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Dubai’s Rich Students Want These Cars

Dubai’s Rich Students Want These Cars

welcome to TTI welcome to the ten most
exclusive cars loved by every rich student and dubai now without further
ado let’s begin the list BMW i8 the BMW i8 was made with a luxury in mind it’s
one of the most exclusive hybrid cars on the planet
it has a stunning and elegant design with its clean lines scissor doors and
short overhangs speed wise this product of precise engineering is capable of
going from zero to 60 miles per hour and as little as 4.2 seconds
and while part of this is due to its twin power turbo glass engine on the
rear axle and an electric motor under the hood its carbon fibre and reinforced
plastic construction also plays a significant part this a luxury vehicle
could be yours at a price starting from one hundred and fifty thousand dollars rolls-royce phantom the rolls-royce
phantom is a brand associated with her mouth and privilege each phantom is
uniquely created and carries with it the aura of tradition that extends more than
a century this combination of the old and dependable contrasts with the more
modern contemporary design to give you the quiet ride you’ll ever have its v12
engine provides a limitless strength and power capable of going from zero to 60
miles per hour in as little as five point one seconds like this isn’t enough
The Phantom also boasts a pothole spotting camera designed to help deal
with flaws in the road as soon as they’re seen with 2.8 tons of weight and
5.8 metre long body this white giant is a status symbol wherever you go be it in
the city or country McLaren p1 the McLaren p1 is arguably
the best-looking car on the planet it combines aesthetics with pure
functionality by providing a hybrid duo of a 3.8 liter v8 bit turbo with an
electric motor combining to give a total of a 903 horsepower and 627 pounds two
feet of torque this beautiful monster can go from 0 to 62 miles per hour and
2.8 seconds and features the ability to switch from gas to pure electric mode
when you’re in the mood for a quieter Drive in addition to beauty and
functionality the McLaren p1 is also durable was a tough carbon-fiber body
offering all the strength of steel and titanium
with just a fraction of the weight the Aston Martin Valkyrie the Valkyrie
is a product of British car makers who have made a reputation of elegance and
speed Aston Martin has a rich history of making fast cars which is about to be
reinforced with its AM RB zero zero one concept car codename Valkyrie this
vehicle combines an elegant silhouette with a total of 1,000 160 bhp output at
10,500 RPM to give you the ride of your life it’s six point five litre v12
engine is optimized with a lightweight titanium brakes magnesium wheels and a
new suspension setup to take you from zero to 60 miles per hour in a
staggering three seconds with a top speed of more than 200 miles per hour
this masterpiece of engineering could be yours at a price starting from two
million dollars lykan Hypersport the lykan Hypersport
was designed by lebanese born car makers w motors now based in the UAE and we’re
responsible for creating the lykan Hypersport which has the reputation of
being the first arab supercar it boasts of a custom-built are you at the engine
capable of taking the lykan Hypersport to 240 miles per hour in barely nine
seconds this VD Minh is also aesthetically appealing with
custom-designed carbon fiber and leather interiors diamond-encrusted headlights
and a holographic gesture controlled interface a whole available at the price
at two and a half a million year hours our reasonable price considering that
only seven of these supercars are in existence bugatti chiron the name bugatti brings
forth images of speed and the bugatti chiron worldly lives up to that name
this speedster goes from zero to sixty two and a less than two and a half
seconds and boasts of a staggering eight litre 16 cylinder engine with one of the
fastest water pumps on the planet the car is named after one of the fastest
race car drivers in history Louise Chiron and is modeled after the popular
Bugatti Veyron with some design improvements this masterpiece could be
yours at a price starting from two million nine hundred ninety eight
thousand dollars Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio only six units of the Ferrari pin
Farina Sergio are available on the market and they all currently have
owners it’s easy to see why this concept car is in such high demand it’s designed
by the House Pininfarina and this work of art combines a four and a half liter
v8 engine production more than 398 pounds two feet of torque and 596
horsepower this vehicle represents the perfect blend of unique design and power
the Pagani who IRA the Pagani who IRA is a high-performance low weight and
innovative design by the reputable car makers Pagani it was named after a
catuai wind-god and who lives up to its name with an acceleration of 0 to 60
miles per hour and less than 2.8 seconds and top speeds of 238 miles per hour
as a part of its unique design that yarra uses a 7-speed sequential gearbox
dry sump lubrication and a single disc clutch to give you a truly unique
driving experience this Italian mid engineered sports car
is produced by Pagani it had a base price of 1.1 million u.s. dollars it’s
named after you era Tata a wind-god of Quechua its top speed is about 238 miles
per hour or 383 kilometers an hour and it goes from 0 to 60 of acceleration in
under 2.8 seconds using Pirelli tires the Pagani Huayra
is capable of withstanding 1.66 G of lateral acceleration at speeds of up to
230 miles per hour or 370 kilometers an hour this awesome car uses a 7-speed
sequential gearbox and a single disc clutch
hence it reduces 70 kilograms similar to other high-performance cars the Pagani
Huayra uses dry sump lubrication this has many
key benefits like ensuring even oil flow when the car is under extreme
acceleration hence preventing oil surge which allows
the engine to operate more efficiently Koenigsegg regard the cone Integra gara
produced in 2016 as one of the most in-demand vehicles on the planet with
only 80 units produced this speedster is capable of going from zero to 60 in 2.7
seconds and reaches top speeds of 249 miles per hour
driven by up 5 liter twin-turbo v8 engine with an output of 1500 horsepower
the vehicle starts at a price from 1.9 million dollars although it would pretty
hard to get your hands on one laferrari who hasn’t heard about the
laferrari the f-150 is the most famous hybrids on the market and it’s easy to
see is a lightweight production by Ferrari generates the highest power
output of any Ferrari at 800 PS 9,000 rpm with a stunning 40% reduction in
fuel consumption this machine has a top speed of more than 217 miles per hour
and is capable of going from zero to 62 miles per hour in 2.4 seconds it may be
difficult to get a hold of this masterpiece as only 499 units were
created and they all come at a price from $1,000,000 thanks for watching
which car impressed you the most let me know in the comments below if you’re new
here then feel free to subscribe I’ll see you guys in my next video peace with me

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