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Effective Follow Up Techniques – Automotive Stars

Effective Follow Up Techniques – Automotive Stars

– Most managers do tell their sales people to have a reason to
follow up their customers. In this video I’m going to share with you why that’s not enough and how each of your sales team can get an extra couple of deals per month through using effective
follow up techniques. (robotic music playing) Yes, you have to have a reason to call but as a top sales coach
for over 15 years now, I’ve learned that having a game plan and an outcome before you
even pick up the phone are even more important. Think about it for a moment. If you know what you want to achieve before you start the conversation, would that increase the chances
of you getting that result? I promise you it would. If I asked you to give me a
lift somewhere and you agreed, what would be the first
question that you’d ask me? Where do you want to go, Adrian? Without knowing that information
we’re either going nowhere, in circles, or where you want to go. And the same is true on
a sales follow up call. Know where you’re heading. Have a plan to how you
might be able to get there. If you don’t, the customer
will probably control things. Effective follow up techniques include making the call personal
rather than just asking, “Any more thoughts on the car, John?” Why not personalize it
with something like this, “Hi John, it’s Adrian Law here. “I was just thinking about
you and what we discussed “on the weekend. “I’ve just had a look at the
car again and it’s everything “that you said that you wanted. “Why don’t you come
in, have another drive, “that way you’ll know 100% if it’s the car “that you want to own or not.” Then you can set an appointment. Setting an appointment, by the way, should be the most common
outcome that you aim for. And if you’re in sales I
understand you might be thinking, “Adrian, I sell a lot
of cars over the phone.” And, I’m all for that. If you can get a deposit over
the phone then go for it. Having said that, unless
you have really unusual circumstances, a huge
percentage of cars that you sell are when the customer is in front of you. My advice is to walk before you can run when it comes to the phone. If you’re new or not that
confident on the phone, keep it simple. If I’ve got my telephone
sales coach hat on and I’ve been asked to
speak to a sales person who’s struggling on the phone,
I recommend that they stop trying to do what their manager has asked. I’ll speak to their manager
separately but things like, they’re often asked to
get the customers details, get an appointment, sell the
dealership, seek finance, sell warranties, this kind of thing. It’s way too much if you’re not confident. You’ve got to start
with the basics which is getting the customers details and getting a fixed appointment. Once you get that and get
good at it you can add the other things, but not before. Okay? This next one often isn’t
thought about as a technique but it can be. Because successful sales people are busy. That may come as no surprise to you but one thing that
separates them from the rest is that they value their time. Now if you’re in sales
you’re maybe thinking, “Hang on a second,
Adrian. I value my time.” Maybe you do, but how
most average performers speak to their customers,
you’d never know that. Come in, ask for me, when can you come in? I’ll be here. In fact at the time of
recording this, just yesterday, my partner Angie and I were
in a dealership in Sydney, not a client, but we were
looking for a car for her. Now, Angie likes the Mazda
and at one stage she asked the salesperson, “When I want to come in and test drive, “do I need to call you and book a time?” I couldn’t believe what the
sales person replied with. He said, “No, that’s okay. “Just come down when you’re ready.” After we left I asked Ang if
she would have made a time there and then if he’d
simply replied with, “Yes, it would be much
better to make a time.” And Angie said that she would and she would have driven the car, too. When you value your
time, customers will too. Not always but more often than not. And the difference between saying, “No, that’s okay just come
down when you’re ready.” Compared to something like this, is huge, “Yes, it’s much better that we make a time “as it’s often really busy
down here and I’d hate for you “to come in and I couldn’t
look after you properly. “Let’s arrange a suitable
time and then I’ll take you “through the car properly
and I’m very confident “that you’ll be very impressed. “When are you more
available, can you make it in “tomorrow morning or is
after hours better for you?” This example is what could’ve
been said at the dealership but it could also have easily
been said on the phone, as well. So, out of the two responses,
which do you believe is the most effective follow up technique? You’re smart because
you’re watching this video so I’m confident that
you chose the second one, didn’t you? Rather than offering the
customer ten different times trying to find one that suits, or catering to everything
that they request. If you aren’t busy, act like you are. Give reasons why they need
to make a specific time and let them know when you are available. Check your diary, set
unusual appointment times, 12:45 instead of 12
o’clock can even subtly influence people that you’ve got a lot on. Don’t get me wrong,
customers couldn’t care less that you are busy, but if
this effects their ability to get what they want, often
they will let you lead them. We’ve got lots of different
strategies and ways to get your sales team much better results. So, please get in touch
to see how we can help. And in closing, a long time
before I was a sales coach, I was firstly a telemarketer
and then moved up to become a telemarketing manager. In both roles, without fail,
the sales guys and girls that learnt and practiced
the effective follow up techniques made the most sales
and the most amount of money. I hope you enjoyed this video. I’m Adrian Law from Automotive Stars. Let’s speak soon.

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