100 thoughts on “Elderly Homeless Man on Social Security Can’t Afford Rent in Denver

  1. Your voice can help end homelessness. If we do not fix the affordable housing crisis, homelessness will continue to get worse. Click here http://invisiblepeople.tv/getinvolved to tweet, email, call, or Facebook your federal and state legislators to tell them ending homelessness and creating more affordable housing is a priority to you.

  2. Look on the bright side. Maybe this will get so bad, they'll be a revolution.

    Then again it may be a fascist type takeover. The middle class demanding the streets be cleansed. Homeless and other useless will be 'gotten rid of'.

  3. All they want to do is put you in transitional housing and you won't like it there cuz it's all bed bugs and stinking asses

  4. This man needs a good home with understanding support. I know my rent is $259/ mo. more than my Social Security check. Society needs to take action. Tiny homes are being built for Veterans, why not for everyone in need?

  5. I hope this happens to so many people so they can see what it's like. Is that bad of me??? Love and respect from Australia.

  6. Social Security is something you put into as you WORK throughout your life… not a free hand out. The free hand out SS gives you at retirement age is not enough. I have got out of bed every day since I was 15 to go to work no matter the pain and illness. When I lost one job I immediately looked for other work and kept going. Now my Social Security estimate is fairly high if I continue to work through age 67. I also worked a job that gave me a small retirement which is even more than my SS. I have several injuries and ailments including a ruptured disk but I still get out of bed in the morning and look for work. I'm not rich but can certainly get by during my retirement. Sitting on the sidewalk making videos will only get you free handouts but no self worth.

  7. Thanks for this informative vid, Mark. You’re a beacon, a shining example for all of us. Just to see your face, and Dave’s is a sobering reminder of my own journey here.
    But for the GRACE of God is all I can say. I’m not any different from anyone else and the frustration at people who don’t realize they too will be as we are finally… is the reason I comment at all.
    Money RULES our existence, and the ones who steal anything from another is my overwhelming concern. And your suggestions are so succinct, but even with political help our surmise seems out of control. None of us realize our luck just to be able to communicate our desires. A smart phone and free WiFi in my RV Park are an example.
    As I mentioned, can certainly empathize here, and have even BEFORE I was forced by health to retire from a beloved job.
    My budget requires me to save my money, but I DID manage to download your website and will contribute when I’m able. Like Dave, it never lasts even though I worked my butt off for fifty years and paid into the system created by a promise from “authorities “we USED to trust in this country.
    But as the soldiers we SHOULD BE, we must adapt and survive now. And you, friend, are leading the way in this struggle imo! Keep up the good fight SIR!

  8. This shit is unacceptable. If he was a illegal alien or a fuckin Muslim the government would be throwing everything he would need at him .

  9. I'm on disabilty, age 64 and live wuth a friend who just today told me to go over one security camera aimed on me, no privacy till all go to sleep. I pay rent- alittle over half. I sleep on the livingroom couch and its my living space.

  10. he could have applied for Elderly Low income housing at HUD. I live in seattle on SS, thats what i did,because i DID NOT want to live on the street. choices

  11. I have always said that you will SEE all the politicians helping the homeless around THANKSGIVING and Christmas then they disappear.

  12. Homeless but can afford cigars cigarettes drugs and alcohol and are they always a vet. Add up all the money they waste and it would be a tidy sum. SS payments free food and all the panhandling they can do. I am 60 and drag my ass out of bed before the sun rises sick or not and go to work. Also look at what he is doing he is setting on his ass and wanting someone else to shed a tear an adult. If I were in that situation I would not have time to set down I would walk to where the work is.

  13. Build some housing. It's crazy all the 💰 our government spends on worthless things. Our population is ageing it's wrong rents are so high.

  14. Might try quitting smoking. Might try taking care of yourself. That's called personal responsibility. Maybe you need to wake up, not everyone else in the world

  15. Eventhough he is homeless.. he can speaks english very good…lot of high officer in my country cant speak english fluent like him…and likely he was a good man.. never to Gambling.. drinking ..Drugging..Smilling…moreover goes to bitches…

  16. Why can't the cities provide a place to shower and shave at least? 2008 was the starting of this homeless problem. The banking system is utterly corrupt. Inflation will continue to go up because the private Fed charges interest on paper currency we print for them that can never be paid back.

  17. Quit smoking and you'll have more money and better health. Just stating facts. Been there. Keep your Focus on God.

  18. America can send all this aid to foreign countries for diplomacy and we can't better take care of our own especially our homeless veterans I think America has their priorities out of line.( Peace )

  19. I'm sorry, This doesn't work cause of that… That doesn't work cause if this… We are in the first steps of solving this problem guys!!! Any good stories? Who made it? Who solved it? c'mon.. there has to be some good stuff out there?? please!!

  20. Can't afford rent, homeless. But he can still afford to smoke cigars? I think he is taking the piss out of us!

  21. Thank you for shedding light on the homeless communities all over. I see homeless people with compassion now. They are all different. There is a stereotype that they are worthless. Nobody is worthless.

  22. I'm 61 years old and a white disabled male in Portland OR, I can't afford shit. And I can relate to what this guy is saying. In Portland there is a war on with the homeless. The corporate shits are winning. Amurica needs to make more bullshit millionaires to cripple more people's lives.

  23. Older American citizens face homelessness here in America….meanwhile, illegal immigrants receive welfare, WIC, housing vouchers, and free healthcare. Take THAT tax paying citizens of America! Brought to you by – Democrats and libtards everywhere……..

  24. Out on the street after such a serious operation. But we help people who come into the country illegally. Unbelievable.

  25. This is heart breaking and its real. A room to rent in my state is $625.00 a month. Many people on SS, can not even afford, a room and food is so expensive , This is a big problem for seniors in America. If you do not have a pension, you can't live on SS . Many people are alone, no family to go to. I have thought for many years now, when I see big empty buildings, why don't the government, buy some of them, and make them into places where people could afford to live there, buy food and buy medicine, when all they have is SS. Instead they knock buildings down, and seniors and people with mental health problems have to sleep in the streets It is totally wrong. And were not even talking about homeless veterans. It is all so sad. Now, many of the apartments that are on a sliding scale, based on your income, some have 3 yrs waiting list and some the lists got so long people can not even get on the list.

  26. This man situation makes me thinking about people who were born into an unhealthy family, and they inherit the unhealthy behaviour, bad decisions making without realising that they have addicted to this unhealthy energy, and continued the vicious cycle throughout their lives. It isn't their fault, but they have a choice to break through it. 🙏 hope we can notice our own problems and fix them before it is too late.

  27. As Asian, I just can't understand how is it possible to leave the old man on the street. In Asia, you would be sued if you are not taking care of your fathers and mothers. We are looking after our fathers and mothers when they are not able to work. It is a legal issue involving high level of morality.

  28. Denver has become very expensive to live in. This gent should try everything to move elsewhere cheaper that might help?.

  29. America need to step up and support they’re own people instead of reaching out to other countries to help. Help your own people before you can help others. Don’t try to show what can you do to others but you cannot take care of your own people. Shame on you America! Fix your system before you can fix others.

  30. 10.00 hour in a town where rent is 1,800.00 a month doesn't work. Most people are fed up, buy a camper and save money. American dream is hard. God please bless the innocent amen.

  31. What ignorant government lets a 66 yr old man be on the street…it beggars belief .
    Shows how so many have come away from empathy of our fellow man.
    If I was this man..I’d try n build a cabin out in the outskirts of the city..
    In the UK..we have this problem ..but it’s only happened since the conservative have got in.
    We live in a wicked society.
    Also..with retail going on line…robotics,AI…this are not going to get better.
    There should be a national wage so no one is without money to live on.

  32. Good ole USA land of the free… Free to be live in destitution while those around you blame the poor for being poor

  33. A society that do not care for the young, the sik and the old is going to hell.
    A society that dont respect and care for the old is hell.

  34. One shouldn't be afraid of asking their family for help! A family needs to know they can depend on other family members. Homelessness ages a person, brings upon poor health, cost a lot of tax payers money. Yet illegals take up space in housing communities, plain and simple, takes up American resources more and more every second. Close to 28 billion dollars so far to date. 😢

  35. It might sound like a crazy plan.
    But if he grew his beard really long,

    he might be able to make money around Christmas
    as a mall Santa.

  36. Testa the biggest rip off n government Grant receipent. They build, advertise $500 for 2 bedroom apartment includes rent. At the end of one year they raise ur rent to $850 a month Testa allegedly ( have to write that) mafia association n or connections, n still getting millions in government grants. Investigate Testa uncover the seedy underbelly of low income housing

  37. Trillions of dollars shoveled into the gaping mouth of the American War Machine, yet not enough money to tend to our own.

  38. It's a shame that his granddaughters cannot help him where is family when you need them they're there for you you need to be there for you why is this been on the street and get you to wonder who is real and who has a soul to help this band this is tragic I hope you find what he was looking for and people are out there to reach out and help him get on his feet his health a place to live seafood on the table

  39. You have income, you have cigarettes, you have the ability to sack groceries or shelves. You have the ability to move to a less expensive area. I wish you well but you need to put the cigarettes down and save your money.

  40. Fake. If illegals can go to liberal cities, get jobs, and build a house why can’t this man. Proof that he needs to die off and let the real Americans take over

  41. There are places throughout every city that for people who are retired age can get and apartment according to there income.

  42. There is something very wrong with our system. With more immigration, and so many more folks needing assistance, and an antiquated welfare system, that is breaking down, not enough affordable housing, and a changing technical economy, it will only get worse, and more desperate.

  43. same here ; spinal stonosis;severe ;cant stand more than ten min ;i sit for five mins ;and i get ten more mins of walking ;carpenter as will.it sucks

  44. My wife before marrying me was getting.

    SSI $799/month
    Food stamps $160/month

    We need to have pamphlets, showing people areas that are affordable in their area.

  45. denver did not pass the right to rest act, but the very same day, the same voters decriminlized psychadelic shrooms, death is a welcome escape, from homelessness, and the evils of the Mystery Babylon people call the USA

  46. It's sad that we are the richest country in the world. But there is no help for the homeless. So let's pay for illegals and thier free ride

  47. I think he's right about euthanization. I think the powers that be are letting the problem get out of hand so they could propose this option. Watch out. They will be coming for all of us.

  48. The rents are going up so high that nobody can afford and if you're low income on disability or you're retired and the rent is extremely high the homelessness is going to keep going up and up and more homeless people than there ever been before because of very very rent

  49. Denver doesn't have senior housing? My godmother lived paycheck to paycheck (filed bankruptcy a few times) while I grew up. She was my home nurse and I know she made a good income (she never had kids). She now lives In senior housing off of social security and still she lives paycheck to paycheck but she is comfortable now.

  50. Yes! Separation of church and state. They cannot rely on religious organizations as the only form of homeless shelter in any area! It is discrimination.

  51. Illegals or immigration or both create a housing scarcity, the more people you have the more it creates a stress on your already limited resources. I think more people need to learn to create their own Shangri-La in their own countries and not look to America as the answer to all problems, also America needs to help its own citizens first.

  52. This man would have a better chance at getting affordable housing in states like Alabama or Mississippi. Somewhere that's affordable and not much demand.

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