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Employer Profile – Cruise Automotive and Car Sales

Employer Profile – Cruise Automotive and Car Sales

Carolyn Cruise and this is my husband
David Cruise our business is Cruise automotive and car sales in Gravenhurst Ontario originally we began in March of 1973 Dave started out as a welder and we just
progressed from there we were a body shop for a number of years repairing
cars now we do automotive repairs and used-car sale we have four employees
plus Dave and myself Betty works in the office she does all the ordering she
deals with customers she sells cars we have our son Bruce I
should say Betty’s our daughter we have our son Bruce out in the mechanical shop
helping our mechanic Rob Wright Bruce also does body work and then
Raven who came to us through employment north is a car detailer
she does pretty much whatever we ask her to do she’s great It worked really well especially with
Raven when we first started we called over for somebody to assist Ravens
worked out really well because she’s ambitious and she’s got the right
attitude and she wants to learn what were trying to teach her and so chances are
she’ll stick Employment North’s helped us really well with especially with the detailing part we’re still on the
process trying to find a licenced mechanic or apprentice to work with us
that’s good because they’re close to us and they work really well
trying to fill the needs and the voids that we have here you

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