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Every Tesla Model 3 Repair I’ve Had and Outcome – Body Damage Update

Every Tesla Model 3 Repair I’ve Had and Outcome – Body Damage Update

– Okay guys, that’s it. Bye bye, Tes. Giving my key to Ariel here at Amato’s. Take good care of her. – Sure will.
– Please. (Funky music) I’m waiting to hear
back from the insurance and if they’ll cover the full cost of renting a tesla for me because
they have different limits and stuff and I’m not sure,
the detailing is kinda weird. But, I have the rocker panel
damage on the passenger side, which is right over there,
and that is going to take maybe 12 days they’re
estimating to repair. Thankfully, they don’t have to order parts or they don’t think they’re
gonna have to order parts so they’re just going to, actually, they’re gonna try to repair it. And so, because the outer
panel is mid-grade steel and underneath that is high-grade steel and then underneath that
there’s a lot of aluminum, so if it were aluminum,
this other shop I talked to said they couldn’t repair it. These guys, they do all the Teslas in town and they do a great job, so
they think they can do it, especially, we actually
sat there and looked at the parts manual, looking
at all the different A-pillars and B-pillars and all that
stuff, so we think it’ll be okay and they can repair it
and things’ll be good. The cost is gonna be upwards of between three to five
thousand dollars, depending, we kind of don’t know yet. So, I am going through
insurance for that reason. So that’s it. I’ll let you know if I get a rental car. We’ll see. If so, I’ll talk about
that, but right now, I gotta go drop off the car. So, let’s do it. (Funky music) Alright, I’m here at Amato’s in San Diego. Gonna drop Tes off. Hopefully, we’ll have good news. It won’t take as long, but these, I guess, are the best guys in town
to be doing this stuff. They’ve been doing it forever. So, fingers crossed this goes well. Alright, stay tuned. So the damage is right
here on the rocker panel, and this is the mid-grade steel. Underneath it is high-grade steel. So they think that they
can just repair that instead of having to replace,
because as you can see, this whole thing is connected. This is called the quarter panel, and that would be a
pretty invasive maneuver where they’d have to
actually cut the chassis of the car in order to replace that piece. So, thankfully, it looks
like they’re gonna be able to just repair some of these
pieces here and kind of bend it and repaint it. Okay, guys, that’s it. Bye bye, Tes. Giving my key to Ariel here at Amato’s. Take good care of her. – Sure will.
– Please. And I’ll show you what’s coming up next ’cause I did secure a Model 3 rental. So let’s go hop in that now. Okay, I’m picking up the car here from FrunkYea Rentals in San Diego. Little unorthodox because
it was very last minute, and they’re letting me get
one out of their actual home. So right behind me, there’s
at least one Model 3 and I need to get in
there which means I need to go get the key, so let’s go do that. (Funky music) There we go. We have a black and a silver model frame. Okay, got it. Model 3 rental from FrunkYea
Rentals in San Diego. Thumbs up. Definitely give these guys
a shout if you’re in town or if you already live
here and you need a car or just want to check out a Model 3. They also have S&X, which I would prefer, but for me, right now, commuter,
I just needed something because my car’s gonna be in
the shop for like 12 days. Alright, let’s head back to the studio and I just wanna talk about all the things that have been replaced
or repaired on my car, just to give you a sense, and kind of what is really going on. Let’s do that now. Alright guys, back here in the studio. I just want to run through all the things that I’ve actually had done to my Model 3, and I don’t want this to
sound like I’m complaining. I just wanna give you a
sense of what it’s like to be an early adopter of Tesla. And this also should give you hope if you’ve just recently
taken delivery of a new Tesla or you are still waiting on one, guaranteed you are gonna
have a much higher quality, better product than I
got because I got mine back in January, which
seems like ages ago. Alright, so, let’s go through here. So from very early on, actually in January just after I got my
car, I noticed something on the center screen, which
were these phantom touches. What it was is like someone
tapping on the screen, and it would adjust the volume and basically what would
happen, the car would remain on. So I would come out. The volume would be going. The music would be playing. The AC, kind of condensation
would be leaking under the car, and so they had to
replace the entire screen. Now I later learned that
this was a software update they could’ve fixed, but at
the time, they just wanted to get it changed out. At the same time, they also
noticed a clicking sound on the front bin which covers
where the cell phones go. I kind of thought it
sounded like it was supposed to be that way, but it
turns out it wasn’t, so they replaced the entire center console because at the time, again,
the repairs and everything, it was so new that it
was just easier to fix it and get me on my way and
take care of that issue. That was trip one. Trip two was more concerning. When I was on my way to
L.A. and I got a phone call from Tesla service saying
hey, where are you right now? Can you come in? In fact,
Can you just pull over and we’ll come send a tow truck. This had to do with this
steering rack, and it apparently was a safety issue. It was precautionary. I had not noticed anything
with it, and it was something that they actually ended up
giving me a Model 3 loaner for because I had a meet-up the following day with many of you guys that attended, and I basically told them I’m
not gonna give you the car unless you give me a Model
3 loaner, and they did. I think I was the first
one to ever get one. So, cheers to them for
going the extra mile there. Being proactive and
really kind of helping me with a need I had which was pretty unique. Now the third trip was
when I went to Palm Springs to meet up with my friend Joe Scott, and the front roof glass actually cracked. Weirdly enough, it cracked
in the shape of a Tesla logo. I’ll try to find the clip for you, and I did a whole video on it. So, you have to see it to believe it. This apparently had to do with something with how it was installed
or one of the parts is from some of the earlier models. Again, two days later, had my car in. In and out in 24 hours. Got to drive I think a
Model X P100D at that time. They could have kept
it a little bit longer. And at the same time they
replaced the front window motors, left-hand and right-hand side. So that was trip three. Trip four was a bigger one
where what they replaced was the driver-side seat
trim that had popped out, and I couldn’t just pop it back in. Something in the clip I think broke. They also updated the battery
management system bootloader. This was preventing me from
getting software updates, and I know a lot of
people out there right now are probably still dealing with that. They also replaced the
mobile charging connector because the one I had previously had something wrong with it. I’m not quite sure. They also also at the same time replaced the front left-hand and
right-hand stabilizer bar links due to ball joint cracking. Again, something that they
wouldn’t have known early on but later learned about, and
so it was again proactive. Then, they also installed
these HV battery breathers. I’m not quite sure what
those are for, but hey, thanks for replacing that. Then, we have trip five, which is the one that I actually caused where I was pulling out of a parking space and I hit a curb. I did record something immediately after, so I’m gonna play that for you. Here’s me, right after I basically planed on top of a curb with my car. Oh, god. That sucked. Just as she got fixed. Pretty bad, right? So, that’s where I’m at now. Waiting, hopefully the
car will be done in a week or two at most. As I mentioned I do have
a rental from FrunkYea in San Diego, which is nice,
but I really want to get back in my own car ’cause just
something about the lowering and the high performance wheels, I just really love driving it. So, hopefully, that gives you
a sense of some of the issues that I’ve been through and I
hope you don’t have to deal with any of these. I know there are lots of
different stories out there, but in general, everyone I know that’s been getting a
Tesla recently has said that they haven’t had any problems at all. So, it looks like as
these things have come up, they’ve been proactive in fixing
them for folks like myself, the early adopters, and then everyone else these things are fixed for. So, hopefully that’s good
news for all of you guys. Let me know what you think
in the comments down below and don’t forget, when you free the data, your mind will follow. I’ll see you back here next time. (Funky music)

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71 thoughts on “Every Tesla Model 3 Repair I’ve Had and Outcome – Body Damage Update

  1. Thanks for sharing Ben. We’re picking up our Model 3 on Friday in Fremont so it’s good to hear that the build quality had improved. Excited to finally drive my own!

  2. If you take it to the service centre, make sure you tell them not to wash it! They messed up the paint and there are micro-scratches all over the car (visible in sunlight on the black paint).

  3. Def tough being such an early adopter. My March car (Luna) has been strong as a bull. Thanks for paving the way for us for a smoother ride!

  4. I picked up my Model 3 on August 7th, 11 days later I found a crack in my glass roof, only not nearly as cool looking as yours. The earliest date I could get to bring it in to be fixed is Sept. 6, and out here in the boonies it's a two & a half hour drive to the nearest service center. They also said they'd likely keep the car for several days so they're giving me a loaner car (probably gas). Several people who've seen the crack agree it's probably a stress fracture, in which case it should be covered under warranty at least. We'll see how it goes, the repair process is reportedly a lot more frustrating these days.

  5. No issues with mine after 1 month except the damage to the trunk from backing into another car. Very minor but highly annoying.

  6. reason why other newer owners do not have those issues is they get replace in the assembly line that way they don't have 1000 plus cars with the same issue

  7. Did you damage your Tesla. That’s an expensive repair. Be more careful next time. At least they replace what goes wrong. 👍 still nice cars.. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  8. July delivery and I also have phantom touches after I clean the screen in cleaning mode. I have had software updates.

  9. If I was Frunkyea rentals, I wouldn’t rent you one, you Tesla wrecker you! I’m now going to look at mine a bit closer after you drove it a few weeks ago 😉

  10. Took delivery of my M3D two weeks ago (VIN 54xxx) and there was no freon in a/c and the frunk lid edges would nearly collide with fender panels upon closing. I could have refused the car but after waiting 2 years thats hard to do. Took it to Tesla service and they said a/c had a crimped o-ring and they adjusted the frunk so it had perfect gaps all the way around. I'm very satisfied with the M3 now but it goes to show there may still be some QC issues with the AWD units built in the "tent".

  11. When I saw the list I thought wow. But since many were proactive fixes by Tesla, that's great. My 124xx May delivered car only had a door gasket issue and a defective front speaker grille. Body is great except for one headlight slightly sticking out more than the other. My second gen seats are great. Vampire loss is down to 1.5 miles per day after the last couple software updates.

    Thanks for great videos and I hope your car is fixed soon.

  12. Guys, great video, but I just want to let you all know, that my calculations were good, I mean I have a GT Mustang 2014, payments 380 a month, and now a Tesla 2013 s60, my payments are 575, and I commute from Garland TX to Melissa Tx to work as a teacher, now guess what, if I drive the GT my payments and gas cost are more than if I drive the Tesla even I charge at home, all the time,

  13. The Aero wheels should match the body color to bring the design together with the "missing" grill. On the colors where that happens you can see what I mean… Looks way better than the premium wheels or any other combo I have seen.

  14. i got mine june 6 in canada, and had the screen glitch issue once or twice. i assumed it would get fixed with a software update. there's a fit & finish issue around the driver side headlight where the body, the hood, the headlight and the bumper look nice & clean on the passenger side but are a mishmash on the driver's side; i have decided to keep the car this way as a memento of the frenetic ramp-up of early production. i'm sure later models will be perfect, so i consider it a rarity.

  15. My VIN is 15xxx. It was delivered to my home in mid-April. The closest Tesla service center is over a five-hour drive away. I have had two Tesla 'ranger' visits (closest Ranger is 2.5 hours away). First one was to replace the two key cards that had been lost (my fault, don't ask), while he was there he re-aligned the trunk lid very well (his first). Also, I pointed out a ding in my driver door chrome (it came that way and you could only see it in the sun from an angle, just an annoyance). He said he would replace it the next time he was in town, which he did a few weeks later at my home. During the first few weeks, I had several software/re-boot issues (e.g., the rear camera went out, a hard reboot solved this), but none since then. The only item on my list now is some interior trim on my A-pillar is askew, haven't called about that yet. I haven't had any of the more serious issues like the wind noise some of the earliest models reported (very quiet at highway speeds, as long as the roads are smooth) or any of the issues described by Ben. I'm very impressed by the Ranger service, but I'm not sure I'd be comfortable owning this car out of warranty and so far away from a service center. I'll worry about that in three-plus years. I am pleasantly surprised how much I'm loving my Model 3 and Tesla's 'Appleish' customer service. It would be great if Tesla would offer an extended warranty for the Model 3.

  16. You’re not alone. However, I’d rather not post details since they wweee really great at taking care of all the issues.

  17. In Norway they use more than 3 months for repairs on a model S and X. Really the biggest risk for me looking at the model 3..

  18. are you serious??? Why buy this car? Do you like pain??? Now seriously. Tesla has major quality issues. I hear the same from the model s and x! Its unbelieveable that you are happy with your model 3 with so many issues! A new car shouldnt have 1 issue let alone so many! I love the idear behind tesla and their cars in theory. But till the quality issues are dealt with, i wont buy one! Tesla disappointed many customers by this. Tesla should focus on quality first and than on production numerbs. Thats why i loved the idear of privatication. If i buy something new i want it to be premium and function at premium, or its garbage…. There are so many numbers on this quality issue, so many people have been impacted by this, so many people who regret getting a tesla. I dont get it. If you love creating something and you produce it. and you really care about your product. Than why does musk let so many cars in poor quality out the factory???? Musk knows that a large Percentage of cars tzhat are leaving the factory are not in premium shape! And he does nothing about that. The numbers of repairs directly after delivering the cars are staggering. Tesla knows this! but they do nothing about it. I know a gury 3 years ago who bought a tesla s. This guy has to to let 16 issues fixxed in the 6 month after the buy. The car was 3 month in the service shop! There are so many people who share this story!!! Its a shame. Why do i write this?????? Because i care and love the product in theory. If it was build premium and deliovered without flaws i would buy a tesla model s instantly!!!! Sadly i sont want to be the 25% of people getting a vaulty car. Sorry Musk and Tesla. Plz spend time makin shure every car that goes out of your factory is premium without flaws. Other car manufacturers learned how to do that tesla and Musk could too. I predict quality issues will inhibit tesla growth, not production numbers! If tesla has a reputation as beeing a low quality car manufactorer all is lost. To change the reputation is almost imposible! If Musk and tesla are not carefull this might soon happen. Customers dont accept qualöity issues in the car bussiness. Thats a fact.

  19. I have a model 3 long-range rental rented through turo and it only has one issue and that is kind of like the one that you had planning your car but it was not planed and the little plastic piece right there probably got too hot from sitting on black tarmac which is fairly common in the area I live in during one of our hot days that was a hundred degrees and that side of the car being in the sun probably but other than that the car is in great shape set for the guy who owns the car kind of scraped the passenger mirror a little bit so there is a scratch on the passenger mirror but it's been a great car for me to drive as a rental car $0.22 a kilowatt for supercharging in my area so I owe him $8.80 for going in supercharging the car it's been a great car fun to drive really neat it's just my needs for a car being a full-time Uber driver or something that I can go 400 miles non-stop on or if I have to stop either it's on my way to go pick up somebody or after I've given her a ride and I need to make it a quick stop naughty stop where you have to stop for 30 minutes to an hour to charge.

  20. Had my model 3 for a little over a month. Have had no major issues. Minor pain defect that isn’t noticeable i plan to just appreciate as part of the cars character. 2 loose plastic pieces that i was able to pop back in myself. Other than that the car was perfect and no service appts! So happy with the quality of my car!

  21. Can you please ask TESLA to provide a split screen option, where we can see the map, and a small display of the rear-view camera?

  22. Thx for the video Ben. I am in Montreal Canada and my Model 3 got sideswiped just three days after I took delivery….OUCH! Last word is the final piece (rear panel) will only be arriving in California next week (3 months afterward accident). Early adopters or not, TESLA must improve parts for their repair partners. I'm not happy and nor is repair center which has 4 model 3s waiting for parts.

  23. Sounds like you've had your share of challenges, but like you said it's par for the course for being an early adopter. I got my Model 3 in May/June and things have been going smoothly (e.g. no problems yet). Haven't taken it on any long road trips yet to really push the battery – mostly just to and from work. Love the ride, interior trim, and the overall experience is a heck of a lot of fun to drive. Appreciate the openness and candor of your podcast. As always, great work. Keep it up!

  24. The amount of issues in this new 60k car sure is staggering…..warranty or not, that seems seriously amateurish.

  25. I think this type of situation is one of the more exciting things for me as a long-term reservation holder… I won't even be able to consider a Model 3 for at least two years but like Tesla does, seeing the car evolve from July 2017 to sometime in 2020 should be cool. I think that time frame is a bit short to think that a front fascia refresh would occur but a 2020ish Model 3 will be worlds different from the early-run cars (yes, I know the OTA updates keep the cars all current software-wise). I can't wait to see what Tesla is doing with the cars at that point.
    Thanks for detailing the progression of your car and taking 'the hit' with a first-run version of the car. Always a learning curve and growing pains, I guess!

  26. Thanks Ben. Good to hear that new M3 came out is better fixed. I don't wanted the problem said on yahoo's news said Join welding not so alignment and missing bolt. Thanks again Ben. Thumb up

  27. Great video! Do you think that owners of luxury cars (I would consider a Tesla a luxury car) have a little bit more grace for cars they get that maybe are up to snuff?

  28. Knock on wood: Pleased to say that I've had Telsa out once in 4 mos of Model 3 ownership. They replaced airbag unit in the steering wheel as there were indentations on it found at delivery. The other fix was to the chrome trim above the doors that was scratched by the window tinter (and they paid for). Love the house service. Awesome ownership experience!

  29. Phew, happy that I cancelled my Model 3 reservation. I hate to go to a dealer or service center. For me personally after 3 times I would give them back my keys. Also 60k was too high for me spending on a car. I drive the new Mini Clubman now, just got the first service (just some oil and filters) after 1 year and 15k miles. Car before was a Renault megane, service schedule was once a year or every 20k miles. Never had a thing (just some brake pads, tires and some oil change) and drove 100k miles in 4 years, car costed me 25k dollars, car looked like new when i sold it. My next car i'd like to have an EV, but don't want to be an early adopter. Hopefully model Y would be better and cheaper.

  30. Dude, just buy any Japanese car 1 year old. Plus you can get a truck for the weekend and still have money left over. Oh, but you're saving the planet, how silly of me.

  31. Dang, that car has had tons of things done to it. So much for QA at the factory and assembly process. Hopefully, the later versions don’t have as many problems.

  32. I like the Model X better since I don’t have to worry about hitting a curb on the turns due to the height. That sucks for your side rocker panel but at least it’s a two week turn around vs. 6 months for some people.

  33. I got mine in mid-june and a month in the software updated and the car wouldn't start or charge the next day… so they towed it and it took almost 2 days to fix it but they never fixed any actual thing in the car, just the firmware. Now I never update it right away I set it for like 6-12 hours later in hopes they find any issues with the firmware before I download it 🙂

    Initial fixes, squeak in break clips or something they head it when I came in to get more keycards made and fixed it without me asking. Then a couple weeks later I came in because the button to adjust the passenger seat broke off and the back left tail light was very foggy for weeks on end so they fixed both of those items. So three visits total, one of which I don't really count because I went in for new keycards. I've had it 3 months 😀 I LOVE IT.

  34. I have a Tesla model S and I personally hate it. After my accident happened when a driver ran a red light and I didn’t see my car for over 3 months… I’m not a huge fan. I’m trying not to be salty, but this is not fair. I’m going to sell it as soon as I can and never look back.

  35. Is Tesla dealing ALL OF THESE issues prior to new deliveries? Or are drivers having to bring their cars back after delivery to have these issues addressed..

  36. One thing about the tesla a normal Joe won't be able to afford it in Europe their about 70.000 crazy money good blog

  37. Hi Ben. I've enjoyed all your posts. Would you mind saying how your Rocker Panel repair (Trip #5) went? Cost, time to do the repair, etc?

  38. Wow, you've been through their growing pains, haven't you? Ouch! // I used to work at a body shop and I can't believe that repair cost on the rocker. Yeeouch! // Oh, what was the cost for the glass repair? I knew this was coming, and am really curious how much a single piece of glass like that costs. $2,700 or sumpin'?

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