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ĐỨNG TIM với cảnh tượng chưa từng thấy |Du lịch ẩm thực Bali #5 |Khoai Lang Thang

ĐỨNG TIM với cảnh tượng chưa từng thấy |Du lịch ẩm thực Bali #5 |Khoai Lang Thang

Hi everyone~ I’m Khoai
Welcome to Khoai Lang Thang channel Do you see I’m wearing a stranger outfit than normal? I’m wearing a white T-shirt and a loose shirt outside Because I’ll go to the beach today!!! If you go to the beach, you have to wear comfortable outfits, right? I’ll go to Penida island One of the most famous island in Bali And there’re so much interest things waiting for me there I’m going to a boat station From where I live to the boat station… It takes about 30-40′ driving so I have to go earlier and I cannot have breakfast at the hotel I’ve stayed in this hotel for about 3-4 days But I haven’t had any breakfast there
Such a waste! Wait a sec, when I come there, I’ll share with you guys This guy is cooking something I’ll come and try As you can see, there’re 3 kinds of cake The first one is green, which is made from pandan leaves One is pink, which is made from red dragon fruit [Khoai]: Can we eat here? Can I eat here? [Girl]: All of these cakes? [Khoai]: Yeah! Do you see these stoves, they look like “bánh căn” stoves in Vietnam It has many holes and the size is exactly like “bánh căn” They pour the batter into these holes and the cakes are cooked I’ll wait this guy to… See, there’re 4 colors He’s getting rid of burning crumbs Green cakes are made from pandan leaves Pink cakes are made from red pitaya and white cakes are made from coconut milk I’m on my way to to the boat station And I see a small eatery selling…let’s call them “bánh căn”! Indonesians call them “Lak lak” They’re made from rice flour And then baked in a traditional stove out there These stoves are similar to the “bánh căn” stoves in Đà Lạt A dish like this costs 10,000 IDR It’s about 16,000-17,000 VND I’ll try them These cakes have just been baked, they’re still very hot On top is some shredded coconut flake They add some sugar sauce that is made from oil palm trees Palm sugar Palm trees are similar with coconut trees in Vietnam And they make sugar just like doub palm sugar Palm sugar is widely used here I’ll eat them first This is the green one, the smell of pandan leaves is so aromatic The feeling is just like the combination of… baked “bánh bò” and “bánh căn” The bottom is slightly burned like “bánh căn” The texture is like “bánh bò” It has a strong aroma of pandan leaves The coconut flake is rich with the taste of palm sugar They bring us a gentle sweetness These cakes are very suitable for breakfast And there was a guy told me This “Lak lak” store is the most famous one in the area I’m so lucky today I’ve just get out of the hotel, didn’t know where to go This one, they mixed the batter with red pitaya juice And this is a yellow cake This one is made from pumpkin flesh The green color is from pandan leaves Here they only use natural color, not food coloring I’ll try the red one, I mean pink That is made from red pitaya The taste of pitaya is very gentle But the most important thing is the taste of coconut flake And the palm sugar syrup This cake is really easy to eat And the taste is not too sweet I also ordered a sticky rice dumpling Indonesia sticky rice dumplings Oops, I broke it This one is made from sticky rice flour just like in Vietnam Actually… It’s similar with sticky rice dumplings in Vietnam But it’s thinner Do you see I’m eating by my hands? Here, people eat traditional dishes by hands And there’s always a place to wash the hands next to their houses So when we go to any traditional eateries We can wash our hands first and then use our hands to eat, it’s okay Now I’ll finish eating the others Then I’ll go to the island I have to go to a boat station to get there Wait for me~ The sky today is so blue and clear Turn left and we’ve arrived the beach Now I’ll go straight to this direction To go to the boat station that will send me to Penida island The parking lot is so rustic I’ve just parked my motorbike in this parking lot There’re so many parking lots near here
The entrance fee is 2,000 IDR Can you see the beach over there? I’ll buy tickets Right here [Khoai]: Penida [Man]: Go now? [Khoai]: Yes, go now The fee is… [Man]: 700,000 IDR for tickets, go now [Khoai]: Yeah, go now [Man]: Pay now, okay!? A round-trip ticket fee is 350,000 IDR per person It’s about 570,000 VND It’s quite expensive And I bought 1-day round-trip tickets The last trip is 5 PM So if you want to go to that island, remember to come back before 5 PM Otherwise it’s gonna be late There’s no boat station, people will anchor the boat right next to seaside like this So I have to take off my shoes to climb up the boat If you come here, remember to wear shorts If you wear long pants, your pants are gonna be wet Big waves~ My shorts are wet!!! It’s so wet The boat started to depart The sea is so clear, you can see the bottom It depends on seasons, the sea is very beautiful in this season in Bali But if in raining season, the sea is more turbid Omg~ a bunch of shoes You saw such a beautiful sea, right? But the boat was shaking all the time I’m so tired The boat shaked as hell~ And water splashed onto my face too I’m still suffering from seasick right now [Man]: 100,000 IDR per day [Khoai]: 100,000 IDR for 1 day?
[Man]: Yes [Khoai]: When I have to pay?
[Man]: When you come back? [Khoai]: 5 PM [Khoai]: Today
[Man]: Okay, so 90,000 IDR Right when you come here, many people will come and ask you if you want to rent motorbikes or grab a cab Motorbike renting fee is about 70,000-80,000 IDR per day If anyone tells you higher price, bargain for a more affordable price Now I’ll drive around this island I asked for helmet But they said that they don’t lease helmets and the people here don’t use helmets So I’m driving with my bare head like this I’ll find… a hat later I’m not a traffic offender I asked them about helmets But they said I don’t need to wear I don’t know if I can trust them There’s no one wearing helmets around me In Vietnam, I get used to wearing helmets while driving So it’s a bit strange here It’s like I’m missing something I’ll go into that shop to buy a hat [Khoai]: I want to buy some hats [Khoai]: How much? [Khoai]: Yeah, how much? 20,000 IDR [Khoai]: Yeah, okayy This hat costs 20,000 IDR And he uses a nylon string to make… the thing that… you wrap to your neck to prevent the hat from falling away This is the hat that he has just made the strap for me Now I’m on my way to discover this island
Let’s go!!! Do you know why I never wear hats? Because when I wear hat, my face looks so round This strap is not working Now I have to keep it with my hand like this If I don’t, it will fly away See? My face is so round This road is kinda ugly No, it’s super ugly, because… Actually, there’re many trees on both sides of the road But the road is so ugly Argg, so many holes on the road My butts are really hurt Dear Bali government Please make a better road for tourists So they can enjoy their trip My butts are hurt~ Kelingking, is this way~ We will arrive to a “dinosaur” named “Kelingking” Kelingking~ Kelingking~ Sounds like wind chimes’ sound (in Vietnamese) Oh, this road is better now
I rode on an ugly road for about 30 minutes We’ve just been stuck in a small traffic jam Omg~ can you see that? There’re only foreigner tourists here Asian tourists usually rent a car Park my motorbike here Ticket fee is 10,000 IDR And parking fee is 1,000 IDR
So cheap! Now I’ll walk over there To visit the Kelingking dinosaur Yeah~ it sounds like wind chimes’ sound The beach and the shape of a dinosaur Kelingking… is known as the most mystery place of Penida island in the past So in the past, there’re no beautiful roads like nowadays That’s why there was a road that full of holes But it’s way better than the past Because the beach is very famous now It’s in top 25 of best beaches in the World of TripAdvisor It’s ranked 19 in the chart So, everyone knows this beach and people come here a lot more That’s why it’s so crowded Later on, when I come there Hope that it’s not too crowded Because today is the first day of the week So I can enjoy the trip more comfortable, it’s not gonna be fun if the beach is too crowded There’re some monkeys here~!! Can you see that? Her tail is dangling There’s guy thought I’m a Korean Hi monkey~ That’s her baby It’s better when I just stand here and look, if I come closer… A lot of them~ These monkeys are not afraid of people Hi~ Can you speak Vietnamese? Hello~ Can you see the beach has a turquoise color? I’m about to come there Almost there The beach at… Penida famous because of the turquoise color OMGGG!!!! IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL~ Let’s go over there for a better view Omg~ This guy’s even climbing on the tree Wow~ To have a beautiful picture, you need to sacrifice The feeling is awsome, I’m sitting just right a gorgeous view like this When I saw this online I thought people added filter and edited pictures But the actual color is super beautiful, it’s turquoise Where I’m standing is kinda secret Another way, I’m surrounded by bushes There’re some local guys guide the tourists places to take photos so it’s less crowded Look over there! So many people have to wait for their turn, I’m sitting here so comfortable Gorgeous~ Hello dinosaur~ The cliff looks more like a dinosaur head if you look from over there From here, it doesn’t very look like a dinosaur Look down there, you can see some people People are enjoying the beach down there The waves are kinda strong today
(DANGEROUS – many people was swept away) With strong waves days like this, we shouldn’t go to the beach, enjoy the view is enough And we have to climb hundreds of steps, from… over there down there to go to the beach As you can see, along the way So many tourists are waiting to take photos with this dinosaur And they also have to queue very long, so crowded Wow~ This is the head, the backbone And that the stairs for people to come down the beach Let’s take a look over here And you can see a whole body of the dinosaur and its tail It’s natural and beautiful You can see a lot of local people And they climb onto the tree, you know what for? They will take photos for the tourists See? Take a whole dinosaur view The price will depends on how we negotiate For about 5,000-10,000 IDR for 1 photo These guys stay here all day Then they ask any tourists if they want to take photos? When he climb so high like that He can take all the beautiful view It’s more beautiful than we take photos normally The waves are so strong, we cannot go to the beach (DANGEROUS – many people was swept away) They only go near to the beach to enjoy the atmosphere there Normally, this strait has strong waves I rarely see this strait without strong waves and people can enjoy the beach I don’t want to go to the beach I just look at it So I didn’t come down there, it takes more than an hour to come down and get back Besides, the waves are kinda strong I cannot enjoy the beach if the waves are so strong like that, I can only look at it And I think looking from above is way better than down there People will call this is “explanation” Try to explain to… palliate for my reason I’ll find something to eat After going through so many kinds of hole on the street, I’ve finally come to the eatery Hungry as hell~ We’ll park our motorbike over there And go into that eatery Let’s have some foods, I’m so hungry Do you see in this eatery, there’s also a small temple And they wrapped a yellow-white fabric outside Yellow and white stand for the strength of Vishnu The preserver That’s why Bali people love yellow and white costumes When they wrap these fabric on… temples or statues, they hope that Vishnu will… protect them and send them good health I’m so hungry Actually, this island is very small and the roads are freaking ugly Because of being too ugly, I spent so much time to drive I spent for an hour for going back and forth So if you want to visit many places There’re a lot more beautiful beaches or cliffs here And many small bays, they’re very beautiful If you like taking photos to upload on social media You can find their information, so many of them I’ll post some information in the description box for you to check out And I’m here only because of that dinosaur After meeting him, I have my lunch and I’ll go back to Bali This eatery is small and kinda… It has many good dishes and the price is affordable I’m sitting at the back of the eatery
Because they’re playing music outside, I’m afraid that I may infringe the copyright Can you see around? They build the eatery and the stuffs are from wood and bamboo And I’m sitting here, where… near to their garden This is the menu This mixed rice is called “Nasi campur” “Nasi campur” is an Indonesian word Which has rice and many side foods The special thing is the sauce, which is made from coconut oil… shallots and chilli This is a traditional dish And I ordered “Tipat”, Tipat is… rice that they wrapped with palm leaves outside But they out of that These 2 are out of stock so I couldn’t order So I ordered boiled cassava eat with “Sambal matah” This dish reminds me of Củ Chi province I also ordered soup Veggie soup that is cooked in a local way I’ll show you this garden Cassava plants A guy told me that he’s just dig some cassava, boiled them and dip with… that “Sambal matah” That’s why I ordered cassava
In Vietnam, I can easily find cassava But these plants are bigger and they’re kinda purple The plant is very purple, so I’ll try them later To find out if they’re different from Vietnamese cassava Here’re some snails They’re on the tree My foods are finally brought out Welcome to my lunch I ordered not too much today A “Nasi campur” “Nasi campur” is a kind of rice, that is mixed with many kinds of food like this And it’s served with a special sauce This sauce is made from coconut oil They put shallot and chilli inside They mixed them together with coconut oil
And it’s super aromatic The combination of shallot and coconut oil smell They support each other So you can smell the shallot smell is stronger and also the coconut oil Put it here And you can look at this dish closer Ah! Thank you~ Oops, I forgot, I wanted to say “thank you” in Indonesian, which is…. I totally forgot! It’s okay
I suddenly forgot how to say “thank you” in Indonesian This is cassava Dip with sambal matah (shallots and coconut oil sauce) Let’s put this aside, this cassava is dig from the garden A waiter said that to me And I trust him
Besides, this cassava is different from the one in Vietnam, so I want to try it Turn back to my main dish – my Nasi campur Let’s take a look, I’ll put it here On this dish, there’s some rice and some fried shallot on top First, these are some peanuts that are fried through oil Some… I’m not sure about this one, this is maybe… Corn that is mixed with batter and then fried up
I can see some corn inside This is… eggplant Some stir-fried eggplant And this is “Tempe” Tempe is a kind of fermented soybeans and then they press them into bars like this The flavor is totally different from tofu, it’s the combination of tofu and soybean paste This is 1 of the most famous vegan protein in Indonesia It will be used instead of meat or fish for vegetarian Some small prawn cracker (krupuk udang) and a piece of chicken A piece of fry chicken breast Tomato, cucumber and half of a boiled egg This is, let me check out what’s this Ah~ fish It’s like braised tuna And this is vegetable
Ah!!! This is familiar This is bitter melon stir-fried with egg Such a Vietnamese dish Bean sprouts and some string beans When you eat You will eat a little bit of them, some veggie Now I’ll eat… Some egg A small piece of fish You can mix based on how you want to eat Grab some food and eat with rice Scoop a spoon of rice, veggie and fish Omg~ it’s huge Tuna was braised with chilli and shallots It’s kinda spicy and salty It’s very savory Eat with some egg…there’s some fried shallots in here, smells so good When you eat this dish, mix a little bit of everything Then we eat Do you know what is the special thing of this dish? They give us many kinds of food and then serve on 1 dish like this and we won’t be satiated Just like in my hometown In the past, when my mom had to go to work And I came back from school, I used to… [Khoai]: Thank you~ This is… Fruits as dessert
There’re watermelon Red pitaya, let’s put them here Where did I stop?
Ah~ in the past When my mom went to work and I came home alone I didn’t have my meal in dishes, I had a bowl of rice and grabbed everything a bit a bit So I didn’t feel satiate And it’s more convenient, you don’t have to serve in many dishes So I think that is 1 of the reasons why this dish was born Just kidding~ Actually, this dish in Indonesia They serve this dish on a big leaf, traditionally Banana leaf, and they put cooked food… on smaller leaves, many portions like that People will gather around that leaf to eat We will use hand to grab food and rice That’s the traditional eating method But now, they have to put in dishes for tourists like me can eat easier The more the economy develop, the less people using hands to eat Urban people also eat by forks or spoons like this So that’s why this dish was born Do you notice that All of the foods are cooked by oil Veggie was stir-fried Peanuts were also fried, fish was braised Chicken was fried So I can see these dishes are kinda similar with Vietnamese dishes, kinda oily When you eat, don’t forget to…I totally forgot to add some sauce This sauce has coconut oil. shallot, lemongrass and some chilli I’ll mix them together It depends on what food you want to eat Don’t mix them all together, we cannot recognize the flavors Little bit spicy I forgot to put some sauce to the previous spoon So the flavor is kinda… similar with Vietnamese dishes But when you eat with this sauce It’s so Indonesia! It has strong flavor of coconut oil and shallot, combines with the spiciness of chilli So… If you can handle spiciness, add this sauce Because this is a traditional dish of Indonesia Try eating all of strange ingredients to find out the interesting thing People here put chilli in every dishes, right? So I… I think Tempe, eggplant and prawn crackers are not spicy But the Tempe is also very spicy I ordered some soup, this is veggie soup The flavor is kinda familiar, it don’t have any strange or strong flavor Just like they cook veggie With some salt and fish sauce It has shiitake, smells so good Jackfruit
[Khoai]: Yeah, it’s okay That waitress asked me if I can eat jackfruit She picked out a piece of jackfruit from the fridge and she said: “Do you like this, can you eat this?”
And I said: “Yes, I like it” “This jackfruit smells so good, can I have some?” But she just looked at me with the eyes that “really, can you really eat this?” She kept asking me: “Really, really?” Dude, I’m from Vietnam, jackfruit is one of my favorite fruit! And she gave me this This is my dessert They cut and get rid of the resin Such a big flesh Let me show you, see? This jackfruit is similar with Thailand jackfruit in Vietnam But because it’s riper She said this one is naturally ripe So the flavor is sweeter and stronger Don’t like Thailand jackfruit, they pick the jackfruit when it’s still unripe So they can transport them without damaging So when we eat that kind, we can feel the crunchiness and less sweet I haven’t eaten jackfruit for so long, maybe several months Another very “Vietnamese dish” Cassava! Omg~ a fly
Shooo, shoooo!!! Cassava eat with sauce The shallot, lemongrass and chilli sauce This sauce is very spicy and has strong flavor of coconut oil as well as shallot Dip cassava in In Vietnam, you can see this in Củ Chi province But we’ll dip cassava in scallion oil Or cassava eat with coconut milk This one is more like a combination, coconut oil is coconut milk Shallot and scallion, they’re kinda similar So I think the flavor is kinda familiar I’ll try 1 piece first It’s rich savory spicy and definitely has strong flavor of shallot Cassava is similar with the one in Vietnam But they said that these cassava are home-grown So I really wanted to try Do you notice that? Anything that is freshly picked from garden Or anything that is home-grown Or anything that is a speciality of a hometown “Let’s try them, we don’t have them all the time!” We definitely want to try them, right!? This one is cheap I only have to pay 15,000 IDR for this dish It’s about 23,000 VND I’m looking like a monkey while eating this And finally, a dish of fruit is waiting for me After eating all of the foods, I’ll go back to Bali Goodbye everyone, I’m Khoai Remember to subscribe to my channel to see more videos about travel and cuisine, every week

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  1. Hôm nay, Khoai sẽ dẫn mọi người đi cùng đến hòn đảo du lịch hoang sơ Nusa Penida của Bali. Một trong những địa điểm du lịch nổi tiếng sở hữu bãi biển Kelingking đẹp nhất nhì hành tinh.
    Khởi động buổi sáng bằng một món bánh truyền thống phổ biến Lak Lak, mọi người có thể gọi là bánh căn ngọt cũng được, vì nguyên liệu và cách chế biến khá quen thuộc với món bánh căn ở Việt Nam mình. Điểm đặc biệt của món này là người dân dùng màu từ cây trái tự nhiên pha cùng bột, khiến món ăn có hương thơm đặc trưng của loại cây trái đó. Màu xanh của lá dứa, màu hồng của thanh long ruột đỏ, màu vàng của bí ngô,… Mình rất bất ngờ khi thấy giá rất rẻ mà mọi người vẫn ý thức việc dùng nguyên liệu tự nhiên để chế biến.

    Để đến Nusa Penida mình phải đi tàu cao tốc, giá cho 1 người là 350.000 IDR, khoảng 570.000đ khứ hồi một người. Chuyến tàu cuối cùng sẽ rời đi vào khoảng 5h chiều, nên mọi người để ý giờ giấc nha. Biền ở Bali thường sóng rất lớn, nên ai mà say tàu thì nói thật đuối luôn. Lên đảo mọi người sẽ được người dân chào giá xe máy, hoặc cho thuê xe hơi để chở đi quanh đảo. Mình thì thích đi xe máy hơn, vì muốn dừng đâu thì dừng, bạn nào đi gia đình đông hay nhóm đông thì có thể thuê xe hơi. Giá thuê xe máy tầm 80.000 IDR từ sáng đến chiều, họ có thể nói thách lên 100k hay cao hơn nữa, nên mọi người cứ thương lượng cho hợp lý.
    Ở trên đảo đường đi khá gồ ghề, do lượng khách du lịch tăng cao mà hạ tầng thì chưa theo kịp. Nhưng được cái google map định vị cũng khá ổn, cứ cầm điện thoại mà đi thôi, từ bến tàu đến bãi biển Kelingking tầm khoảng 1 tiếng chạy xe(do đường ổ gà nhiều quá nên hông đi nhanh được). Đến đây bạn sẽ phải ồ lên vì sao lại có nơi biển xanh ngọc bích đẹp đến vậy, bên dưới vách núi kia, em khủng long Kelingking nằm cuộn ôm lấy bãi biển vàng mịn. Nếu bạn nào muốn xuống dưới bãi biển, sẽ phải trừ hao ra ít nhất 2 tiếng, vì việc leo lên leo xuống đã mất 30-45p cho mỗi chiều. Mình cũng khuyên luôn, ai không giỏi kỹ năng sinh tồn, không trang bị đủ phương tiện bảo hộ, thì không nên tắm ở đây, bãi biển rất hoang sơ và sóng rất lớn, từng có hàng chục người bị cuốn đi và bỏ mạng lại nơi này! Đi chơi vui nhưng nên giữ giới hạn an toàn mọi người nha.

    Về phần ăn uống, Khoai có ghé một quán ăn dọc đường về, ở đây hàng quán cũng nhỏ xinh vậy ấy, muốn sang trọng thì mình chỉ có lựa chọn ở resort thôi. Khoai sẽ để địa chỉ quán ăn ở đây, chi tiết hơn mọi người cứ xem trong clip nha.

    Tọa độ địa chỉ bến tàu đi Penida: 87G7+H8 Denpasar, Denpasar City, Bali, Indonesia
    Tọa độ địa chỉ nhà hàng trên đảo Penida: 7GM3+89 Nusapenida, Klungkung Regency, Bali, In-đô-nê-xi-a

  2. A kêu mặt anh tròn, e thích mặt tròn như mặt anh😊(em thích a!😊)
    Màu nước biển đẹp quá a ơi
    Em cũng thích biển.😊

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