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Don’t Get Ripped Off When Buying a Used Car, Do This

Don’t Get Ripped Off When Buying a Used Car, Do This

before I started my youtube channel
eleven years ago I used to do a TV gig, yes it was called cranking up here’s one
of my old shirts, don’t make fun of the name, I did that on CBS TV for a couple
of decades and people are saying, Scotty whatever happened to those old videos you
did, well I dug around on my messy garage and found a bunch of these old videos, so
here’s some old school Scotty, yeah this is one fine driving machine, if your like me and
thinking about buying a used car you probably have a hard time believing what
the seller tells you, yeah this baby was just driven around on Sundays by a
little old lady from Pasadena or was a deer park, all you need is the VIN number
of the car on the door and a computer and you can find all kinds of
information about the car before you buy it, you just need to put your computer on
the internet and go to, this is a pay for use website, you can get one
CARFAX report for $14.99 or an unlimited amount for $19.99 in case you’re looking
at more than one car or the car that you look at doesn’t pan out, it’s very easy
to use, you just get the VIN number off the registration and type it in here, you
have to be very careful because it has to be exact,
and here comes the report with lots of information, as we can see, the title is
clean, the odometer doesn’t show any roll backs, there’s no problems, there’s seven
registrations and five vehicle histories and so far it’s good news, it wasn’t a
leased car, rental, government, taxi fleet commercial or nonprofit, it was owned by
just individuals, the vehicle history has five entries, shows it was registered in
84 in Texas and that every time it was emissions time it passed all the tests
so that’s good news hey it really was a one owner car but
the part about Pasadena I kind of wonder now sites like these don’t give you
everything about a car, but the information they give you can help you
make a good decision on whether to buy a car or not, especially when they give you
bad information like this car, in this case a 1993 Toyota Camry has a big
problem as you can see they print they’re bad news in red so you can
figure it out quicker this guy was bought back by the
manufacturer as a lemon vehicle and sold to somebody else, and nobody wants
to buy someone else’s lemon, the information from the site can be really
good, it can show if the title was washed the car was totaled and then put back on
the road if the odometer was set back, if the car
was stolen there’s all kinds of information that you might want to know
about before you waste your money on a car that may be a lemon and the best
thing of all is you only have to type in the VIN number of the car and a computer,
you don’t even have to get your hands dirty, so before you regret buying a
lemon, no doubt I regret everything, why not use the Internet to take that sour taste
out of your mouth when you’re buying a used car, this is Scotty Kilmer helping
you crank it up, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair
videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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  2. Carfax "may" give reliable info as to how many owners, lemon buyback, title, number of owners, and you can get most of this type of info without having to pay $39. Sometimes the info in carfax is good enough so that you won't bother taking car to mechanic, that is, the car is salvage, flood, lemon. Craiggslist is NOT your friend for car buying. Air Blows Cold.

  3. Hey Scotty, hi chat. Is there an European alternative for carfax? Also, I'm cheap, so I'd like it to be free or a bit cheaper 🙂 In where I live, a mechanic will do a full scan for less than 20e, so it's not worth paying double that amount for an internet tool. Thanks and great video!

  4. Hey scotty, ima hugh fan frm Bahrain. Want your advise pls. Been driving a 2012 Altima from brand new & i sold it a few weeks back. Came across a 2015 gmc terrain denali by a sweet old lady who has driven it for just 15,500 miles. Its still in brand spanking new condition! I checked the service history and its all fine. What are your thoughts about the terrain denali? Its a v6 fwd and put about 301hp. Then theres a 2016 Hyundai Sonata Turbo which has been driven for 24,000 miles and it too is in excellent condition but needs a little maintenance nothing big. I am confused and dont know what to choose. Let me know pls. Thank you very much

  5. Oh my gosh one thing to remember that the younger kids probably will never hear about is instant messaging was social media back in the day dial-up that annoys you got and then when someone picked up the phone and kicked you off the Internet

  6. No need to wonder about Pasadena Scotty, since the car was from Houston, TX, Pasadena isn't vey far from there. I'd say it's legit.

  7. Why you're not on topgear usa?
    I mean you're an old cranky man that's fun to listen to but not to take any car advices from.

  8. I got an 04 Toyota Matrix with 127,000 miles from Texas, from the original owner in mint condition for 1800 including safety and emissions. I friggin love the car.

  9. I have a 1994 Toyota Camry and had it checked out by 3 different guys before taking it to some specialist that told me it was just replacing the computer would fix all my problems

  10. Hey @Scotty kilmer I currently am paying for an AWD 08 Cadillac Cts and recently saw your video about mentioning how Cadillac CTS are unreliable, did some research and found a 94 Toyota Celica for 4.5k, and Im a bit hesitant on switching since its a 24 year old car. Should I switch?

  11. "You just need to put your computer on the internet" LOL I miss the 90s, also i miss those old CRT computer monitors, sure they were big and bulky but their screens were just higher quality

  12. I did a CARFAX on a truck came back clean but as time went on things started to show up long store short it was in a accident so dont trust any body or any company take it to good garage to have it checked out it might cost a little but better in the long run if the seller complaints walk away, I did that twice . I live in Hawaii,when it comes to money scammers they are all over the world just remember….buyer be wear! 2c

  13. scotty…. i have to ask how much do you make from youtube? seems like you have been making videos for a very very long time. you must be bringing in over 10k a month.

  14. "…just put your computer on the internet.." LOL Scotty, how cute ! You are old, man! 'bout as old as I AM 🙂 Yep, that's how it was done, kids!

  15. An early production run '08 Highlander was given to me by my aunt who backed into the corner of a flatbed. Older, she wished to avoid the insurance company so she had the substantial damage privately repaired at her own cost. I traded the POS w/ transmission, oil hose, more issues when the VVTI timing rattle issue surfaced before the warranty expired and they wouldn't fix it. The NISSAN dealer (sorry Scotty, I'm lovin' 3 trouble-free years) found NO trace of her accident on CARFAX. I was told it didn't need to be reported since it didn't go through an insurance company.

  16. The worst, most unreliable car I ever owned was a Subaru Legacy station wagon that WAS actually owned by a little old lady that garaged and had the regular maintenance done at every single scheduled checkup. 60K miles when I got it if I recall correctly….didn't last past 90K. Shift linkage broke, transmission/clutch failing, 3 alternators, bad sensors, etc….that car had just about every problem.

  17. Scotty, what's with BMW and Mercedes using Torx and Allen fasteners? Is it to make repair difficult for owners so they can make money at dealerships or what?

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