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Enterprise Car Sales | Our Appraisal Process

Enterprise Car Sales | Our Appraisal Process

Whether you’re selling or trading, we make it easy and transparent at Enterprise Car Sales. Here’s how it works. Our appraisal process starts with a thorough inspection of the vehicle’s engine, transmission,
brakes and other major systems. We also pull a CarFax Vehicle History Report
that’s yours following the appraisal. We use Kelley Blue Book
to determine your vehicle’s trade-in value and give you a documented written offer. Then it’s your call. The offer is good for 7 days
or 300 miles with no obligation to sell. You can sell your vehicle to us outright or trade it in toward one of our quality
cars, trucks, vans or SUVs. Just come in to start your complimentary trade-in appraisal, or to set up an appointment, visit

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