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Electric Camaro Drift Car: Exclusive First Look

Electric Camaro Drift Car: Exclusive First Look

– Picture this, you’re at the track, a car comes drifting sideways
through the first turn. The tires are a screaming for
mercy but suddenly you realize that they’re the only
thing that’s screaming. There is no engine sound. (tires screeching) What? You just saw the world’s first
electric pro drift car homie and we got it right here. These guys are blazing
or should I say zapping smokey new skid marks in motor sports, proving that it is possible to
turn a regular, old, fun car into a sick, new, tail
sliding, electric one. We’re gonna show you all the special stuff and answer all of your questions cause I know you guys got some. I hope you guys like electricity puns because there’s gonna be a bunch of em. We’re goin Bumper 2
Bumper on this Camaro EL1. (upbeat music) Napoleon Motorsports is venturing into the motor sports unknown
with this insane new build for the 2019 Formula DRIFT
Season, the Camaro EL1. You get it? Cause it’s E-L-ectric. Lightning! Lightning! Lightning! A lot of times when I say that honestly I feel like it’s unwarranted
but in this case, earned meme. The guys who built this
car have the same love of roaring engines and race gas as you do. I love the smell of race
gas, probably too much. Sometime I forget the difference between letters and numbers. But these guys are also human beings who are stoked to build something new. And what good is the human race if we don’t keep innovating
and moving forward. – Tear down this wall. (tires screeching) – Formula DRIFT literally
had to rewrite their rules to allow this car to compete. That’s one of the coolest
things about this series. You can build whatever you
want, run it against anybody, and win the whole fricking thing. You can’t do that in NASCAR,
you can’t do that in Indycar, you can’t do that in F1 or
IMSA or any other race series. And the short runs and drifting
offer more possibilities to play with high
performance electric cars without having to worry about
annoying stuff like range. The first thing you will notice is that this bad boy’s got a
lot of carbon fiber on. As y’all know, steel body
panels are pretty heavy, just like our boy and since
this car has to carry around about 800 pounds of bitcheries, everything else needs to
be as light as possible. The batteries in this car weigh almost half of what my dad weighed. He’s 7’6″, 1700 pounds
and fast as lightening. The roof is the only original
sheet metal left on this car. The rear body panels are
made of carbon kevlar like a bullet proof vest. The doors, front quarter panels, and hood are all made of carbon fiber. All in, the EL1 tips the
scales at around 3000 pounds. Alright, a stock Camaro 1LE track package is over 3300 pounds so
3000 is (bleep) amazing. The L1 is made for drifting so, a sick custom suspension
setup is mandatory. The series rules say that
the original subframe and suspension mounting
points have to be kept so those are still stock
Camaro geometry underneath. BC Racing coilovers handle the ride. The control arms, uprights,
and steering angle kit are all insanely beautiful machine billet aluminum
components from SLRspeed. Everything is designed for
the rigors of drifting, like potentially slamming into other cars and concrete walls. When that happens, the
bolt-on suspension parts are designed to break because
those are easy to replace. Sacrificing them can
prevent damage to the frame and parts of the car that are a lot harder to fix on short notice. No one wants to see
their car taken out early and this can keep them in the game through the whole weekend long event. (upbeat music) Formula D rules don’t allow
major chasse modifications so that put some constraints on where the batteries could go. The EL1 holds 120 lithium
ion batteries cells producing a total of 420 volts dude. (laughs) – Suh dude. – Cars that are designed
for electric drive terrains usually lay the batteries
flat across the floor pan for a low center of gravity
and even weight distribution. But the only place all
these batteries would fit is up here in the engine bed. Despite the packaging
challenge the builders managed to achieve a near perfect 51, 49 front to rear weight balance. Speaking of batteries,
you might be familiar with batteries igniting and causing fires. It’s an issue and these
guys had to deal with it. Okay, let’s say, God
forbid, this thing ignites. Travis pulls the fire suppression system (water sound effect) just
like a normal race car, douses the cabin, they pull him out by the straps
on his shoulders, he’s good. Oh, we gotta save this
kajillion dollar race car. Dudes roll over, pull this,
alright, now this thing is dead. Alright, this is the kill switch, no more electricity going through. Ah, it’s still not working. Dudes run over, put a
female connector over this, pressurized water goes through this tube, into this sealed box and douses
the F out of these battery. Batteries are all, I
want to catch on fire. I’m a battery, I act like the
anger guy from Inside Out. Fire suppression system’s like, I’m Amy Poehler from
Inside Out, chill out! That’s exactly how it works (everyone laughs) I love electric cars, they’re the future, not only for the environment but because they’re fricking badass. But to be honest, they’re pretty
far out of my comfort zone. And they’re probably outside of yours too. But this is the future of hot rods so we might as well dive into the lingo. We gotta a whole new set
of words to learn fellas. So let’s buckle up and get into it. These 120 battery cells are
rated at 320 watt hours each for a total capacity of 38,400 watt hours or 38.4 kilowatt hours. A watt hour is a unit
of energy equivalent to one watt of power used for one hour. It’s the equivalent of
the size of a gas tank. For comparison, a Tesla model S P100D has a 100 kilowatt hour capacity. The EL1 doesn’t need a long range though so they save weight by reducing the battery capacity to 38.4. The EL1 should last for a full
Formula D day of competition without any recharging
but if you’re in the pit, you might as well plug it in right? Just like, yo my phone’s not dead but I’m going to sleep so
I might as well charge it. Honestly the difference
between a great day and a good day is if my charge is 100%. ♪ I gotta keep it 100 ♪ the power is rated at 384
kilowatts which is confusingly the same numbers as the battery capacity but it is actually an
unrelated coincidence. That’s the equivalent
of about 515 buff horses a unit that you might
understand, thank God. Now I know, you’re saying 515
is kind of on the low side for FD but here’s where
things get interesting. Torque is estimated to
be about 800 pound feet which is on par with other FD cars. But unlike them, all of the
EL1’s torque is available… (tires screeching) instantly. That’s probably going to come
in real handy for breaking the rear tires don’t ya think? Do you think so? Is that gonna come in handy? I think, yeah it’ gonna. You guys might be asking yourself, does this thing have gears? Drifters use down shifts and clutch kicks to perform their best runs well don’t get your skinny jeans in a wad, I’m gonna get not that inna bit. Just keep watching the video. So we’re in the front of a Camaro, we’re looking at essentially the gas tank, the motor is in the back. (upbeat music) The batteries are connected
to a magnet-less motor directly driving the rear wheels. Fun fact, for safety reasons
and better weight distribution, the motor is actually upside down. According to the dudes at Napoleon nobody has ever done that before. The motor controller is made by EV West, one of the biggest electric car conversion companies in the world. Maybe you’ve seen their
electric E36 M3 Pikes Peak car or electric baja buggy, so fast, so quiet. Perfect ninja car (imitates
throwing star sounds). Running a motor without magnets
has a lot of advantages. There’s less friction,
which means less power loss and less rolling resistance. That also means, uh, more
power baby, mm mm, mwha mwha, mm mm mm mm, I love power baby especially when there’s more of it. It’s also easier to tune,
less heat sensitive, and will last longer than
a traditional magnet motor. This one revs up to 16,000 RPM. You’re not gonna find another
car anywhere that does that. A lot of revs make a lot of heat, and electric stuff gets
hot just like engines do. So, the EL1 has pretty
comprehensive cooling system. Cool water gets pumped out of a reservoir by an electric water pump and heads back to the
motor to cool the stator. Another new word, ha ha ha, stator. Then, it goes to the drive inverter and finally the center housing casing. From there, it heads
back into the radiator to get cooled off again and
because this is a drift car, I’m gonna give a shout to Chris
Foreberg and say radiator. – Radiator. – One of the weirdest things to get use to about electric cars is you
can’t tell when they’re on. – [Oscar Martinez] The Prius is silent if he keeps it under five miles per hour. – [Dwight Schrute] Whoa, what are you. – So there are indicator
lights on both ends of the roof to let people know yo dude I’m on. If you’re in the pits,
with your freakin bumper that you found on the side fo the track trying to get it signed by Travy, keep your eyes peeled because
he might run you over. (upbeat music) Personally, and I’ve said
this a bunch of times, I told Remack this, when
you start these things, you should use the PlayStation
One start up sound. It’s the sickest sound ever. (techno sound) (upbeat music) Okay, I’m going to fire up
this electric drift Camaro. To do that, all I do is flip
this switch labeled PARTY. She’s on, it’s gotta touch
screen down here for selecting park, neutral, reverse, or drive making it not only the first
electric car in Formula DRIFT, but the first non-manual transmission car. In fact, it’s really a
non-transmission car. If you put it in drive it’s
programmed to creep forward like a normal gas engine
automatic idle would. You wanna go faster? Press the gas pedal, it’s a skinny pedal on the right still called a gas pedal
in an electric car? Should it be called an electron pedal, power pedal, go pedal,
the lightening pedal? Drop your suggestions in the comments and while you’re at it,
zap that like button. I know you guys are wondering, how is Travis Reader gonna throw down sick runs without clutch kicking. Well, that monster torque
is available all the time. The throttle response is instantaneous and power delivery is perfectly linear. All he has to do is stab
the not-a-gas-pedal go pedal or grab this eBrake. Travis is probably gonna have a little bit of a learning
curve going from a gas car to an electric car but in the end, he thinks, that the EL1 is actually easier to drift, it’s just a very odd different. This whole car is electric
but you can’t do any fun stuff with an electric eBrake so the EL1 has a hydraulic one for
initiating epic slides. Speed, RPM, temperatures,
and drive mode status are all displayed on this
little touch screen down here. You can even adjust the
power levels with this thing. – What does the Scouter
say about his power level? – It’s over 9000! – There’s another tablet
where the stock gauges were to keep tabs on battery tabs, voltage, and any potential system faults. The team can even upload
a video of the last run so Travis can watch it right here so that he can improve for the next one. Most dudes just watch it on their phone, this is much sicker. Other than the specific
electric car stuff, it’s just friggin’ race car man. You got your full roll cage for safety, got your nasty car bars,
removable steering wheel. DCE Motorsports makes the electric power assisted steering system, which is much lighter
than a hydraulic setup and can be tuned to exactly
how my boy Travy likes it. I can turn the car with my fist. Now this next thing is probably the craziest thing about this car. (upbeat music) this is a defibrillator, yeah, one of those things
from the hospital shows, that zaps people back to life. There’s a lot of bolts on board this car and if something goes wrong
you might get a little tingle. – I give you some tingles. – So the defibrillator is
kept close just in case. And don’t quote me on this, but it could be handy for
getting Travy amped up for his run too right? Lightning! Lightening!
Lightening! Lightening! You want to not? Nah, give me the juice! Clear! (tires screeching) The EL1 is a high performance machine that can do awesome drifts
just like a gas car. It just does it in a different way. It’s gonna push electric
cars forward in racing and for enthusiasts. The EL1 is out to show that
electric cars can be exciting. (tires screeching) Clear! Thanks for watching Donut Media, if you guys didn’t watch it, we wouldn’t be allowed to make it. Christina, our producer was like, “Hey we’re shooting at some
garage in Orange County.” turns out it’s Apex. So thanks to them for
letting us shoot here. I literally recognize almost
every car in this garage. Their lobby is sick. You like Camaros? Check out this episode of Up to Speed. You like fast AF electric stuff? Check out this episode of
Bumper 2 Bumper, I love you.

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