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Ellen Shocks Jeannie With a Huge Surprise

Ellen Shocks Jeannie With a Huge Surprise

All right, I want to read an
email I got from a viewer named Tracy Brandon. “Hi Ellen, my name is Tracy. I’m a single mother to a
beautiful boy named Miles. Miles and I watch your
show together every day, and it never fails
to make us laugh. So I’m writing to say thank you. You have no idea the impact
you’ve made on my life. My coworkers called me
Smiles because no matter what I’m going through, I
always make sure to smile. And watching you is
what keeps me smiling through the tough times. So keep doing you,
Ellen, because you really do change people’s lives. Love, Tracy.” So Tracy, right now, is
backstage in a dressing room with Jeannie. Let’s check in. We’re going to use
our Cisco technology. And Tracy thinks
that she’s being interviewed for EllenTube. She’s one of my biggest fans. Let’s just– Jeannie,
obviously, is in on this. Jeannie, if you can hear me,
blink five times really fast. Blink five times really,
really, really, fast. All right. And then put one– left
hand way in the air. Put left hand way in the air. Like, way high. Yeah. Great. Great. Wave it around. Wave the hand around like that. Right. And blink really fast. Just keep blinking
really, really fast. That’s great. [LAUGHTER] All right. I’m going to surprise
Tracy right now. Get it. Let’s pop in right now. Hi. Hi. Hey, Tracy! Hi, Ellen! What’s going on, Tracy? I’m doing great. You know, just chilling. Good. Good. You’re sitting
there with Jeannie? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We’re talking. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We’re talking right now. Yeah. She’s– Jeannie, she doesn’t
seem to be that surprised. Tracy, you’re not that
surprised, are you? No. No, I’m not that surprised. Why aren’t you surprised? But I’m glad to
meet you, though. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You’re not supposed to be
surprised, because we’re not surprising you. Because you’re an
actress that we hired. We’re surprising Jeannie. Jeannie, come on out here. What? No, you’re not! [APPLAUSE] Oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh. When I was telling you
to blink, and then I started telling you
to raise your hand, that you just did it– Well, I do whatever you say. You’re my boss. Move your hair. Here, move it. And I thought,
oh, you know, this is this normal thing that
you tell people what to do. Right. So I was like,
oh, this is funny. Yeah. And then when she wasn’t
getting scared I was like– or when she wasn’t
surprised, I was like– I know. It’s Ellen. Like, no one has ever
done this before! I know. What do I do? I saw you just, like, keep
pointing, like, it’s Ellen. Like, do you recognize– Yeah. You’re just going– Everybody knows who she is. Yeah, no. She’s an actress. We hired her. We’re surprising you. So this is your 10th
anniversary being on the show. No. Yeah, it is. Oh, no. 10 years. [APPLAUSE] I’m literally in
shock right now. I know you’re in shock. You were just sitting in the
audience one day, 10 years ago. And this is what we have
gone through together– Oh, no. –in 10 years. Hello? Hi, is Jeannie there? Yes, this is her. Hey, Jeannie, it’s, uh,
Ellen DeGeneres calling. How are you doing? Are– are you kidding me? No, I’m not. How are you? So you’ve entered every
contest, and you’ve never won one contest. No, I haven’t. All right. Do you know why I’m calling you? Um– To tell you you still
have not won anything. Nothing. What do you need? I need a job. A job? Yes, ma’am. I mean, I’ll clean
your bathrooms. OK. I don’t know why we wouldn’t
bring Jeannie to see a show and see if she wants to clean
a bathroom or something. We like your personality. So we talked about
it this afternoon. We want to offer you a job here. [CHEERING] Are you kidding? Yes. Oh my gosh! Jeannie is outside West
Virginia right now. Let’s check in with
Jeannie in Dallas. Jeannie is in Ontario. Jeannie? Jeannie? [MUSIC PLAYING – FITZ AND THE
TANTRUMS, “THE WALKER”] It’s Ellen! You’re talking to Ellen! Oh! Trish and her family live
in South Hero, Vermont. And it was way too cold
for us to bring them here. So we sent Jeannie there. It’s negative 6 with a
wind chill of negative 28. Hi! Please let me inside! Jeannie! Jeannie! Oh my god! That’s you. You’re the little one. And who is that,
that you’re hugging? That is my favorite
teacher in my whole life. That’s Miss Beth. [MUSIC PLAYING – KINGS OF LEON,
“AROUND THE WORLD”] You said you wanted to go
see a Broadway show, right? Well, yeah, I’d like to. Have you ever been
in a Broadway show? No. I got you a small
part in Wicked. Oh my god. This is on my bucket list. I never really thought
this would be real! I feel like the luckiest
person in the world. And now, I’m paying
it forward by helping some very special
Olympians experience their very own firsts. I got a letter from Sascha. She has three
brothers and sisters who she has never met before. You’ve waited so long. And here’s the thing. You don’t have to. Because we brought them here. You are kidding me. And they’re right
behind you, Sascha. Oh my god! You are kidding me! For the past 10
years, I have gotten to be a part of giving the
most amazing things to really wonderful people. Hey, Jeannie, it’s
Ellen DeGeneres calling. That was the phone call
that changed my life. [APPLAUSE] I’ve really got to say– I really do– I have the
best job in the whole world. And getting to work for you and
work with all these people– she’s the best. And it just trickles down to
every person that we work with. And it’s the best place, and
I’m so grateful for that. Well, I’m grateful– So long ago. So, thank you. Thank you. I’m grateful for you,
because I feel the same way. I have the greatest
group of people working with me every
single day, except for Andy. And I– [LAUGHTER] But I walk in, and when
you’re not at that desk, I know you’re someplace
on assignment doing something wonderful for us. And so you’re a huge
part of this show. Huge part of this show. Thank you. So we wanted to make it official
that you’re always going to be a big part of this show. So you have your own
seat in the audience. Oh my god. You have– the Jeannie seat! [APPLAUSE] Thank you so much. You’re welcome. We’ll be back. So we sent you
out on assignment, and you did Ford’s “Life’s
First Evers,” right? Yes. And what is your favorite
part about doing that? Oh, my gosh. Well, you want to know what? I always say my
favorite thing to get to do is to get to be a
little part of what you do every day, which is, you find
these amazing, incredible people that have the
most amazing stories and getting to share
it with everyone. And just, it touches me. And the stories that we found
for this were just so awesome, and the people are so awesome. And it was one of the
greatest experiences. It really was. It’s fun to do that
for people, isn’t it? It’s so fun. You feel so blessed and
so lucky when you do. Right. Well, let me tell you something. OK. Our friends at Ford were so
happy with your “Life’s First Ever” series, they want you
to have your very own first ever Ford EcoSport. No! No way! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me? Oh my gosh! Holy smokes! I’ve never gotten
to do this part. I’ve never gotten
to do this part. This is your part. Oh my gosh! Holy smokes! I know. I know. There you go. Oh my gosh! This was so fun. You can watch Jeannie’s digital
series, “Life’s First Evers,” on EllenTube right now.

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