100 thoughts on “Exclusive: Mom Of Twins Forgotten In Car By Dad Describes What Happened The Day Her Toddlers Died

  1. I'm sorry but you don't just forget that your 2 young children are in the back of your car. When you have toddlers and babies you arrange your whole life around them, you don't just "forget" about them….. it doesn't add up at all….

  2. It's happening everywhere, because we are not anymore connected with the present moment, our mind is always somewhere else. It could have happened to each of us and when you hear something similar has happened again you find yourself dreaming that this world doesn't include irreversible consequences. I would love if we could go back to the past and save these two babies.

  3. So if the 4 year old was in the middle he had to go over the twins to take him out the car, so he didn’t think ok time to drop the twins off? How can he forget they’re in the car that quick? Smh poor babies 😣❤️

  4. So you drop off the 4 year old…. drive with purpose for 45 minutes to get to a daycare…. to take out 2 kids….. DRIVE👏 WITH 👏PURPOSE 👏FOR 👏45 👏MINUTES👏…. IN ONE DIRECTION…. because it's "routine". And then after driving that far WITH PURPOSE he forgets to take the kids out? Something else happened. He went some place else, saw someone else, did something else…. And lost track of time on those kids. NO WAY do you drive 45 minutes in one direction before your day even starts with the sole objective for driving in that direction to be dropping 2 kids off and then just blow it off. And why is she talking? And how come she still with him? Sorry, doesn't resonate with me and I'm a mom of seven… don't buy it

  5. So if you're not a parent you can skip this? Shouldn't we stop putting emphasis on the importance of being a parent in this overpopulated world.

  6. Forgetting your children within 60 minutes? After having to drop off the older child 45 minutes prior.. you've got to be kidding me. New parents.. okay I can see it happening but you have 3 other children.. you DONT "forget".. no excuse for that. Guess criminals should just use the excuse "I forgot that is illegal" "I wasnt thinking" wth!!

  7. i’m sorry to say this but HOW do you forget 2 of out 3 kids that morning. i just can’t wrap my head around that fact..


  9. They are recommended people to put their cell phone next to the kid because you won’t forget “important things.” 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. hes a veteran, does he have PTSD? could he have had an episode that hes a ashamed of..is his mind healthy enough to have had so much responsibility??

  11. I have NO UNDERSTANDING as to how you can forget TWO TWIN BABIES!!!! One when tired and out of it I could somewhat understand but TWO? I'm so sorry, honestly. But I cannot get it. As a parent your kids are ALWAYS on your mind. Especially when doing drop offs. Even more memorable if they stay with you or you take them to a new location every morning. IM LOST.

  12. Your husband is a murderer and your children are killed. Stop lying to yourself and others. I hope he rots in prison..Poor children💔💔💔

  13. In 2018, 52 children died after being forgotten in a hot car in the US. Forgotten baby syndrome can happen to anyone. I applaud these parents for coming forward and spreading awareness. A good trick is to leave your phone or laptop in the backseat.

  14. Backwards seating is one of the reasons for these deaths there has to be another way to seat babys that a mother or father can see them and doesnt forget.

  15. They got ride of them bc they was tired and couldn’t handle 5 kids smh she kept saying tired I don’t believe her at all bs

  16. Normally in these cases something is out of the ordinary, but even she admitted that there wasn’t. This story doesn’t add up and I don’t know how she can so easily get past it

  17. I don't get. I have forgot to drop my kids off at daycare before heading to work and had to turn back around but it wasn't because I forgot they were in the car. Do people not turn around and check on their kids while at a red light or stop sign. I still get up in the middle of the night to make sure my kids are breathing

  18. This is heartbreaking in every way possible. I don't know how she deals, tbh. I would be in constant tears. It's funny how the mind allows one to cope with what would be imagined to be unbearable. God bless them.

  19. I'm so sorry for their loss. Especially the mother , how tragic! I just can't, no matter how much I try, to see or understand how this happened, especially when there was the 3rd child being dropped off. Like the butterfly effect, there had to be something, even tiny, that changed up the routine for this to happen.

  20. Your husband probably forgot your pregnant with his child inside you as well if he can forget em in the car so easily.

  21. I can’t imagine I’m so sorry I would never wish this on anyone May those beautiful baby’s Rest In Peace 😔💕

  22. I know she’s been grieving a while we can’t judge someone on how they grieve we can’t shame her or ask why she isn’t crying that means nothing , every person grieves different don’t hate this women this women needs love and prayer and support not people hating her because she is not crying with dr. Phil. You see 25 minutes of her, you don’t see what she does when she goes home when she wakes up you don’t see how much pain she truly is unless your around her. Stop hating

  23. You have alarms to let you know that your lights are still on.. alarms telling you that you have left your keys in the ignition.. alarms to let you know that you need to put your seatbelt on. They need to make family cars..all cars.. that have a "have you left your baby in the car" alarm.

  24. So sad, I love these episodes rather than some stupid kids acting up, I like these raw episodes, way more interesting

  25. They were sleeping so it’s not like they were making sounds so it’s quiet in the back seat and I guess he just forgot but omg still! Like how how do you forget?? I don’t get it so sad

  26. I have twins and they are never quiet in the car, talking to each other to us, getting upset. I will never ever understand how children are “forgotten” in a car. And she stands by him. No no no. No accident when a parent leaves their child in a car.

  27. It’s her choice if she wants to forgive or not. She’s already going through so much for those saying “ omg I can’t believe this happend “ stop being so judgmental. She didn’t see this coming. If she did she would have protected them.

  28. He should not be in the military if his mind is this scattered and forgetful….good lord he's endangering other military service people then! And he needs a vasectomy ASAP!

  29. I don't get driving 45 minutes with the sole purpose of dropping off the kids and when you get there you just… don't drop them off? It's your daily routine but you pull up to daycare then just pull back out again and go someplace else? I genuinely don't understand her explanation

  30. I could never imagine but I’m usually with my son so I’m used to him being in the car. I could see how it’s possible if you’re not used to having your kids with you and you are on autopilot but mann I just don’t know. Even as a wife I would be suspicious of my husband and I would blame him whether it was an accident or not because ultimately it is his fault.

  31. I always say if people would start leaving the diaper bag or something from the baby in the front seat with them they wouldn't forget their children. I still will never understand how this happens but put the bag in the front…put your phone in the back…do something to not leave your kids in a hot car. Hopefully daycare centers are now calling absent kids early on a daily basis as well. This is just terrible!

  32. There is no excuse. Not even a slight bit of an excuse. Parents need to b held totally accountable. Tlking about this is gunna save others lives?! No. Being a decent parent should b a no brainer.

  33. U Don't just forget twin toddlers especially long enough to kill them this is the easiest cop out for killing your kids I'm sick of these repeated sob stories neglect is neglect..in fact a child suffers while dying in a car so abuse is abuse

  34. Damn, I have a 5 year old and 2 yo boy girl twins. I absolutely adore them, kissing them hello and goodbye and having them say "bye mommy" is the highlight of my day. How could you forget them in the car? Such beautiful babies, they're climbing trees made of gold and wearing silk onesies. RIP gorgeous babies.

  35. I think we need people hired to walk parking lots all around the world. Just groups of people that takes shifts and walk through parking lots to check for children. As sad as that is…if it saves a child it's got to be done. I cant even fathom what a small child would feel being trapped and no ones there to help 😭

  36. I could not imagine losing my child. I applaud this mother raising awareness about this. I don't think I would be able to go on another day.

  37. I wonder if it will come out that he’s having an affair or online dating like that man who “left” his son in the car while sexting the whole day.

  38. I can't believe that she, a mother of two beautiful babies, is standing by her husband's side. He DESERVES to be in prison; he killed two children with his careless actions. He can't EVER take that back.

  39. Those children are beautiful there curly hair and bubbly little personality’s I don’t think this is the full story but rip little babys

  40. This happens so often in Florida. Losing track of my kids is my biggest fear, so my anxiety about them keeps me sharper than a thumbtack.
    While I cant understand it,I can have compassion. My thoughts are with this family.

  41. this maks no sense. you literally CANT just forget that you have 2 babies in the car. i think smth else happened or was going on.

  42. I would be interested to see a poll or survey of how many ppl would admit to forgetting about their children being in the car. If you’re used to a routine, wouldn’t you be more likely to take them to the old daycare instead of completely forgetting them altogether?

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