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Driving Smart: Prep Your Car for Sale

Driving Smart: Prep Your Car for Sale

you’re selling your baby no not that one the four-wheeled one you
love dearly but maybe didn’t pan for as much as you wish you had now it’s time to sell it for the best
price you can get it’s time for an automotive makeover montage first treat
your car to a spa day clean it thoroughly inside and out washing and
waxing the outside tempting the trunk vacuuming and wiping down interior
surfaces and cleaning the windows you don’t want to clean fine pony up a couple hundred bucks for
professional detailing put your best foot forward replace burnt-out lights and fuses top
off fluids and fix any other minor issues that can be done on the cheap
yourself get a second opinion have your car inspected by your mechanic to avoid
surprises closer to the sale make a good impression get your vehicle’s history report from
carfax to present to buyers you have detailed maintenance records present
those to make a copy of your vehicle title along with the lien release from
your lender if you’re still paying it off also bring along any extra set of keys
or any other accessories that go with the car know what your car is worth use
black books appraisal tool which you can find at to get an accurate idea
of the value of your car on the sale or trade in based on national wholesale
auction data now time to say goodbye parting is such sweet sorrow with these
tips and a nice sale price on your car you may hate to see it go but you love
watch it leave

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