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Estrenar auto? | Temporada de compra | Efecto Trump

Estrenar auto? | Temporada de compra | Efecto Trump

Welcome to Tixuz Autos Hello friends I´m Sergio Oliveira. Eduardo Vargas. How are you lalo? doing well Sergio and how are you doing? also well thanks for asking. Well Sergio, time for a show we have a bunch of shows there but this one has been asked for a bit on social media whats better right now? You who are in the industry and know about about these things, would it be good to buy a car right now that the dollar is starting to rise? and what are the expectations for the next year? is it better to wait? or what do we do? lots of people say, should i buy it? shouldn´t i? should i get debt now? What about the dollar? there is alot of uncertainty among the people. In general its beter to buy right now but this is not always the case wat do i mean? Prices are going to go up and not only because the price of the dollar raised, and will continue to rise, and there are expectations and specialists that say it could get up to 25 so obviously buying right now implies buying for less another thing could be interesting to buy now if you buy on credit at a fixed rates for example, there are still several brands still offering months without interest, and yesterday i was talking with some friends from Nissan, and they have plans for vehicles from 18 to 24 months without interest and its a very good plan if your already thinking about changing cars and your thinking about whether or not you should wait its a good opportunity in the sense that if rates increase tomorrow, you already signed at a lower rate or even at a rate of 0, months without interest means 0 rate, whats the negative of buying now? there is nothing that is 100% positive all sides have their good and their bad, the good consequence, and the bad consequence and that is the good one you freeze the price, and in some cases you freeze the rates the bad would be, if you lose your job? and thats something you can´t know, thats something which would be very hard to determine at this time, because Donald Trump is a big unkown nobody knows exactly how hard or soft things are going to get there is alot of pressure from the whole world for him to not do what he said he would in his campaign, but we know the man, and the man has some weird things he is the first politician, lets say, of global importanc, who is a business man he was a business man before and has interests everywhere, so if at any time it goes through you head that he won´t do things that benefit him as a businessman. Of course he´s going to do that. What do you think is more important to him? The Unites States? or his businesses? His businesses, but do you know what else? More than that? His personality. His ego. His Ego is crazy but what is more important for his Ego? thats something we don´t know, to be a great president of the Unites States? Loves by the people, ect. or make himself into a more sucessful businessman ans go beyond Carlos Slim as the riches man in the world I think he has enough money, i think he´s looking to stroke his ego. When have you ever seen a business man be satisfied with the amount of money they have? oh, Never. There are none that say that is enough and well lets not exagerate, there must be more than 1 but they aren´t exactly the rule most say i used to win 10, but if i can win 20 i will, 100? i will if i can make 1 million, or 2 or 5 or 200 or 1,000 im going to do it your first goal is to survive as a person, financially what you want is to survive, to have enough money to put food on the table the second is to have a roof over your head, to garuantee that in good or bad you have a place to be, and from there you keep growing once you have resolved your basic necessities, you have food, you have a roof i can more or less care for my health or my family and all that, you start to want a bigger house, a car and thats how it goes, and with business men go through the same, if today their income allows them to fly in first class, tomorrow they will want to buy a plane, in order to not be subject to the hours of airlines, or the routes the airlines have and once you get past that, a bigger airplane because there is a level of business men, and you know this, that among them who has- competition. has the newest airplane, like neighboors who has the bigger truck they also want to have the biggest airplane planes amongst other things and thats how it goes, and that is infinite as Frank Sinatra said, the one with the most things at the end wins, so i don´t know which ego is going to be more important for Trump, hopefully that is to be a good president to show everyone that we were wrong and that he´s the awesome one, if thats how it turns out, things could calm down but if its not that way, and he decides to make a wall that is going to cost 25 billion dollars, and when the times comes says that Mexico has to pay for it and if you don´t i´ll charge you the chinese way whats charging the chinese way? its comercial trading and debts on both sides and they put up the debt or they won´t pay those things if they don´t pay for it so what would that mean for mexico? a catastrophe, and im talking about 1 of the things that Trump said, so if that happens, and your working at a company which primarily exports, Mexico is a country which is designed to export and China, which is another country designed to export, knowing about the problems that could come to Mexico has started to turn around its comercial trades in Latin Ameria to look for trade agreements with countries like Chile, Argentina, Brazil, ect. to substitue what at some point Mexico will not be able to offer, so there comes a time when Mexico says that they can no longer offer the Honda HR-V at our old prices because the dollar is expensive and it costs more to produce and i produce less because i no longer send to the United States, so its going to be more expensive, and China is going to say i have cars here, they might be Chinese but they are cheaper and what if that implies a reduction in the production, to say something, of the automotive industry which is an industry which represents 17% of Manufacturing gross domestic product and 3% of Gross Domestic Product of Mexico as a total, 3% with a single industry is alot in recent years the automotive industry in Mexico has generated more income than the 2 most traditional Mexican sources of income Petroleum, and tourism and remittances thats what i wanted to ask about, this guy already sent out his video of auctions for 100 days where he said that on day 1 he´s going to get out of TPP of the TPP agreement and he´s going to renegotiate the NAFTA from commercial trade, there would be a notification of leaving the Transpacific alliance a potential disaster for our country and instead of this we will negotiate just bilateral trade agreements that will bring back the industry to the coasts of the United States how easy is it, for businesses for Ford, and everyone who makes cars here to say we are closing and going to the United States is it really easy for them? No, its not easy not at all, and its something they are going to have to think about because its not only the businesses from the United States In the last 5 years the businesses who started to build or are curently in the process of building a car factory in Mexico to only mention the automotive industry, the american ones, Chevrolet started in San Luis Potosi Chrysler in San Luis Potosi and it has more investments in that factory and Ramos Arizpe, Ford is building a new factory San Luis Potosi as well and it celebrated 30 years in Hermosillo a short time ago the factory in Chihuahua is one of the most important ones if not the most important one for Ford in the world Chrysler is going to be making the Compass here they launched it in the United States and its going to be made here probably in the place of the Cinquecento in Toluca and obviously the intention is to send that product to the United States, and if it can´t send it to the United States, hows it going to send it? but outside of that you have Mazda in Salamanca, Honda in Senliga BMW in San Luis, Volkswagen in Guanajuato Volkwagen in Puebla as well right? Guanajato, a motor factory. Oh, motors. The most recent one Audi in Puebla, Toyota in San Luis, so everyone is investing here, so its a global problem, so if Trump decides to really, commit to that policy if he has enough strength to say that the TLC is over and if congress lets him and if the popular opinion lets him, because that is going to weaken many companies that are in the United States, and even without being america, like Toyota Toyota will siffer in the United States. Of course. And they are going to lose jobs there I got to thinking, wouldn´t that be against them because he was saying that mexicans are taking the jobs and things like that, but if you look at it the businesses that are here in Mexico most are actually american. Yes. It goes against their own interests because they keep the utility they do give us jobs here, but they themselves keep the profits. Why is the company here? because its more lucrative for them to be here, its better business to be here than there and taking them there means losing money and not only losing money because they invested a huge amount of money here and are going to have to throw that away to build something over there but that operationg over there is more expensive than operating here, because of taxes, labor and more than anything because of labor costs, and businesses are going to have to use more money, to go back there will he be able to do it? I don´t know, but if he does and i tell you to buy a car and you lose your job tomorrow oh its because Sergio told me to buy it thats the complicted part if akk this, its very difficult to forsee whether or not there will be economic stability how much would a car raise in price, lets suppose its a car that costed 10,000 dollars and you take it to the United States how much do you think they will raise the price? 20% because of labor costs? 30% because of labor? not so much, but 5% is enough. 5% is enough for that. Well, we don´t know whats going to happen with this man, but the first affected are going to be the americans that is if he doesn´t back down, because you can´t say, by decree im going to produce jobs, by decree im going to make this that doesn´t exist American are going to get pneumonia, but it could be that Mexico gets cancer, because if the United States gets a cough Mexico gets Pneumonia, so what happens when the United States gets pneumonia? well we´ll be dying over here we are still very dependant on the United States extremly dependant, i had said here before in other videos, that we need to get rid if that dependency, and trump could be the detonator for this new stage, but in the meantime me for example, i am 100% reliant on the Automotive industry the automotive industry in Mexico If the Mexican Automotive industry fails, i have to look for something else. Of course. And since i don´t understand other things as much as this, i have 2 options for employment if that catastrophe happened in Mexico Brazil or the United States, because for Mexico things would be complicated so i really don´t know what could happen and i insist if you feel like your job, lets say your a government employee or if you work at a hotel chain tourism shouldn´t suffer on the contrary, tourism must get stronger, because even if you separate the economies, Mexico with a more expensive dollar, it becomes cheaper for whoever wins in dollars so its cheaper for americans to come to Mexico, so tourism should growm so if you work in that sector, buy your car rigt now, you´ll get it for less as your job is not as at risk as others but if you work at a company that dedicates itself to manufacturing in Mexico and exports primarily to the United States that is where the danger lies. We´d have to look to history and conutries that have closed themselved off to economic openings, it didn´t go well for them and simply because it was too expensive to make the technology that other countries make and your going to make a certain thing in your country its too expensive here, and here basically what happened to the Soviet Union, they had alot of things but they became obsolete because technology beat them out, airplanes, cars why didn´t the automotive industry in russia grow to a global level? Because their cars sucked, why? because they didn´t have access to technologies that other countries had, becauee they closed themselves off, when China opens itself enters the UMC and it starts to get technology from everyone else to copy them, is when they have an economic expansion, if they close themselves, like this guy who wants to close himself off I´m not sure it will go well for them. The world has more or less the same idea, and i do too i think the topic of Donald Trumps decision is complicated, but if he decided to do it Well Sergio, thank you, we´ll- i got to thinking, for 4 years this guy is going to be the president -at least that long- at least, but you as a business invested millions upon millions in a factory in Mexico or somewhere else and you think do you take it away? or do you wait for this crazy person to leave, and support the next person and there is that part of enduring Well, lets form a resistance here. Well, yes. We have no choice, thank you, Goodbye. And remember, if you enjoyed the video, give it a like and if you liked the channel, subscribe Greetings to my friends from Venezuela If you want to see more video click here

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59 thoughts on “Estrenar auto? | Temporada de compra | Efecto Trump

  1. No tengo idea si sean los micrófonos o los niveles de audio, tal vez el lugar, pero se escucha mucho eco y en general no es muy buena la calidad del audio.

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  3. Trump es un empresario ganador…si oíste bien , que va a ser mas grande a su patria. En México nuestros gobernantes sólo piensan en como robarnos mas y cuanto robarse en todo el sexenio. Esa es la diferencia. No trates de compararlo con la escoria que nos gobierna. Y dejen de culparlo. Que a los que deben poner a dar cuentas es a la ratotas que nos gobiernan

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  6. pues estoy muy de acuerdo con sergio el problema menor es el aumento de los precios en los autos el problema mayor es el desempleo y el encarecimiento en todo aqui en mexico

  7. Al minuto 11-12 hablan de las dificultades muy reales en atraer empresas de regreso a los EEUU. Aprecio mucho sus videos pero les falta un dato muy importante.

    Los invito a que vean la propuesta de Trump mas significativa que hay, mas que todas las cosas que uno ve en las noticias:

    La reducción de los impuestos a empresas de 35% a 15%.

    Con eso seria suficiente para revertir el flujo de las empresas hacia fuera de EEUU, y no solo eso, seria suficiente para que a un mexicano empresario le convenga mas poner un restaurant de tacos en EEUU que una fabrica pequeña en Mexico simplemente por el margen de utilidades relativo.

    Recuerden que tanto el congreso como el senado estadounidense son republicanos, aunque no llegara a ese nivel, una reducción en los impuestos de ese tipo es muy real en un futuro cercano.

    Trump no necesitaría ni siquiera voltear a ver al NAFTA, esa medida sola seria suficiente para volverlo obsoleto a menos que el gobierno de Mexico implemente una reducción igual o mayor (JA!).

  8. Que tal amigos de Tixuz, tengo una duda y me gustaria me dieran su punto de vista. Que auto conviene comprar entre un Golf Comfortline o un Seat Leon Style, considerando que el Leon viene con facelift y el Golf cambia para 2018, anunciado recientemente.

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  11. Si termina el TPP va a ser lo mejor que nos pase, de otro modo no vamos a tener realmente libre comercio, sería la esclavitud x medio de las empresas.

  12. lo único que a lograr Donald es un retroceso para la economía de su país, sus empresas se verían muy afectadas tan sólo por lo caro del dólar

  13. se supone que americanos son todos los del continente america y sus islas y arrecifes.
    De lo contrario . mi acepcion es que los yanquis son americanos, y el continente ahora llamarlo
    Continente Mexicano.

  14. Gracias por el análisis ! solo quiero mencionar que en realidad no hay de que preocuparse pues el mercado Chino está mas que listo para entrar en la escena automotriz con mano de obra calificada y entrenada para montar sus plantas si llegara a haber despidos masivos, la coreanas y las europeas o mismo. quizá como bien menciona Don Sergio: tanta dependencia de USA es lo que nos ha frenado siempre para avanzar en México .

  15. Yo creo que el puede beneficiarse de la presidencia de forma financiera sin necesidad de afectar a los ciudadanos estadounidenses, no es como si fuera a matar gente en la republica democratica del congo para desollarlos y traer sus cuerpos desmembrados a EEUU para tener carne barata (Esto ultimo es un chiste pero en parte es cierto), puede ayudar a sus empresas a tener los tramites mas rapidamente y a que sus empresas tengan en cierta medida privilegios selectivos en cuanto a productos pero la calidad debe ser buena o mas.

    No putin, ese musolini es un cabron, no le permitas montar hoteles en Moscu, yo los monto y somos socios, aaa chale wey si le pones cerveza gratis acepto

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  17. Fuerza Lalo, si Sergio se va por culpa de Trump, aquí estaremos en la resistencia de Tixuz apoyando la industria en México. Saludos.

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  19. Sabía que el maestro Oliveira era conocedor de la comodidad en autos… pero tambien es un conocedor de comodidad de ropa… ese suéter Polo Ralph Lauren es de los más cómodos y versátiles que he tenido… doble palomita para el maestro Oliveira.

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  21. Jajajajaja no digan mamadas, con todo respeto don Sergio, usted sabe de autos, no de política ni economía, reservese sus comentarios que sólo asustan a los pendejos y ese mismo miedo es el que ha causado esta instantánea recesión económica.

  22. Debemos ser la nueva China, copiar todo como nos lo manden y valiendo tres kilos de verga la propiedad intelectual; si pagan barato cosa chafa tendran, si pagan bien copia fiel han de tener.

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