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Every Car in Fast & Furious RANKED | WheelHouse

Every Car in Fast & Furious RANKED | WheelHouse

– Eight cars, 116 movies. Wait. (dial-up-tone trilling) Eight movies, 116 cars. I’m gonna rank every car in the “The Fast and
the Furious” Franchise. Let’s go. First, some rules. I’m only gonna list cars that
characters with spoken lines interact with or drive, not cars that show in the background that would take too long. And frankly, it took me
too long to make this list. I looked like I was in the
gosh dang Azkaban prison, trying to pass the time. Also, If I feel like
talking about certain cars for a little bit, I’m gonna do that, because this is my show and James told me I
could do whatever I want. And remember, it’s just my opinion, so if you disagree, let
me know in the comments. So we look good in the YouTube algorithm. All right, let’s start from the top. The worst one, number 116,
Roman’s purple Eclipse from “2 Fast 2 Furious”. Probably the ugliest
car ever put on screen. Just look at this thing. Purple with huge chrome rims and AutoZone tier spoiler and a ride hike like a
rock bottom, horrible. Poor Tyrese man, they did
my boy dirty with this one. Number 115, Brian’s EVO
from “2 Fast 2 Furious”. This baby poop green Lancer is a disaster. But why you would ever make an EVO VII, one of the most fierce rally car’s ever look like an AutoZone gift
card special is beyond me. – I said forget about it cuh. – Chrysler town and country. Zee Zee’s Toureg, Alfa Romeo 940, this boring Maserati. Number 110, Bentley Continental GT from “Fate of the Furious”. (upbeat music) This two ton Bentley is just plain ugly. Why do they keep doing
my man Tyrese like this? I’ll give them props for
giving the Continental GT some OG Tuner flavor, but
with it’s thick stature and red white paint job, this thing reminds me of Santa Claus. Number 109, Slap Jack’s Supra
from “2 Fast 2 Furious”. Apparently this was the
same Supra as the orange one in the first film, just
with a fresh coat of paint. A big yikes from me. Infinity G35, the silver and black WRX, Hobb’s International Truck. Danny’s Civic Coupe. Number 104, Vince’s Maxima from
The “Fast and the Furious”. I just think it’s hilarious
that they gave Vince, who is arguably the true
antagonist of the first film, a Nissan Maxima. It makes sense now why he was such a jerk. He just felt insecure,
don’t be so toxic man. They gray and gold S14, Tej’s 458,
Brian’s McLaren MP412-C, the BMW M5 crew cars. Shaw’s Lambo. Roman’s Lambo. The Sky Diving Challenger. Number 96, the Lykan
Hypersport from “Furious 7”. (upbeat music) Honestly when I first saw
the Hypersport in “Fast 7”, I was heated. There are more videos of
it driving in video games than in real life. It’s not a real car. And you know what, it’s
the worst car on this list. Eclipse, you get a pass. Lykan you live here now. The Morimoto 350Z. Number 94, the demo derby Monte Carlo from “2 Fast 2 Furious”. Yeah, it’s not a flashy car. But I love Roman’s intro
scene at the demo derby. It was so cool for “The Fast and Furious” to show another side of car culture and I really applaud them for that. The yellow S197 Mustang GT. Number 92, Dom’s Charger with Blower from “Fast and Furious 4”. Number 91, Dom’s Charger without a blower and Matt Black now, from “Fast Five”. Shaw’s Aston Martin. Roman’s Bugatti. Chevy Suburban. Cipher’s Land Cruiser. Tej’s AMT GT. Nissan 370Z. Number 84, the blue and orange S15 from “Tokyo Drift”. (upbeat music) Ah the Mona Lisa of drifting. Or at least that’s what Twinkie calls it. My opinion, nay. Might have been sweet at the time, but I don’t think that color
combo has aged well at all. I will admin though, that S15 Shaun drives at the end of the film is a lot better. Letty’s Rally Fighter. Subi WRX. Letty’s Viper. Shaw’s Jag F Type. Number 79, the Ice Charger
from “Fate of the Furious”. Look, I know a fair amount of you might have this Charger as
your favorite one, but not me. It’s so outlandish, even by
“Fast and Furious” standards, just not for me. Brian’s GTR. Number 77 the Pantera GTS
from “Fast and the Furious”, hey Vince is back. Where’s your Maxima dude? Han’s WRX. Land Rover Defender. The Dodge Demon crew cars. Letty’s Chevelle. The Blue Yenko Camaro. Neela’s blue RX8. Number 70, the blue Porsche
996 GT3 RS from “Fast Five”. Yo, shout out to my Tony for this one. All donuthead’s know, I miss
ya bro, come visit us soon. Jaguar F Type. Dom’s Plymouth GTX. Hob’s Land Rover Defender. The skydiving Jeep. Number 65, Tej’s Eagle Speedster
from “Fast and Furious 6”. I think what’s really cool of
“Fast and Furious” producers to include this car, the Eagle Speedster is basically a super restomodded Jaguar E Type and it’s a distinctly inspired
choice for the franchise. Nice. Dom’s Charger. Brian’s GTR. The Ice Ram with tracks. Brian’s Skyline GT-R. Number 60, Mia’s black NSX
from “Fast and Furious”, don’t sleep on Mia man. As we’ll see later on,
she’s got great taste. Shout out to Jordana Brewster, hey. The Charger bank heist cars. Another Dom Challenger. The Jock Viper from “Tokyo Drift”. I bet you thought I was
gonna put this way further up on the list, huh? Why, just because I’ve
a model viper on my desk and I wish I had spiky
hair like this jock guy? That’s racist. Plus, it’s a Gen Three and I’m more of a Gen Two kind of guy. Moving on, the Hulk
Volkswagen from “Tokyo Drift”. Look this car is usually at
the bottom of everyone’s list but not mine. Twinkie as a hustler in the
truest sense of the word. And I get disappointed, no, devastated if he did drive a Volkswagen
with Hulk hands glued on. Number 55, the Evo drift
car from “Tokyo Drift”. This car is a perfect
example of the producers almost getting car culture. They knew drifting would blow up when they were making this movie. They also knew kids
liked those dang Evo’s, so why not put them together. Well, the Evo is all wheel
drive which kinda makes it not a great drift car. They tried. The Ripsaw Tank. The Major’s Mustang with no engine. Hob’s Navistar MXT. Number 51, Letty’s Jensen Interceptor from “Fast and Furious 6”. This thing is LS Swapped,
it’s got dope wheels, and apparently decent air
conditioning, oh well. Ford Torino. Orange Julius’s RX7. The yellow E39 540i. Hob’s Rhino. Number 46, the Koenigsegg
from “Fast Five”. (upbeat music) When “Fast Five” came out in 2011, Koenigsegg was a much smaller company and for that reason I
think it was really cool of the producers to
include the Swedish company in their huge, global
phenomenon of a franchise. Tej’s Ferrari FXX. Ford Fairline. Roman’s Camaro. The stolen GT40. Letty’s red Corvette. Han’s LFA. Number 38, Edwin’s DC2 Integra from “The Fast and the Furious”. – Monica. – The Rambo Lambo. The cool white Mustang. Rico Santos’s Supra. Dom’s Chevy Fleetline. The skydiving WRX. Dom’s other Roadrunner. 31, Tej’s Ford Galaxie from “Fast Five”. I love that they Ludacris in a Galaxie. It makes Pippin all over
the world that much easier. Takashi’s 350Z. Letty’s 240SX, that’s
actually pretty sick. Number 29, Suki’s S2000
from “2 Fast 2 Furious”. Apparently Devon Aoki
had never driven anything besides a golf cart
before “2 Fast 2 Furious”. So I’m actually really
impressed she was able to clear that bridge on the first try. – Whew, smack that ass. – Dom’s Grand National. Dom’s Barracuda. That weird Corvette convertible thing. The Havana Chevy Bel Air. Number 24, the 1971 Monte
Carlo from “Tokyo Drift”. I remember seeing a little
blurb about this car in Hot Rod magazine and thinking it was the coolest car ever. It really appealed to my small
town sensibilities as a kid and it still does today. I really wanna build something like this. The Chevy R3500 Truck. Number 22, Mia’s blue Integra GSR from “The Fast and the Furious”, I
told you Mia had good taste. This Integra is sweet. – Wanna go for a drive? – Yes I do wanna go for a drive. Hector’s EG Civic Hatch. Number 20, we’re in the top 20 now. The F Bomb Camara from “Fast and Furious”. (upbeat music) Here’s another Hot Rod Magazine car. They didn’t actually use
David Freiburger’s real Camaro but built a few replica’s of it. Also, we’re huge fans of Roadkill. We’d love to do something with you guys. Dom’s other other Roadrunner. Johnny Tran’s S2000. He’s got 100k under that hood dude. – Uh huh, uh huh. – Number 17, Jesse’s Jetta from
the “Fast and The Furious”. This is probably one
of the most iconic cars of the first film and it’s not even in my top 10. Frankie Muniz owned it at one
point, so that’s pretty cool. Han’s sick C Series Tow
truck, love that thing. Number 15, the Flip Car
from “Fast and Furious 6”, dude it’s a fricking F1 car that flips other cars over and does it in real life. How freaking sick is that? It can crab walk, look at this. Number 14, the iconic silver
R34 from “2 Fast 2 Furious”. You know for being such a fan favorite, it’s funny how little
screen time this car has. In the weakest movie too. But clearly this car had a
huge impact on the scene. Everyone went from wanting a Supra to wanting a Skyline. I mean, it’s on my shirt,
that’s how big of an impact this thing had. The train heist Truck. The Green Eclipse from the
“Fast and the Furious”. I feel bad about leaving
this one out of my top 10. I’m sure some of you are gonna
have some choice words for me (beep) It’s really hard to put in order. Let’s keep going, you’ll see what I mean. Number 11, the Ford
Escort from “Furious 7”. Just look at this thing. All right, we’re in the top 10. These are the 10 greatest cars in “The Fast and the Furious” series. Number 10, Paul’s white
Supra from “Furious 7”. (upbeat music) They ended (beep) movie like
they ended the first movie. A Supra and a Charger racing side by side. I know I’m not the only one who cried when Brian’s white Supra
pulled off into the sunset. I can’t believe a “Fast and
Furious” movie made me cry. Number nine, Roman’s
Caprice from “Furious 7”. I don’t think people
really remember this car, but Pomfrey and I really dig it, so I’m gonna be bold and put it at number
nine, it’s just so cool. Number eight, the red Ford Lightning from “The Fast and the Furious”. The Gen Two lightning is the
coolest truck ever produced man it will never be defeated. I wish they would make a
prequel all about this truck and the races, edge shop, put me in it. I took one acting class
in community college and it was probably the
hardest class of my life. Number seven is Han’s
RX7 from “Tokyo Drift”. This Veil Side body kit equipped RX7 is still one of the most iconic cars to come out of the franchise,
this third installment. Inspiring JDM love to
fans all over the world. Not bad for being the second
coolest car in “Tokyo Drift”. Number six, the yellow R33 GTR from “The Fast and the Furious”. (upbeat music) Okay, let’s be real, this
R33 is probably the most underrated car in the whole series. Bet you forgot all about it huh? Well I don’t blame you, it
barely had any screen time and the cars pilot is
basically the only person from the first movie to
never make another appearance in the series. Legend has it that
after filming the movie, the Big Bird GTR spent
a lot of time racing, eventually blowing its motor. Then some guy in Wisconsin
bought it without the VIN number and it met its untimely
doom in the crusher, RIP. – Streets closed, BT Boy. – Number five, the RB26 Swap
’67 Mustang from “Tokyo Drift” and this car made a lot of
people mad back in the day. Mostly old guys, but I don’t get it. It’s a marriage of
everything we love from both “The Land of the Free” and the “Rising Sun”, but I won’t lie, it probably should have
been lowered a few inches. Number four, Dom’s RX7 from
“The Fast and the Furious”. Fun fact, they didn’t use
any rotary sound effects for this car. (car engine roaring) But despite that it’s
still the best looking in Dom’s crew. Peep those Veil Side
Andrew’s racing wheels. Number three, Dom’s dads Charger,
“The Fast and the Furious” The scene where Dom shows Brian this car is one of my favorites in the whole series and establishes his ride of
choice from there on out. What a beast of a machine. All right, number two, the orange Supra from “The Fast and the Furious”. There’s a certain feeling I get when I see the orange marked four onscreen every time I watch “The Fast and The Furious”. It takes me back to a different time. And I’m sure I’m not alone. You can just hear the
hiphop, new metal soundtrack and Vin Diesel saying, – Smoke him. – Just by looking at this thing. So what could possibly
be on top of my list? Well it’s not one car, but three. (upbeat music) Number one, the black Civic’s from “The Fast and The Furious”. A lone semi truck lumbers
down the freeway at night, suddenly three identical Honda Civic’s lurch from the darkness and begin their assault. These are the fist cars we see in “The Fast and the Furious” series and they changed the world. How many guys do you know
try to make their cars look like these in high school? I’m betting a lot. Spoilers, underglow, loud exhaust. It was a simple combination
but it was sweet. When you see these cars onscreen, you know what’s about to happen. Look the truth is the top 10 could be in any different order
depending on who you ask. You watched this video
all the way through, because you care about these cars. Because they mean something to all of us. I think I say this
every time we talk about “The Fast and the Furious” but truly, if these 10 cars never
made it to movie screen, Donut would not exist. So a big thank you to those movies and thank you for celebrating
these cars with me. Thanks to Curiosity Stream for
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dope new streaming service with over 2400 documentaries,
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our sponsors, thank you. Thanks for watching Wheelhouse. This is a really fun episode to do. I’m sure everyone’s got some
opinions about my picks. Lemme know your top three
cars down in the comments. I’m curious, check out
episode 100 of up to speed right here, it’s all about the GTR. That was a really fun episode to do too. We’ve talked about “Fast and
Furious” before on this show, check it out right here. Shout out to Jimmy for
watching every movie and writing down all the cars and then thanks to me for
putting them in order. Anyway, follow me on
Instagram @nolanjsykes. Follow Donut @donutmedia. Be nice, I’ll see you next time.

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