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DUDE PERFECT Battlebots Edition | FACEOFF

DUDE PERFECT Battlebots Edition | FACEOFF

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to an new episode of….. [Whistling] [Singing] FACEOFF BEAUTIFUL In this episode we got 4 competitors Only one announcer So there is going to be one roll and that person is going to be the announcer I gotta guess to who its going to be. [Rumble] CODY?!? Whoohoo wow! First round of the first activity of evening we have first Garrett and then second after the first we have – so tyler birth gear. I’m out here to win gears a podium, bro So I know he’ll be okay with third place which technically would be I don’t know how we would determine third and fourth place You’re probably way too advanced okay. You’re just automatically taking third place. I’m the witch doctor. [oh] you self-proclaimed [I] know that’s just what I call my ex book battle bot. Hey, you heard of your first book Let’s get to the ready and rumble Robot fight time come in Mr.. Ruffalo [furball] come down apprentice to Rid oh It’s not over yet cuz I’m gonna do about this one foe he is limited on his weaponry Garrett looks to be doing fine. It’s over. It’s all over [I] win Congratulation online mine’s not oh We got some bitterness over here. Let’s talk it through yeah I’m a little bit [theater] [girls] [cuz] he charged me right off the bat when I thought we were still in learn your bot mode Oh, [they’re] [hanging] and he went right after mean. I lost my part Hey, I will say that uh I charge and actually lost a couple. I sacrifice my own body to win, so [hey] [there’s] a good play. I like to play I like to move Garrett will be advancing and just pick around clean the roughnecks here. We go shake hands Hey before you be a good sport right now. My mom told me to Shake hand even it’s kid pick on you Cody – alright a hearty long hello from that yogi. Hey very dramatic games. Oh, oh oh Oh my God. Is there MS-Dos added the ratings are floating through the rich oh, I’m so excited [Kobe] back. Oh Yeah, I’ve been doing [it] between my and or [Caesar] come back now [gk]. Yeah, yeah You just took your weak side and ramy riding. Oh, gosh. It feels so good How did that feel when you went out three parts to one part everybody was telling me you know hey do something do something I? Took the slow and steady [approach]. You know turtle wins array sometimes and today Jim stone was patient He got the injury you are in fact a turtle I’ve never thought of an animal more kidding to you Yep, you know whatever it is. I’m in the championship right? It’s all up to you again It is time for round two the grand finale the gila GB of them all the final symphony number nine. It’s coming up next Let’s get a pregame interview of apartment final event cody having a feel about your [chances] here today. I feel really good I’m driving the 60 x I feel like it’s a real championship machine. I’ve been staring [gear] down over there [I’m] feeling real confident turn off here [Garrett]. Have you feel about competition [nice]? Suzy is 400x can take you to victory [get] alive. I’m worried about throwing the ball to net my goal is to knock him over Yes Here we go If you let me watch this is where we play fantasy robots aboard [it] was you do Quite a lot of [the] [field] [air]. Oh feels great. I said I was gonna You know turn his card over I said forget it. He’s going to beat himself I’m just going to put the balls in the hoop You know I will pay that is a strategy tell him the strategy that you’re not going to do and then change this fairy to Accredit II he doesn’t know about and that’s perplexed him he was over there fiddling with his hums And it had no cord to put it in the net oh man. That was that was [that] called a skunk? [I] actually think I could have [Coulda] beat him a hundred to [twenty] to be fair He did get one it was not an official skunk, but that is one of the biggest beat nouns [I’ve] seen and robots history good job here Chucky puck to the [luther] I feel you had to been human error I just could not get that ball to shoot out of course it would give me her you can’t fight in the robot no bigger legitimately scientifically perfect You’re right Charles. I know my Time for [60x] to get to take over to stone boy and sound I’m ready to reap the [fruits] [of] [his] [lane]. Oh Oh, it’s amazing. Just [kind] of stand over here. Take a quick look at what remains with my machine You guys give [me] a moment of silence. [I] was devastating. Oh no no parts. [oh]. Yeah, he lost. She [known] I Said we take this party inside is hot sorry yeah congrats to [Guerre] on an ePIc victory He is a new recipient of the 2016 hex ball basketball. Trophy. Let’s give it up fair Good job my good man feels good to [be] a winner doesn’t wow don’t you like the [big-eared] [who’d] like pink man? I’d like first just thank the sponsors hexbug yeah, and in my [own] personal talent for taking me [today]. Oh, that’s amazing Yeah guys you think the [hexbug] vex robotics and battle bots if you learn no more click on here. It’s amazing Hey, you watch more brains. I’ll describe the whipple [click] right here guys. Thanks for watching [Corey] killing family found a nugget I gave a dance-off this [all] here put their trophy living over there And hey guess what stop and pay them with it. I’m the man. Thanks for watching see ya

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100 thoughts on “DUDE PERFECT Battlebots Edition | FACEOFF

  1. No joke think you are terrible for destroying that robot like it was nothing. It takes a lot to make something like that.

  2. I actually do VEX Robotics. The "Turning Point" season just ended and my team got 2nd place in State. I can totally relate to this video. 😀 Like this comment if you also do VEX Robotics.

  3. I wasn’t suprised that the VEX bots were made by the Robonauts. That team is infamous for having NASA engineers.

  4. They didnt build thouse there FTC robots form the compatition i know cuz i saw that desighn but i still love u dude perfect

  5. I got one for 20 bucks at Sam's

    It broke so I returned it so I can buy a new one

    Now they're like 80 bucks :/

  6. I’m mad because coby was gonna win wow Garrett cheated I’m about unsubscribe to dude perfect

  7. After watching several DP videos i realized there's a similarity with the voice and face of tyler and Lewis of unbox therapy… Specifically the beard

  8. Guys….
    Coby is a choker…
    Coby finds himself in finale a lot of times.
    But he chokes himself out..
    Feels Sorry. But always support team Cobiee…

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