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Dr. Toodleoo’s Time Machine Needs a Car Wash | Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoons For Kids

Dr. Toodleoo’s Time Machine Needs a Car Wash | Carl’s Car Wash | Cartoons For Kids

(playful chiming) (light dramatic music) (wrench clicking) (laughs) – I did it! I did it! I built a time machine
here in the year 3000. (light music) Now you see me, and now you won’t! Year one million, here I come! (air whooshing) (splatting)
(coughing) Great glop of gleep! I can’t show up in the future
with a messy time machine. What will the future people think of me? Wait a minute. I have an idea! I remember a story my parents told me from long long ago about a car wash. Carl’s Car Wash. Yes, yes. That’s it! If I recall correctly, Carl
cleans all kinds of vehicles. (chuckles) Surely he would clean up my time machine if I go back in time and see him. (computer beeping) Let’s hope this thing works. (light dramatic music) (whooshing) (upbeat music) – Boy oh boy, it’s autumn already. Time sure does fly when you’re
having fun at the car wash. (whooshing)
Whoa! What is that? – Whoa! That was a bumpier ride
than I thought it’d be. (laughs) Hello, there! You must be Carl if my
calculations are correct. – They are. I mean, I am! Who are you? – I am Dr. Alexander von Toodaloo. Scientist and inventor
of the time machine. – Wow! What are you doing here? – What else? Look at my time machine, it’s a mess! – Oh yeah. I saw that when you first appeared. – You did? Oh! It makes a bad first
impression, doesn’t it? (groans) That’s exactly why
I need your help cleaning it. This mess cannot be the
first thing people see when I appear in the year one million. – Well, you’ve come to the right place! And time! I can clean up any vehicle,
even a time machine. – Brilliant! Thank you! (upbeat music) – Let me find your vehicle. Is it a funny car? An egg-shaped time machine? Or a row boat? That’s it! A time machine! Let’s see how messy your time machine is. (light music) Is it a little messy? Medium messy? Or super duper messy? (light music) I’d say it’s super duper messy. (machine whirring) Now, let’s see what kind of mess this is. (Carl hums) This is pretty gloppy. Is it purple paint? A flock of feathers? Or glops of gleep? (chuckles) That’s it! Glops of gleep. And finally, what size is this vehicle? Is it normal sized? Or is it big? (light music) It’s normal sized. (car wash humming) That’ll be 20 tokens, Dr.
Alexander von Toodaloo. – Oh, uh, right! I don’t have any tokens. In the future we pay for
things using our minds. Can you spot me some tokens, please? – Sure, why not? It’s not every day I get to meet a time traveler from the future. Here, I’ll count to 20 by tens. 10, 20 tokens! There you go. But, how is your time machine going to get inside my car wash? It has no wheels. – Wheels? (chuckles) Where it’s going,
it doesn’t need wheels. (computer beeping) (whooshing) – Whoa! (upbeat music) (whirring) (water hissing) (bubbles popping) (water hissing) (bubbles popping) (fans humming) (cloths squeaking) – Ah, right on time! And it looks brand new. Exactly what I wanted. This is a time machine that
I’m proud to travel in. A jillion thanks, Carl! – You’re welcome, Dr.
Alexander von Toodaloo. – Now I better get going. I have to get back to the future. (dramatic music) – Will I ever see you again? – In a way. After all, I am your
great great great great great great great grandson. Toodaloo! – You are? Wait! I have so many questions! (whooshing) Toodaloo. (light music) (upbeat music) – Woo!
(kids giggling)

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