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DONT take the TRAIN | JAPAN Travel | Car Story

DONT take the TRAIN | JAPAN Travel | Car Story

so I live in Tokyo as you may know the public transportation system here is super super efficient you can go anywhere you want just need to hop on the train or even the bus everything is always on time and everyone follows the rules yes I love Tokyo but if you’re going to travel outside of the city you may want to think about taking a car because a train and bus can’t get you everywhere you want to go so this is my story about renting a car good morning guys so today we’re going to ease ooh I’m super sick but we’re going to journey through it anyway [Music] [Music] she was super nice and now we’re good to go [Music] one of the things is kind of terrible today is I’m sick but also it’s like Prime allergy season so also there’s just a lot of pollen in the air so we’re gonna try to struggle on this michael has our mascot [Music] Shibuya crossing as a driver it’s very cool all right that was kind of stressful finally on the freeway I’m not a very good driver so especially in Tokyo I’ve been driving for quite some time in the US so bit unsure myself when I’m driving through the Tokyo city streets as you can see with my two hands on the wheel and my upright posture we’re about to go to a service area it’s called maybe that’s one of the more popular largest ones in I’ve just outside of Tokyo we already got some snacks but maybe we can find something cool there but I don’t really want to stop because I’m trying to feel this you know freeway vibe feeling safe [Music] we’ll do a little stop and show you guys it’s like so I’m still used to [Music] you want a $5 a cup of coffee oh really so look coffee when it comes out it comes with an actual tap on top of there look it actually shows what’s available what’s not red means occupied Bloomie’s make it hit so cool so efficient I love Japan dude check out this toilet this could quite possibly be the coolest toilet ever in Japan it’s so freakin awesome [Music] we’re halfway to a zoo Michael and I were going to go to the bathroom but we found this cool little strip right by the ocean we’re going to go and ride a little bit and then we’ll be back on our way [Music] so this is one of the reasons I really love getting out of Tokyo is because you can find spots like this where you can just kind of like chill and hang out even though we live in Tokyo it’s just nice to to get out of the city sometimes hopefully you guys are enjoying that was a good session time to get on the road [Music] but look at this it’s like a natural onsen house hi yeah it’s hot hot I mean more than warm it’s hot it’s so cool how they made this thing so this is like one of the reasons Michael and I we were just driving along oh hey there’s a beach and we came across this little like private onsen well I’m not so bright more like public but [Music] Oh Georgie that’s a derrick right such a song then touch me good a monster okay but I did I’ll tell today another reason why renting a car has its advantages over taking the train in Japan is being able to eat at places like this this place is freakin awesome the food is really good Michael got you know stayed with fish because fish is a delicacy here in a zoo I had some fried pork it was very good we want to be able to check out if you’re on a train you wouldn’t even seen if you’re on the train have to take a little break getting a little bit tired need to get some monster in me I knew that I was falling asleep don’t wanna fall asleep in the road now we’re off on Sundays trying to get back into Tokyo there’s just so much traffic just needed to take a little break and wake up a little bit [Music] [Music] so stressful this is we’re in Shibuya back home I think we just gotta return this far I’m gonna job hi I know they get not bad 2700 yen [Music] hi all right we’ve just returned the car all the way from Tokyo to ease ooh and back I hope you enjoyed our rental car adventure if you liked the video hit that like button if you have any questions comments about where we went or about just renting a car in general leave a comment in the comment section below and if you want to subscribe like always subscribe see you guys soon

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70 thoughts on “DONT take the TRAIN | JAPAN Travel | Car Story

  1. Hi mate Do you recommend a tourist rent a car or just use public transport to go around japan?Which one would u personally choose if it was ur first trip to Japan with no language skill?

  2. Hello Hajimemashite! I came across your channel while watching random clips and yeah I like your creativity- thumbs up! I am interested to visit the "private" onsen you showed overlooking the beach and if you can share the location, i would greatly appreciate. Greetings from Kawasaki City.

  3. Being able to see the sights along the way definitely looks awesome. We chose to train hop around Europe, but missed out of so many towns and views by not driving. We'll be visiting Japan next Autumn and are going with the car rental. Thanks for the video!

  4. I did travel Japan by car.  I'm a bit torn if it was a good deal.  The gas cost was about right but the tolls cost were considerable.  One intangible is parking which was $20 for 4 days in Kyoto (we stayed at a house near a small shrine) but the big cost was downtown Hiroshima to the point parking cost just as much as the hostel itself. Another cost was taking extra toll roads to get to a particular hotel.  (travel sites are not strong on hotels off road).  An thing to consider is just how much driving adds to fatigue and the which you touched on a little bit.

  5. Hey Paolo, Paulo here. Random question what's weather like during the month of March in Japan? Gonna be in Japan on March 12-26 with wifey and 7th month old baby.

  6. I have rented a car in Odate Japan and I remember it to be quite expensive. How much did it cost you, Paolo?

  7. just found your channel recently and great work, my man. You're on point with your words, always upbeat and positive. You let people into your world and it feels like we're there. You're Japan's hype man! I appreciate your videos, my dude. Im flying out in a couple months and have been going through your videos religiously on youtube to get the best advantage that I can.

    Appreciate the channel and your hard work!


  8. Acts like it’s some long-ass road trip, I look it up on maps and it’s barely over two hours.

  9. I know its been awhile and hopefully your still monitoring comments on this video but the video really helped me and my son decide that we wanted to try renting a car. I am concerned about driving on the left side. We are going to drive in Sado Island. Do you think its safe or easier to drive there?

  10. I and my friend are planing for a road trip in Japan. do you need to clean the interior and exterior of the car before returning?? reasons we ask is because we keep seeing this NOC thing on the rental sites. seems like about the return condition of the car? Thanks! Great video!!

  11. Hi Paolo, I love your videos. They are so informative and organized! I was thinking about renting a car in Tokyo for the experience. When would be the best times to drive the car? I understand that driving in Tokyo can be quite a nightmare. I see that you were from CA. How would you compare the Tokyo traffic to the traffic in LA? Thank you in advance 🙂

  12. Hi Paolo. Thanks for the video about the benefits of having a car. Could you tell more about the actual process/ details about the rental process?

  13. Great video!I I love Japan very much and also did a road trip video in Okinawa,
    You may click on my name and watch it.

  14. Does anyone know why there are two prices on items in the shop? Like the Monster he was buying- big price 191 yen and below is 206 yen? Is it tax? How does it work for the foreigners? Thank you

  15. Don't miss out on Japan's railroad system. The best in the world. Scenic trips, special trains outfitted like u would not believe, trains that are like ship cruises, trains built for all types of excursions. Yes, u can go cool places by cat, but going by train is the best. It's not the destination, it's the journey.

  16. Anybody notice this is same song from the Pixar "Monster's University" movie. Yeah I got a 6 year old. Love your videos Paolo!

  17. I love how your girlfriend doesn't eat like a slob , she ate quietly , chewed with her mouth closed , and didn't have food everywhere !

  18. never will I ever rent a car in Tokyo or anywhere close. If you haven't spent few years in Japan you have a very good chance to get lost, get stuck in traffic, waste a lot of time, miss stuff, and instead of relaxing and enjoying trains and views – driving. Shikoku, Kyushu, maybe Hokkaido, Okinawa for sure, where trains are not covering most of the area and you need a lot of buses, that would be reasonable.

  19. What's the company name? International driver license required? Rate+Insurance/Day? Toll-road? cards or coins? Pick up and drop-off location same/difference location???? so many critical information are left out! not a good review at all.

  20. 8:25 4880 yen is for toll fees.. assuming the rental fee is 7000 up plus gas (you have to fill before returning) maybe 3000 yen, the total may be about 15000 yen.
    By train from Shinjuku to Hakone is about 4600 yen round trip. if you are going with a group of more than 4 people, it is worth.
    For car rental, jazz type compact car, 7000 yen for 12 hours.
    Basically, the toll fees between A to B is about the same as the quickest train route fare between A to B.

  21. My husband and I did a week road trip in Japan with our rental car in Dec 2018. We slept in the car. We spent a bit over $900 for everything: car rental, food, tolls, entertainments & souvenir. It was fun. Here is a video of us at Chureito Pagoda

  22. i just saw this video after being in japan 3 months ago…. damn for a japanese without a jr pass car is the only way … is far cheaper than taking a train!! cool to see and know !

  23. Yeah I would not drive in Japan, let alone Tokyo. I am from germany and we drive on the right side of the road. Once I visited Scotland and on the day we arrived there was a durby in Edinburgh, it was night time and it was raining like hell. Right at the airport there was a three-laned round about. That was pretty difficult for a start 😀

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