rules get caught. I am 71 years old and a great grandmother. P.s. I always follow the rules

  24. Yea love the snark track and the sound effects, also shocker that the parking scam artist shows up again…. also i love the little factiods and tidbits about all the goings on in that area… keep up the good work

  25. You have to have the sound effects! All the snarks make the video even funnier! The scooters that go by with Star Trek sound? Genius !!! Definitely keep the snarks! Just music isn’t half as fun 😉

  26. This video is more of an ask, would you watch my non tow truck videos if I just made them that good!? Answer is yes. Im interested in more stuff!

  27. It's the stuff you do … the comments are hilarious and the sound effects make it special.

    Without those things, if they were gone forever, people would lose interest.

  28. Want the sound effects this lacked the funny factor Lol. Why do the police not put a stop to the parking fraudster? Same rat 💩 every time doing this.

  29. I can tell ya that before the actual video starts. I love your on screen commentary, visuals, sound effects. It makes the already fun videos even better.

  30. My son actually directed me to your videos. He and I have really enjoyed the time and effort you put into these videos (all of them). That being said, the "snark track" is absolutely my favorite part of the towing videos. I personally have enjoyed your other videos probably more so than my son, but none the less, please keep up the great work.

  31. Being back your comments and commentary, I like the other ones better. I also like the ones with multiple tows. The longer videos

  32. Hallo GTOger, ich sehe die Videos von dir sehr gerne…. zum einen weger der Schadenfreude, aber auch wegen der Dummheit der Fahrer, die offensichtlich nicht leseb können. der die Schilder auf deinem Gelände so missachtet, hat es nicht anders verdient. Best Greatings from Germani!

  33. they removed the no parking grafitti must gonna get lot more Tows. I think if they draw it in crayon more people can read it

  34. Oh yeah, didn't even need to see the video to know my answer. I love all the little extras, those are what keep me coming back.

  35. Please bring the 'snark track' back. The scooter sound effect is my favorite and the tinkle timer… Thank you for keeping us entertained. Love the sense of humor.

  36. Please add the "Snark Track" back and sound effects, especially the "Jetson's car" for scooters, the more the better. Thank you for the time and effort you put in to make these videos fun for all to enjoy. Remember, every laugh is like a small vacation from work!

  37. I want the drum beats and tow with the snark/fun facts…just stick to those three, you got a winner…thank you for the time you put into this…it is authentic please stay the course

  38. The straight tow is okay but—–KEEP THE SNARK!! You have an excellent and unique presentation format that is fun, interesting, and entertaining. I am subscribed to maybe 6 YouTube channels and 2 are tow channels, this one and Ron Pratt. They are similar but at the same time total opposites. For yours, people get towed and then have trouble. For his, people have the trouble, then the tow, or sometimes a recovery. Both are great because of the "add ons". You do the snark, his because he does a running commentary on what he is doing and why. Neither would be nearly as good without the extras and if the extras leave the channels, so will I. But for this one, I will forgive you if the snark track returns. Thanks for the fun.

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