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Electric Cars on Campus

Electric Cars on Campus

One, two, three. Today is the ribbon
cutting event for the first public level
three charger installed in Massachusetts. The unit is produced by Nissan. And this is going
to allow the campus to have a few extra
electric vehicles, helping our greenhouse gas emissions,
reducing our carbon emissions, and help with carbon
neutrality by 2050. The governor committed
with seven other governors to have 3.3 million electric
vehicles on the roads by the year 2025,
which means we have to have 300,000 vehicles here
in Massachusetts on the road by that period of time. And one of the big
obstacles or hurdles that we have to get across, is
building out the infrastructure so people don’t
have range anxiety, and that they know that they
can use electric vehicles, certainly because they’re
sustainable and better for the environment. But they are also convenient. The average person, the
studies show, commute, live, and shop within
100 miles of their home. And that is what the range
of the current Leafs are. They’re a lot of fun to drive. They are really, really silent. You turn it on, and they
go, is the engine running? And you go, yes, it is. It was excellent. Being 6′, 4″, I was
impressed with the head room. I have plenty of inches
above me right here. And the acceleration
was also very impressive for the electric car. And it handled very
well in the snow. It was really
slick this morning. But the car was doing great. It was kind of weird
driving the car that didn’t make a lot of noise. It’s completely
silent inside the car. But it actually makes a slight
whistling sound on the outside, for blind people or whoever. So that it’s not
completely silent, and you can’t
creep up on people. The best part about an
electric car from anybody in New England,
there are no fluids. There’s no transmission
fluid, no oil to change, no antifreeze to
spill on the ground. There’s no belts,
no hoses to break, no exhaust to have a hole in. So all of those
maintenance costs that New England is very,
very astute to, are free. I have actually driven one
of the cars before today. But it is the first time
I’ve seen the Charger, so it’s a great day celebrating
that accomplishment, celebrating UMass’ leadership
in the field of clean energy and in environment. And they’re going to
continue that leadership across the Commonwealth
of Massachusetts. You have to make sure that
it’s plugged in really tight. Maybe in the future, when they
have more charging stations, and it becomes more
available and accessible, I could think about getting
a Leaf or a similar car.

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