43 thoughts on “Enterprise Rent A Car – ENTERPRISE AIRPORT MANAGER CANCEL RENT

  1. in the video you say „refuse to give me my car“ but in the description text it says you had been presented a (red colored) car.
    So, I understand you want to choose the color of the car.

    Available cars are limited at any car rental station. May be the red colored one was the last one of the booked category.
    I did a try at the Enterprise branch at NY JFK airport. There you can see a rental car „Standard“ which is „Buick Verano or similar Automatic“, the color is red. And the „Premium“ model is a „Nissan Maxima or similar“, the color is red. Red is a pretty color.

    You should buy your own car. You can choose any color from the list or go to a painter and have your car sprayed in whatever color there is on the planet. A rental car is for driving, it is not a piece of art and you do not use it for lifetime.

  2. You made a booking 2 months ago…they complied with the agreement and offered you a Car. When you went to pick the car from the venue location, somehow you wanted a different colour car. Perhaps, they do not have the colour you asked for so therefore they given you a red car. Since you did not want that, they have the right to cancel the agreement. If you told them before hand that you want a specific colour they could have tailored a car for you. They are in the right.

  3. Most employees will find ways to accommodate customers' requests. Before I say it's anyone's fault, where's the whole discussion? 70% of the customers I've seen were in the wrong when being denied. But hey, that's only in Texas…

  4. dude if you didn't want to rent a red car then why did you book one xD you're not setting a good example for your kid btw

  5. Same thing happened to me at an airport branch. Only the customer "lost his license" somehow while traveling and lost his cool with me. Customers are F'ing assholes

  6. Its says it in the contract, they cannot guarantee, make model or color, just the type. Its pretty dumb this guys is going off like this over color.

  7. Oh my god! I work in the car rental industry. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THE MAKE, MODEL, OR COLOUR OF THE VEHICLE! Good grief! If you book a compact car, we'll give you a compact car, but can't guarantee the make, model, or colour. Get a grip, take your car, and stfu!

  8. Honestly, car color for a rental isn’t really big deal man. It’s not like you were buying it. It’s just the rental, unless that car is pink, then it’s all good. You just made an ass out of yourself for no reason.

  9. He was given the car but don't like the color. Idiot! You're renting it, not buying it. On my trip to Utah via Las Vegas, I reserved a mid-size car. As a member everything went smoothly at the desk as I really don't care with the make or the color. Waiting for me outside was a choice of either a Mustang or a Camaro. Both RED. I chose the Camaro. 😉

  10. You didn't want a red car what!!?😂 At enterprise we may have one type car in your car class at that moment unfortunately that car could be red

  11. Worked at Enterprise. It was by far the worst job I have ever had. Left after 6 months. You're trained to trick people into buying insurance they don't need. Further, alot of the time we did not have the vehicles customers reserved; making them late for meetings, appointments, work etc…
    Man it was bad

  12. It's a rental car and what was available in the class of car you paid for. I've been renting cars on and off from a teen and I never gave a damn about the color. It's a RENTAL not a PURCHASE it's going BACK. So they they didn't rent you shit. That's your bad you really didn't want that car.

  13. this is one of the problems with foreigners they don't understand anything, you book a mid-sized car you get a mid-sized car that's on the lot that day. They might not have the exact model you booked 2 months ago.

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