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DriveTime, “Nope Yup”

DriveTime, “Nope Yup”

Do you need perfect credit?
NOPE. Wanna buy a car, but can’t get it?
YUP. Ever been to DriveTime?
NOPE. Get a real downpayment online.
YUP. Rejection?
NOPE. Huge selection?
YUP. In the mood to get treated rude?
NOPE. Just 2 minutes gets you approved.
YUP. (talking) Wasn’t that the exit?
NOPE. Hey, we’re good at this. NOPE! Get approved and know
your downpayment before you shop. Only at DriveTime.

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53 thoughts on “DriveTime, “Nope Yup”

  1. Hold up yo is this real? I've been threw 20 parodies of white ppl trying to do this, so its even funnier bcuz i don't know

  2. Sadly, DriveTime is no longer making any more Tina and Tara commercials because Katie Crown went back to Canada to do production for Total DramaRama.

  3. I like these two women in this commercial. Hate the newer ones where it feels like I'm getting yelled at while buying a car.

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