Drive Japan: Driving trip route planning service. Explore Japan through rental car! Kyushu, Okinawa.

The most beautiful parts of Japan are its countrysides, but Public transportation in this area can be very poor. The most convenient way is to rent a car Driving means that…
You can visit anywhere! Free from a fixed schedule! No need to worry about luggage! more economical! You can taste more local cuisine! And driving in a foreign country is a really exciting experience.
However… When planning your own travel itinerary:
you need to research places to visit, check the legitimacy of each location, organize a logical schedule This process can get time-consuming and tiring Also, many big tourist websites only emphasize locations accessible by public transport. Because of this, you may miss more local gems that give a more immersive look into Japan To have the most stress-free travel experience, Drive Japan is the best solution for you! First choose your destination and travel period. DriveJapan then recommends planned routes –customized according to your destination, travel time, and season of travel. Once we provide you with the logistical information, you can then book accordingly via our recommended third party website. After booking, we’ll provide you with day-to-day driving maps with your own “MAPCODES” Using a MAPCODE is the best way to maximize your travel time. It is much easier to input a MAPCODE to your GPS than a complicated Japanese address. Even if your desired destination doesn’t have an official name, MAPCODES can still lead you in the right direction. Many times, address given by the internet or GoogleMaps guides you to center of the destination, sending your car in circles. But MAPCODES direct you straight to the entrance of the closest parking lot, eliminating stress and saving time! So come join us at DriveJapan for the most immersive travel experience without the boring planning!

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