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Dropping a Car from a Crane

Dropping a Car from a Crane

– Hello, I’m Gav.
– I’m Dan. Welcome to
the “The Super Slow Show.” – We’re at the drop zone.
– Yes, we are. That means we’re
about to drop something. It might just be this car. Yeah, this is from
the catapult video. Right.
We couldn’t sell it, and we thought it’s not
sufficiently trashed enough. We definitely
dented it up. – Yeah.
– But it’s not annihilated. It’s not
completely crushed. Dan:Oh!
Gav:Right through the zero.Oh, God!
That was so clean.So we’ve got
a 40-ton crane, and we’re gonna lift it
about 80 feet up into the air. Wonder what speed
it’s gonna go when
it hits the floor. That is up there. It really is. We’re going to be getting
this on two Phantoms, one that’s wide,
a thousand frames, one a little bit tighter,
2,000 frames a second. We’ve also got a GoPro
in the back, looking forwards. And another one
on this fat hook. This is the biggest hook
I’ve ever seen. – It’s massive.
– Massive. We also thought
that an impact into the dirt would be too soft, so we’ve replaced the floor with, like, an inch of steel. So this should be horrendous.( theme music playing )( crane whirring ) Well, it’s definitely something
we couldn’t do in your back
garden, for sure. Absolutely not. That crane just lifted it
like it was nothing. It’s like, all right,
here we go, 80 feet. It’s absolutely dwarfed
the ruler. Imagine being
in the front seat, how scary that would be. – You wouldn’t live.
There’s no way.
– No, there’s no way. – All right.
– Although, I reckon that when it hits, the car’s going to come
forwards towards the Phantom – because of the way it is.
– All right. I’m really looking
forward to this. – You wanna get it going?
– I’m ready. All right.
Three! Two! One! Drop! Oh! Oh! ( laughing ) That was just
a little bounce. Yeah.
At one point it hit the floor.
I think it was in mid-air again. Gav: I think,
if there’s an area, where it’s, like,
back off the ground again. Wow. Oh, we smashed
the windows, though.
We got more points. Should we go check it out? Yeah. – Oh.
– Look at this. – ( gasps )
– You can still see the
100-point marks on the window. It fell out perfectly. Look, it’s just laid out, Dan:
And the GoPro’s still
attached to it. I think the only way
you could’ve done that is to drop a car
from a crane. I think you’re right.
I absolutely think you’re right. Gav:
Oh, that is a flat front. Dan:
Oh, man, that is squished. ‘Cause that’s not like hitting
a car, where it’s uneven. That just absolutely
crushed it. Oh, man. Sound guy’s definitely not
gonna be pleased this time. I mean, at least last time
you could drive it afterwards. This, I think,
is unsalvageable. I’d just say
it’s more breezy. Gav:Crunch.Dan:Oh, look at the ripple
go all along the…
It just drives
into itself.
Look at the dust
it kicked out
from the front.
It’s, like, wafted
all the dust away.
Oh, look, the mirror.The million points
has gone flying.
You can see one mirror…What are the chances?– Dan:Oh, close-up.
– Gav:This is satisfying.Glad we got
that metal there.
Yeah, that’s solid.
That tin-foil effect again.On the hard metal.
Oh, look.The mirror hit the car
and then flung out

It popped out.Yeah.
It was like a catapult.That’s amazing.So then it took off. How high did it even get? It must’ve been,
like, an inch. That’s– I like that I’m leaning down
to try and see under. Yeah, I did the same.
You beat me there. Nope, that’s
completely useless. Idiots.Oh, we get to see
the window smash.
See, there’s
the side door.
Yeah, the side
smashed off as well.
So I think we should
destroy it even more.
All right.
All right,
should we flip it over?
Yeah, let’s flip it over and
we’ll destroy it some more. If you could open the doors,
which you can’t, there’s also enough room
to actually sit in there. – That’s not good enough.
– That’s not good enough. – Definitely not good enough.
– I think we should change that. What have you got in mind? Ta-da. This guy
is a concrete K-rail, weighs about
3 1/2 metric tons, in English, so– What’s that in American? About 8,000 pounds. Ooh, what’s that in stone? – Wait, 8,000 divided by 14.
– We haven’t got time for this. – Yeah.
– So, I think drop it
on the roof lengthways, and see how much carnage
we can cause, ’cause I wanna completely
finish this thing off. – All right.
– Yeah? – Let’s hoist ‘er up.
– Cool. So you don’t often see
a roof-on collision, do you? It’s either a head-on or
a fender bender or a side– So this is simulating
a plane nose-diving into the roof of a car. With a concrete block on it
for some reason. – Yeah.
– Yeah. You ready? Let’s turn this thing
into a pancake. – Dan: Cool.
– Or a hot dog. Three, two, one, drop! – Oh…
– That is beefy. The deep bassy thud. That has smushed the car. Can you hear it hissing? Should we get in there? – Yeah.
– Let’s check it out. Ah, the delicious hiss
of the Freon. Oh, man. You would have to get
into some serious trouble for your car
to look like that. I mean, it’s certainly
popped the tires. – It popped all the tires.
– I’m not sure if they were
already popped. I don’t think
I’ve ever seen a car more annihilated
than this, unless you’re talking
like that’s been crushed
at a scrappy. Yeah, one that’s cubed. Yeah, this is the most
crushed and smushed a car has ever been
that I’ve seen. Almost sad. Sound guy will be sad.
That’s for sure. All right, let’s go
look at the footage. That just looks so wrong. It’s going so fast. A concrete rail should not be
in the air like that. – Dan:Whoa.
– Gav:You see all the dust
get kicked up?
Dan:Oh, man.All the tires popped.
Everything just smushed.
Gav:Even the air being forced
out through the windows
is significant,
like you see, like a…
( imitates air whooshing )
That car probably weighs a
metric ton and a half, maybe.
That K-rail is more than twice
the weight of the car,
a much smaller surface area.And then you can see–
because obviously the engine
is the hardest part. The other end, the back end,
went all the way down. Any air that was
in the car is now out and gone. Like, there’s
no space in there. That’s beautiful
and horrific. Some people pay a lot of money
to lower their cars. All you need to do is drop
a concrete block on it. – Yeah.
– Look at it. I mean, you say that
like this was cheap, like this was
the cheap version. Good point. Way more expensive
to do it like this. Fair enough, yeah. Hopefully you enjoyed
that mindless destruction. Feel free to subscribe
to the Slow Mo Guys and we’ll see you
in a future episode of “The Super Slow Show” where we’ll probably break
something again. Hi, guys, we can’t wait
to share our extremely slow
adventure with you. Yeah, click here
for all the latest updates happening almost daily
on “The Super Slow Show.” Why do they put
the button on this side? It could easily have
just been just there, but it’s on
this side of me. It’s like somewhere
around here. Yeah,
it’s right there. ( chuckles )

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100 thoughts on “Dropping a Car from a Crane

  1. 5:38 "I don't think I've ever seen a car more annihilated than this."
    Look up the Mythbusters episode where they use a rocket sled to launch a steel plate into a car. That car just turns to dust.

  2. 1:30 he says just imagine being in the front seat, Jarrpi from the Dudesons did this and was in the front seat and he was dropped into a fire pit full of cars and to top it off he had his amputated thumb in a glass bottle which was his target to land on and break when the crane dropped him while in the car haha. I swear I'm not lying, you can watch it if you can find it

  3. I enjoy the "slow zone" as in the slow show test zone and the increased budget of the slow show

  4. 1:39 Dan "I reckon the car is going to come forward because of the way it is"
    That's some grade A observation my dude.


  6. You should have taken a car from the 80s. This one here performed fantastic in terms of passenger safety, so not very spectacular to watch.

  7. You realize this is the same result as driving a car into a barrier? You don't need a crane. I'm not sure what speed it was going at when it hit the ground but I'm willing to bet that you would have reached a higher speed just by jamming the gas on a long straight line.

  8. you should have done one more drop. should have propped the car on it's side and drop the j- barrier on the side and seem how flat it would have turned out after crashing the roof flat

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