Experience Caring Car in your BMW with Operating System 7 – BMW How-To

In vehicles with Operating System 7 and Live Cockpit Professional, Caring Car is available. Caring Car orchestrates different vehicle functions to enhance the driver’s mood and fitness. The Caring Car programme can be started and ended by going to “CAR”, “Caring Car”. There are two programmes available, Vitalize and Relax. Make sure the drive-ready state is activated, the climate control is on automatic and the sound is not muted. You can also use BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant to activate and end Caring Car. You can say ‘Hey BMW, I’m feeling tired’ to activate the Vitalize programme. (BMW): ‘Alright, I have activated the Vitalize programme’. Once activated, the Ambient light turns green, a vitalizing song starts playing, the automatic air conditioning changes to 18°C on the driver’s side, the air flow is pulsating and when available, the seat ventilation turns on. When you say ‘Hey BMW, I want to relax’, (BMW): ‘I have activated the Relax programme’. The Ambient light turns bronze, a relaxing song starts. The automatic air conditioning changes to 23°C on the driver’s side and the seat heating turns on. The programmes, which are focused solely on the driver, run for 3 minutes and the progress is displayed in the Control Display. Continue watching our How-To Series to get the most out of your BMW.

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