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I think it’s time to call Conor Hi my name is Caspar Lee and I’m partnering with maltesers It all started a few weeks ago when I was filming a music video for them in the United States and all of a sudden I had an epic idea for a prank The epic prank idea I had was to fill a friend’s car up with Maltesers. I asked Maltesers and they said yes, so all I had to do was find a friend in London who has a car which isn’t very common because most of my friends Don’t drive here except for Conor Maynard (aiya) Okay, so I’ve got Conor’s car, I feel terrible with how easy that was, he trusts me so much *car honk honk honk* I’m so excited! Casp: So here’s my accomplice, Grant Hinds. Grant what have you done in the second I went to the toilet? Grant: While you were there I poured all the maltesers out. Cas, aren’t you worried that the prank’s gonna leave a mark in the car? Dude, I think about these things Grant (smh gRANT) *duct tapes the car* Grant: Maltesers go on the inside of the car not the outside. Casp: That does make sense. Grant: How long do you think it’s gonna take? Casp: At this rate like three days? So if you help, I think Casp: we could get it faster do you reckon you can help? Grant: Fine you know what, I think we should swap roles. I’ll do that. Casp: You’ll do the plastic Grant? What have you done? Grant: I’ve finished the car. Casp: What do you mean you’ve finished the car it looks exactly the same. Grant: I hate you. Casp: Oh wow, let’s fill this car with maltesers. Connor’s gonna be so angry. This is gonna take too long like this Grant: Yeah this is going to take like a couple of weeks. Casp: I’ve got a plan B. CAN WE GET THE CREW? *DUN DUN DUNNN* Okay, guys, let’s get a good one. Come on, what are we waiting for, let’s do this Grant get off The Bigger, I repeat get off the bigger. Your pink hair is gonna get stuck in the wheels Okay, yes yes, nice and slow, be careful on my head. All right, go, drop it That’s what I like to see. Whoo I think it’s time to call Conor So I’ll send you my location okay I’m actually so proud of us like I know we didn’t do it on our own, but we managed to pull off the above. I’m actually proud of me because That’s bad, you didn’t really do anything today, you’ve just been eating maltesers. And I think it’s time for the cameras to hide. Guys get back off. Okay, you hidden We don’t want- yep yep. You too. Thank you. Grant, you too. Please please this is normally the approach Thank you There’s an entrance by the red cars Okay, cool. I got your car here. He’s coming, he’s coming, I’m so nervous Hey buddy, I’m sorry I got carried away with the maltesers shoot (of course you did) Are you really excited Because you told me I could borrow your car making a video with maltesers Should we open it, should we open it? *does it anyway of course* Thank you so much for maltesers for giving me the opportunity to be totally out there with this prank I really could not have done it without you Please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe if you enjoyed this video Also, make sure to check out the music video I made with maltesers that inspired this whole prank by clicking the link in the description Or on screen now. I’ll see you next week guys, bye bye

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  1. So you blur out the number plate on the photo when you said that Conor has a car but then you didn't blur it when Caspar decided to get Conor. What was the point of blurring it then??

  2. thats nice wow amazing : ( …show it to those who are dying of hunger. please give respect to food…not many can even afford to buy one small pack of maltesers etc….

  3. Guys I’m surprised not more people noticed this but it’s obviously not Conor’s car because if it was why would they show his number plate

    Don’t get me wrong I love Caspar and I’m not hating xx

  4. you guys literally wasted all of it ugh please keep in mind that there are MILLIONS of people that can’t eat proper food and y’all just do that wtf

  5. Thats really not good…You've wasted thousands of boxes…God gave it to you and its to eat not to waste…You should be sorry to god…

  6. So eine Verschwendung von Lebensmitteln!
    Sowas geht gar nicht, du solltest dich schämen.

    Hoffe du hast irgendwann nichts mehr zu essen.

  7. يا اللي ما تستحي على وجهك تلعب بالنعمه و الله لا اعطيك دز لايك👎👎👎👎👎👎👎✍️👎👎👎👅👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  8. That's not cool! Not epic! It's just wasted food. Can you imagine so much people work really hard to get food? EXTREAMLY SAD!!

  9. And what if it were very hot … These chocolates melted! And then your friend would be very angry …

    But this video deserves a like!
    А что, если бы было бы очень жарко… Эти шоколадные конфеты растаяли! И тогда ваш друг очень разозлился бы…

    Но это видео заслуживает лайка!

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